10 Well-Established Direct Selling Companies in India You Should Know

Are you jobseeker but unable to find one due to any reason? Or do you wish to enter business but lack sufficient capital?

If you are facing these kinds of issues, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily become a direct selling associate.

Want to Know More about Direct Selling Companies?

In This article, we will discuss about Direct Selling and Which are the Top 10 Direct selling Selling companies in India.

What is Direct Selling Companies?

Direct selling is very simple. It means you buy products from a manufacturer and sell directly to the consumer.

There are no distributors, agencies or middlemen involved which eliminates the need to pay them hefty commissions.

It has aptly been described as a person-to-person business model. You can sell products or services of the company directly to a customer or online.

Direct selling allows you to become an entrepreneur with zero or little investment.

Further, you also get to decide how much profits to charge from customers. Direct selling companies in India will charge a fixed rate for their products.

And they have a price list that specifies the maximum you can charge for any product.

Whether you sell products at retail prices fixed by the company or offer discounts, is purely your choice.

List of Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India

Direct Marketing Companies in India

If this sounds interesting, you can become a direct seller for one or more companies.

Here we list top 10 direct selling companies in India that can help you make good money while providing unique products to customers.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd

hindustan unilever

Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL), India’s largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturer also has a direct selling business.

Not many are aware of this fact. HUL is a multinational company (MNC) operating in India since 1933. You would definitely be using some product from HUL in your daily life.

Direct selling division of HUL offers the company’s premium brand of beauty products and cosmetics, Aviance and Lever Ayush herbal dental and skincare range.

Additionally, the company has a direct selling program aimed at empowering women in rural India. Called Project Shakhti.

Under this project, HUL has trained rural women to sell a range of soaps, detergents and other products specially created for residents of villages and far-flung area. These direct selling associates of HUL are called ‘Shakthi Ammas.’


Amway logo

American MNC Amway is among the top direct selling companies in India. Thousands of direct marketing associates of Amway operate in towns and cities across India.

This company sells high quality, herb-based nutritionals, skincare products, beauty, homecare, energy and sports products.

Amway India has been operating in India for several years. The company plans to expand its operations in this country by encouraging entrepreneurship.

According to the Amway Entrepreneurship Report, the company intends to encourage women into its direct selling business in India while spreading operations to rural and remote parts of India.

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tupperware logo

Tupperware, a US based MNC launched operations in India in 1996. The company manufactures superior quality kitchenware and products for storing and processing food.

This MNC in India is famous for its non-breakable products in the Indian market since they provide excellent value for money.

The company offers the entire range of its kitchenware and food storage solutions for Indian homes and individuals, in line with those available in its foreign markets.

Tupperware products are very reasonably priced, considering their superior quality and unique designs. Their kitchenware is also available in various variants to suit all budgets.

For the Indian market, Tupperware has launched its Gifting Catalogue that helps people to select excellent gifts for their relatives and friends for special occasions.

A couple of years ago, the company launched the Tupperware Kitchen Expert Set, an innovative product in the Indian market.


Oriflame logo

Oriflame is another popular direct selling company in India from Sweden. Including India, Oriflame is present in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The company claims to be market leaders in about 30 countries in its category of products. Oriflame makes superior quality beauty products that can be bought online or through its direct selling associates across India.

Skincare, makeup, fragrance, bath-and-body, hair care, wellness and accessories for women and men are marketed in India by Oriflame through its direct selling associates.

The company welcomes Indian women and men to register as its direct selling associates. Oriflame has been present in the Indian market since the last several years and has made its mark for superior quality products.


Herbalife logo

Herbalife is a global nutrition company that manufactures purely herb-based products for various nutritional needs.

The American company was established in 1980 and arrived in India about a decade later. Herbalife is a very reputed direct selling company in India. It operates through thousands of direct selling associates across India.

Herbalife is famous for nutrition, weight-management and personal care products. The company sells its products exclusively through some 2.3 million independent associates working in over 90 countries.

You can buy Herbalife products through its entrepreneurs in person. Some Herbalife direct selling associates also operate online.

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Avon logo

Avon is a global company that specialises in high-end cosmetics, beauty and skincare products.

Its official website describes Avon as a “company for women.” Avon cosmetics has annual revenue worldwide of US$9billion, making it one of the leading direct selling companies of the world to operate in India.

Cosmetics, skin care products, fashion, homecare, wellness and beauty products of Avon are marketed in India by its force of direct selling associates.

Their products are also sold online by these direct sellers. Avon products are available in over 100 countries. Their famous brands are Avon Color, ANEW, Skin-So-Soft and Advance Techniques.

Forever Living

Forever Living logo

Also among top 10 direct selling companies in India is Forever Living. Founded in 1978 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Forever Living Products is the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products in the world say the company website.

The company states, its Aloe Vera plantations worldwide are helping to fight environmental pollution.

Forever Living was established some 40 years ago. The company arrived in India in the mid-1990s and soon carved a niche for itself for providing excellent quality nutritionals, skincare and beauty as well as home care products in India.

Forever Living brand is trendy in India. Their products are readily available in this country. All products from Forever Living are based on Aloe Vera plant extracts.




VLCC Well science is the direct selling division of an eponymous Indian beauty and wellness product company.

This firm manufactures dietary supplements and personal care products in India. VLCC Wellscience began direct selling business in 2009. VLCC Group was founded in 1989 by Vandana Luthra.

The company is reputed for its beauty and wellness products and services worldwide.

VLCC Group's direct company managed operations currently span 330 locations in over 150 cities across India, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Kenya Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, says the company website.

It manufactures and sells over 250 personal care products, nutritional supplements, fortified and functional foods in over 20 countries worldwide.

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DXN India

DXN India logo

DXN is a Malaysia-based direct selling company in India. It specialises in Ganoderma extract based healthcare and beauty products.

The company has an extensive network of direct selling associates across India.  DXN was founded in the Kedah state of Malaysia. It has over a million dedicated customers in India.

The company’s range of products includes herbal medicines and nutritional supplements, beverages made with unique and rare herbal extracts, cosmetics and toiletries as well as some scarce and useful herbal medication.

The company was founded in 1993 and now operates a direct selling network in more than 150 countries.


Modicare logo

Modicare is the oldest indigenous direct selling company in India. It was established in 1932 as a small venture to manufacture hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Over the years, KK Modi Group has evolved as a significant business house in India. Modicare is the group’s direct selling company in India.

From Modicare, you can buy a wide range of products that are unique to the Indian market.

Their product range includes nutritional supplements and wellness, colour, skincare, personal care, home care, food and beverages among others.

Modicare products are also available across the country through its direct selling associates.

Direct Selling in India:  Future Outlook

The list of these top Indian direct selling companies and MNCs should convince you that direct selling is very profitable in India. But here is something more.

Direct Selling industry in India is expected to grow to Rs.159.30billion by the year 2021, a study conducted by Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India reveals.

Over two billion Indians will be working with direct selling companies operating in this country by 2022, a separate study conducted jointly by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and KPMG states.

This amply proves that direct selling companies in India are contributing significantly to the national economy.

Most MNC direct selling companies in India also undertake Corporate Social Responsibility projects aimed at women empowerment, eradication of illiteracy and financial uplift from poverty.

To Sum Up

If you are looking at setting up your own small business, consider signing up with a top direct selling company in India.

They sell unique products that are seldom made and readily available. The next time you want such exquisite products for nutrition, wellness or beauty, look for those available from top direct selling companies.

Figures we mention above amply prove that top direct selling companies in India have met excellent success.

In the coming years, we may see lots of more direct selling companies emerge in India.

Several domestic FMCG majors are now considering direct selling as an excellent way to enter hitherto untapped markets in remote parts of the country.

For top direct selling companies in India, this is a boom time.



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