Top 10 Telecom Companies in India

As more and more people are buying mobile phones we see there are more telecom companies coming up in the country. Today there are over a dozen of well known telecom companies present in India. Most of these companies are Indian and few of them are foreign companies. With the rise of telecom companies customer … Read more

Top 10 Healthcare Companies in India

Healthcare is a big issue among urban Indians. Earlier, an Indian used to spend hardly on his or her healthcare. However, now there is an awareness about health related issues and problems. Not just men but women are equally concerned about their health and issues related to it. In past decade, there have been a … Read more

Top 10 Power Companies in India

As we all know India is an energy deficient country. Our fragile economy completely depends upon the electricity generated by our power companies. Hence, we as a citizen of this country must know some of the top power companies in India. You would be surprised to know that these companies are both private sector as … Read more

Top 10 Shipping Companies in India

The shipping industry in India plays a significant role in the country’s economy, connecting the various ports and cities of the country to the global market. India has a long coastline of over 7,500 km and a large number of ports, making it an important player in the global shipping industry. The Indian shipping industry … Read more

Top 10 Finance Companies in India

Finance companies in India have grown substantially because of economic boom in the country in late 1990’s. Earlier only finance companies that were present were American or European. Today there are dozens of Indian finance companies present in the market. Hence, if you want lucid or cash for starting up a business then financing companies … Read more

Top 10 Web Designing Companies in India

Importance of Internet is growing day by day and no one can afford to overlook their presence online. Therefore, individuals and companies alike want a good website running on the Internet. Usually, it is quite difficult to build or design a dynamic website with all the necessary features. Hence, you need to take help of … Read more

Top 10 BPO Companies in India

Have you ever thought of working in a BPO COMPANY? If yes, then you should know about some of the best BPO companies in India. Before I tell you top 10 BPO companies in India, you must know what BPO is? BPO is nothing but Business Process Outsourcing, where a big company outsources its work … Read more

Top 10 Public Sector Companies in India

Many in India are unaware of our public sector companies. Unfortunately, young students and general public only know about multinational companies (MNC’s). Therefore if you are a candidate looking for a job then you only care about MNC’s that are present in India. Why is it so? The main reason why people are unaware of … Read more