Top 7 d2h Companies in India

There are over 100 million D2H users in the country and the number keeps on growing.

So we decided to write an article telling you top 7 D2H companies in India.


What is D2H or DTH?

Before you know top D2H companies in the country you need to know what D2H is.

DTH or D2H meaning Direct to Home, a wireless transmission of satellite TV broadcasting directly to the personal dish antenna placed on their roof top.

Therefore you don’t need a cable operator because you can subscribe directly to a D2H service and watch all the channels.

There are huge benefits of D2H service like you can watch high quality videos, you can also record videos and watch it later, low pricing because you pay for what you watch, get flexible packages so you don’t have to watch channels that you wouldn’t like to watch otherwise.

Moreover you don’t have to deal with your cable operator every month.

So let us see top 7 D2H companies in India.



1.     Dish TV

Dish TV is Number One D2H Company in our top 7 list. Dish TV is the Asia’s largest television provider.

Dish TV founded by R C Venkatesh a subsidiary of Zee Network enterprise came into the market in the year 2004.

According to the company there are over 20 million satisfied customers all around the country who are using Dish TV.

Dish TV offers you 400+ channels that are truly HD and at low cost DVR.

Dish TV family pack starts at a price of Rs 175/- +- and can go up to Rs 1500/- depending upon the package you choose.


2.     Tata Sky

Tata Sky and Dish TV are neck to neck in competition. Tata Sky was also founded the same year Dish TV was founded on.

Tata Sky is a joint venture between Tata Group and Star Group.

Tata Sky offers various types of channel like HD, Low cost DVR, mobile, internet etc.

Currently Tata Sky has 275 SD channels, 25 HD channels and 13 VOD channels to offer.

Tata Sky has packages where it can offer anything between 100 to 200 channels.

You choose a package according to your viewing needs. A package can start at Rs 1350/-.


3.     Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV entered the market quite late in the year 2008. However because of its great service it has become third largest D2H in the country with over 10 million satisfied customers.

Some of the major USPs of Airtel D2H services are HD, crystal clear picture and low cost set top box at very affordable price.

Currently Airtel D2H is offering around 400 different types of channels.

You can choose a plan depending upon the channels you would like to watch. However the best one is Ultra package that starts with Rs 1590/.

4.     Reliance Digital TV

Reliance is also one of the major D2H players in the market with over 6 million customers across the country.

Reliance Digital TV offers around 275 channels which are of high video quality.

Moreover the set top box offered by the Reliance digital TV is also very affordable.

The Gold Pack which is offering 150 channels can cost you around Rs 250 per month. However for HD you have to pay extra amount.

The silver Pack is just for Rs 200 with 140 channels.


5.     Videocon D2H

Videocon D2H has around 6.5 million customers in the country right now.

It is offering 400+ channels to its viewers. Out of some 400+ 20+ channels are HD MPEG4 with DVD S2 technology.

The USP of Videocon D2H is 3D recording and DVR capability.

The starting price of a package can be around Rs 1200/-.

A plan for Videocon D2H can start from Gold Plan worth Rs 240 offering just 335 channels to Platinum Plan worth Rs 445/- offering over 400+ channels.


6.     Sun Direct

Sun Direct stationed at Chennai was launched in the year 2007 targeting southern part of the country. If you are a viewer who is from south India then you would prefer to go for Sun Direct because of its packaging of channels at an affordable cost.

Sun Direct offers you pay per view HD and DVR channels with latest MPEG 4 technology.

There are over 200 channels offered by the Sun Direct out of which 10 are truly HD channels.

It also offers some channels that are specific to the region.


7.     My Box

The last lesser known D2H Company in our list is My Box.

My Box also offers various regional, national and international channels.

However it is still not very popular in the country because of the service.

But we had loved to include this company in our list.

So these were 7 most popular D2H companies operating in India.


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