Generative AI Course by AI Scholars Academy: Making AI Expertise Accessible in India

The world is witnessing an Artificial Intelligence revolution over the last two years. Small businesses to large corporations are adopting AI swiftly to ensure they remain competitive in their respective markets. Some organizations, especially gigantic ones, are training their staff at all levels to work with AI since that would be the demand of future workplaces.

The AI revolution also makes it necessary for fresh graduates and jobseekers to acquire some basic and advanced levels of skills to understand and use AI. As a matter of fact, several job posts for attractive positions stipulate that applicants should possess some working knowledge of AI.

Keeping this in mind, Artificial Intelligence Scholars Academy (AISA) has launched two specialized Generative AI Training courses to train working professionals, fresh graduates and jobseekers on AI skills. These courses are specifically aimed at helping people to adopt to AI workplaces and ensure their educational qualifications and skills remain relevant in the broad job market. Furthermore, these courses are attractively priced to ensure that learners get value for money while learning the necessary skills.

AISA Silver and AISA Gold Courses

Let’s begin by understanding what the two courses, AISA Silver and AISA Gold offer. That could help you select the best one that suits your needs. These courses are tailor made and curated to ensure that learners acquire all relevant skills to use AI at home and workplaces or for business and personal use too.

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Overview of AISA Courses

Here’s an overview of what both AISA courses have to offer you for learning Artificial Intelligence. These courses are designed to give you an edge in AI use, both at the workplace and the home.

These courses consist of over 45 hours of videos that teach how to put AI to practical use in your daily life, regardless it’s for work or personal purposes, business or even studies and entertainment. You will learn how to use various pioneering AI models such as ChatGPT, CoPilot, Gemini and others.

Learners will have access to a large and inexhaustible library of AI prompts though the Prompt Engineering module of these courses. This module is extremely important since it trains you on how to create and give the right prompts and commands to AI models such as ChatGPT to get the desired results faster.

Know Your Trainer

If you’re wondering who’s the trainer for this course, the answer is here. Pritam Nagrale, the pioneer of the digital marketing industry in India is the master trainer for both, the AISA Silver and AISA Gold courses. Pritam Nagrale has over 18 years of experience in training some of the highly successful digital marketers of India. He has also successfully trained several leading online entrepreneurs.

Dmatic Digital Pvt. Ltd is the brainchild of Pritam Nagrale. This company owns and operates AI Scholars Academy and its courses. Therefore, you can be assured that learning AI from AISA will be simple and easy.

To ensure that you can learn AI and acquire the needed skills, Pritam Nagrale has exerted extra efforts to create each recorded module. You can access all these recorded modules for life time, soon after your registration for the course is confirmed by AISA.

Wrap Up

All AISA courses are designed taking into consideration the needs and challenges faced by Indians. The trainer, Pritam Nagrale firmly believes that India and its citizens can play a major role in shaping the future of AI and this country. Hence, he has priced these courses very affordably while offering a 200 per cent money back guarantee.

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