Top 20 Domain Name Registrar in India

You cannot overlook the importance of booking a domain name in advance. A right domain name is very important for the success of your business.

A right domain name that matches your business is important, big business are ready to pay millions of dollars to buy a domain name that corresponds their business.

In fact, a right domain name and your business are like a perfect marriage. And you can get this domain from a domain registrar.

domian name registrar

So here are 20 domain names providers to choose from.

1. Big Rock

Big Rock is India’s number one domain registration website with over 6 million customers for domain registration, web hosting, web design etc. Big Rock

It has various plans for registering different domain names. The plan starts from as low as Rs 99/- to Rs 599/-. Hosting plan starts from as low as Rs 59/-. For more please visit the website.



Although Host Gator is an US company but it is quite popular in India too. Registering a domain name could cost you from Rs 449 to Rs 1350. HostGator

As far as hosting is concern it starts from just Rs 400 per month. The company has good customer service dedicated for Indian users only. For more


3. iPage

iPage has over 1 million registered users all over the world. The company offers various features like security suite, marketing suite, design suite which is good for any new website owner. iPage

However the customer support is US based only and there could be a problem if you are an Indian.


4. Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja is an Indian domain registering and hosting company. It has over 1 million customers. You can book a domain name for just Rs 99/-. Hosting_Raja

For hosting it is just Rs 299/- per month for 3 years duration. Email hosting is just for Rs 69/- per month. For detail plans please visit the website at


5. GoDaddy India

GoDaddy is world’s largest web hosting company but we listed it on 5th position. Recently you have seen Go Daddy ads on TV and YouTube. GoDaddy

It is getting popular in India especially with its all rounder deal for just Rs 99/- that includes domain name plus hosting plus email. For more visit


6. eWeb Guru

eWeb Guru is completely an Indian web hosting company. eWeb Guru allows hosting for different platforms like Linux, Windows etc. eWebGuru

The cost of hosting is quite expensive compared to other hosting companies. For Linux it is Rs 1295 per year and for Windows hosting it is Rs 2195 per year.


7. Host Cats

Host Cats is also an Indian company however the price for registering domain name is quite high. It starts with Rs 278.50 for biz and Rs 620.39 for .com. HostCats

The web hosting price starts from Rs 125 per month. Host Cats is very professional company with a good customer care support.


8. ZNetLive

ZNetLive is very good for registering domain name. The domain name could be registered for just Rs 149 for .in and for .com it is Rs 552/-.ZNetLive

As far as web hosting price is concern then it starts with just Rs 112 per month. It also gives you 30 day free trial for website. For more visit


9. Name Cheap

Name cheap is not an Indian company but a lot of people use them. Name Cheap is good for people who have small or medium business. You can register a domain on any topic related to your business like .shoe, .yoga, .camera, .bike, .clothing etc.  Name Cheap

It gives you choosing bulk options for domain names. There are other services that are given by Name Cheap. Please Visit


10. is also a USA company that gives you a great option for registering a domain name. Again this is also like name cheap that gives you complete control over choosing a domain name related to your business.


However the hosting is not that cheap as it is $10.99 per month. Visit


11. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is a famous company like Go Daddy and HostGator. We are mentioning it down the list because it is not an Indian company. Dreamhost

Dreamhost has no issues whether it is hosting related issues or customer service. Everything is great about Dreamhost. I recommend you to book a domain with Dreamhost as soon as possible.

The company has been able to beat its competitors like Go Daddy and HostGator and become one of the leading domain name providers.


12. Net 4 India

Net 4 India is an Indian domain name as well as hosting provider. The service starts with a price tag of Rs 499/- and they also offer trial period for 7 days. Net4 India

However domain names that it suggests is very limited and it is nothing other services mentioned above in this article. For more visit.


13. Bluehost

Bluehost is another domain name provider that needs no introduction. In India they offer 30% off just like host gator. Bluehost

The standard service starts from Rs 167 per month instead of Rs 239/-. Pro service is for just Rs 314 instead of Rs 449/-. So avail the offer.


14. India Links

India links is an Indian domain name provider. You can book domain names at Rs 295/- and the web hosting starts from just Rs 100/-

Prices are very low but services are not that good.


15. Hosting India

Hosting India is also an India company but it is costly compared to rest of the Indian companies. It also offers service for Linux platform apart from Windows.

The unlimited web hosting plan starts from Rs 375/month. Visit their website to find out more.


16. Square Brothers

Square Brothers is also a popular domain name provider in India. The company is really good for websites targeted in India alone.

However plans are really expensive compared to other companies. But the service is really good for businesses.


17. Netti Gritty

Netti Gritty domain name service is very cheap with starting price of just Rs 100 for windows and Rs 67 for Linux systems.

You can host a website for just Rs 1200 a year for small plan.


18. Manas Hosting

As the name suggests Manas hosting is an Indian web hosting service. The service is really mediocre.

It focuses on domain hosting so choosing a domain name here wouldn’t be advisable. The services are very expensive.


19. 1 & 1 Internet

1 & 1 Internet is purely an US company. It is one of the top notch domain providers to choose from.

The search tool for domain name is good and you can choose many domain names.


20. Fat Cow

The last name of domain provider in our list is Fat Cow. It is an US company that charges no money for domain name.

$49 per year domain name is free that other companies do not offer. However the company is still not as popular as Host Gator or Go Daddy or even Bluehost.

For more visit


So these were 20 domain providers from Indian and US that you should look for. Visit their website and find out more.

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