Top 10 Mystery Shopping Companies in India

If you don’t have any idea what mystery shopping companies are then I would like to tell you in brief. Mystery shopping is concept used by various market research firms or watchdog organizations or even the same company internally to check the quality of their services through various measures.

Mystery shoppers perform number of different tasks such as buying a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

Though there are many mystery shopping companies in India but some of them are the best and offer excellent services and here is the list of top 10 mystery shopping companies in India are as under:

Bare International

  • Name of founder – Dale & Michael bare
  • Year of establishment – Established in 1987
  • Products – The Company evaluates and audits all kinds of business such as automotive, consumer electronics, financial services, gaming and leisure, grocery, FMCG, health,mystery shopping companies wellness, hospitality, housing, oil, gas, restaurant and retail.
  • Website name –

Grassroots India

  • Name of head – Girish Khare
  • Year of establishment – 1980
  • Turnover- USD $500 million
  •  No. of employees- 1100
  • Products- Channel Research, Channel Data Analytics & Reporting, Channel Technology, Channel Incentive programs and Channel Communication.
  • Location – Mumbai, India
  • Website name –

International Service Check

  • Products- Mystery Shopping programs, competitor studies, price comparisons, distribution audits and mystery calls. It has a very user friendly website and you can access different reports in your preferred language. All you need is to register on their website and follow a step by step approach for the accomplishment of the required task.
  • Website name-

My Mystery Shop

My Mystery Shop is one of the best options that are available and it can be used for the evaluation of eating outlets and food courts. It also has a very low average shopper’s fee.

It is very easy to operate and you can do so many things on their website such as accessing jobs and closure of jobs on the same website. All you need to do is to logon to their website and register yourself for further action.

  • Website

AQ Services

  • Though it is not a company which is based in India but offers solutions for Indian Markets.
  • Products – In order to know more just register on their website and become a mystery shopper. One thing that you need to learn is that the results are not posted on their website.
  • Location – Singapore
  • Website name –

Kaiz Consult

Kaiz Consult only deals with experienced mystery shoppers and if to try to register on their website then you will be asked for an mock mystery shopping experience and is you clear the initial test you will allowed to proceed further with the formalities.

It is one of the most professional mystery shoppers which are available right now.

  • Website Name-

Shaw Hotels

It is considered as one of the best mystery shopping experience in India and it is an Indian company. When you try to register on their website you need to give your personal details also. Once all the information is filled you will get a call from their side and seek your confirmation. Initial assignments are small but once you clear those flying colors you will be moved towards bigger assignments.

  • Website


This is also similar to Shaw Hotels as you need to fill in your details on the website and they will get back you. If in case you want to be a mystery shopper with them you need to pay 500 Indian Rupees.

  • Year of Establishment- 2000
  • President- Sandeep Gupta
  • Website

Onion Insights

The fee charged by them for registration is average and this is a fairly active website that allocates shops and the notification is sent through an email

  • Website name –

AQ Shopmetrics

It is a sister concern of AQ Services and mostly caters to Japanese and Chinese markets. You can easily contact them through email and learn about loads of new things related to mystery shopping

  • Website name –


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  • I was working part time in market research mystery shopper in 2 years experience with KFC and Pizza Hut shops, & I am interested in same field for new outlets

  • I am in market research mystery Shoppe r in 3yrs experience I am in tamilnadu my team 15members any project give me I wil finish quality and quantity last work for noida c b r team Times now channel opinion pole I finish thank u my mobile no is 8807622917

  • Priya madam,
    For the first time today I happen to come across this term “mystery shopping” though it is done in the day to day life of people in business field to understand the market, customer needs, outlets, retailers for the benifit of their commodities. It actually means:
    Trained personnel hired for market research by a manufacturer to make an anonymous visit of retail stores, posing as a casual shopper to collect information about the stores’ display, prices, and quality of their sales staff and evaluate using a prearranged evaluation form.
    Mystery shopping is a valuable tool to businesses and is especially helpful for small, start-up businesses that need accurate and fast information to assess their employees and compare their products and services to the competition. Thank you

  • Thanks Priya madam,
    I want to often visited your website for job online.
    I got missed call from you on your mobile number : 09030689995
    I am not able to speak and hear. Plz reply sms to me on my mobile number : 9371588220


  • Hello madam, i recieved email regarding mystery shopper.. Will you please kindly say the procedure to join mystery shopper. Thank you and looking forward for you response. With regards Manjunath

  • I have recvd email reagrding mystery shoppers.. Can u send me detail nd procedure how can i apply for this