25 Interesting & Amazing Facts About India That Will Surprise You

Did you know this Amazing fact about India, that over 19,500 Languages and Dialects are spoken in India? or… Did you Know that Indians consumed over 1.7 billion litres of whisky in 2017-2018? Well… these are some of the amazing facts about India that are unknown to Most of the Indians. As you may know:  … Read more

25 Most Popularly Celebrated Festivals of India

Did you know that India has the most significant number of festivals in the world? This is because India is the only country on this planet where four religions- Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism were born. The indigenous Hindu or Sanatan community celebrates myriad festivals every year. Thus, the history, theme and method of celebration … Read more

Most Popular Independence Day and Republic Day Songs | Evergreen Patriotic Songs

Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated all over India with immense patriotism and respect towards the nation. This day is of great importance to all Indians as it gives us the opportunity to commemorate freedom fighters who devoted their lives to give us a jolly peaceful life. There are innumerable Bollywood films depicting jingoism. … Read more

List Of 9 Top NGO In India Doing Remarkable Work

India is a country burdened by many innumerable issues….. issues which literally give us GOOSEBUMPS! Poverty, lack of education, Health concern, Cruelty against street animals, Discrimination based on caste, Diseases, Social evils like Dowry and Female Infanticide, and other female issues are just a few that POP UP in the mind. And each of these … Read more