6 Best Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom in India

Financial freedom is very important nowadays. That’s because financial freedom relieves us of the undue stress that financial issues can cause.  Overall, any person having financial problems also experiences severe stress. This stress is in addition to the ones we already face because of work and other external circumstances.  Basically, financial freedom keeps us free … Read more

10 Best Trading Apps in India to Invest in Stocks

If you’re interested in trading in stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), currencies and commodities, it’s now possible to do so while on the go. Simply download any of these 10 best trading apps in India. All these apps also allow you to subscribe to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of company stocks and New Fund Offers … Read more

10 Best Student Loan Apps in India

As a college student, you have to depend on your parents for money. This includes money for fees, staying at a hostel and food, if necessary as well as cash for extracurricular activities as well as spending on things that we require as a college student.  Understandably, being short of cash during our college days can … Read more

Honest CRED App Review- How Does it Work?

Nowadays, it’s easy to pay the monthly bill of your credit card through apps. There’re various financial apps that provide such a facility.  And maybe you’re using one of these apps too for credit card repayments. The latest and perhaps the most advertised app among these is CRED. While CRED is being widely advertised on … Read more

10 Best Personal Loan Apps in India

Very often we need money urgently to meet some immediate expense or an emergency. Our savings or investments prove inadequate to meet these expenses and borrowing from relatives and friends becomes impossible. Yes, we all have another option. And that’s applying for a loan from our bank. But anyone that has applied for a loan … Read more

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Commercial Real Estate in 2021

Commercial Real Estate is one of the most lucrative investment options for institutional as well as retail investors. The opportunity of earning high rental yields is quite attractive for anyone looking to build a balanced portfolio of profitable assets. But many of you would be skeptical about the prospects of Commercial Real Estate amidst the … Read more

Popular Types of Capital Markets in India

Types of Capital Markets in India: You might have often heard the word “money market” or “capital market.” Perhaps, you might have concluded that a money market or capital market is someplace where you can get money such as loans or finance, invest or divest, trade in stocks and Exchange Traded Funds or buy Mutual … Read more

10 Best Investment Options in India for 2022 with Fixed Returns

Best Investment Options in India: With stock markets indicating higher volatility in the first half of 2022, investors are looking for other best investment options with fixed returns. In fact, there’re several different ways to make money grow while getting fixed returns, if we look around.  Have you wondered at least once in your life … Read more

13 Key Difference Between NBFC and Banks That You Should Know

Anyone who reads newspapers or engages in any financial transactions would definitely have heard of the term NBFC. Surely, you will have availed services of one or more NBFCs such as buying an insurance policy or taking loans to finance a home or vehicle.  The commonest form of saving money and engaging in financial transactions … Read more