Top 5 Market Research Companies in India


Market research holds great significance for businesses in today’s times as there is so much competition, and so, staying in the industry for long requires you to know a lot about the existing opportunities and potential threats. If you are not updated on these things, you soon get kicked out due to the presence of better performing companies.

Moreover, you need to know the demand patterns of the market in order to make your products or services worthwhile enough to sell. In the wake of these needs, market research companies have acquired great significance, and practically no big business can thrive without them.

If you wish to know which market research companies in India are well-known for their reliable services and quality of data, here is a quick guide for you:

IMRB International

If you are looking for an India-based market research company that has an international presence, then the IMRB International is an apt choice for your business. This company is good if your budget is really very high and you need to collect data of not just nationalIMRB level but from many other countries too.

IMRB International is in existence since 1970 and specializes in customer satisfaction, qualitative and quantitative media, B2B, and rural, social, and industrial research. So, if your business needs data that belongs to any of these categories, IMRB International is a commendable company to work with.

Hansa Research

This market research company headquartered in Mumbai, had a humble beginning in 1983, and since then, it has progressed tremendously. It carries out active market research in 77 countries across the world. It is a full-service provider and has the bestHansa Research brains in the market digging data and doing research for them.

Whether your company is into the telecom sector, media, financial services, consumer products or technology, Hansa Research has an exceptional track record of carrying our brand tracking, customer satisfaction, channel satisfaction, and employee satisfaction studies.

RNB Research

If you are an Asian company aspiring to turn global, then RNB Research is the rightRNB research market research company to hire in order to help you with this. A company nurturing such ambitions has to keep abreast with the requirements of the international market and know what its competitors are up to.

RNB Research, headquartered in New Delhi, offers smart and strategic research solutions to companies through surveys, data collection, data tabulation, and analysis. This full-service company is accredited with 9001:2000 certifications for the above services.

Majestic MRSS

If you are looking for a market research company that provides high-quality information,Majestic MRSS which you can make the best use of practically, Majestic MRSS is the company to contract with.

Majestic MRSS is a member of the European Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals (ESOMAR). They cater to the automobile, BSFI, Pharma companies, ICT, media, and FMCG sectors.Market Xcel

Market Xcel

Market Xcel, as the name says, is a market research company that excels in providing information about consumers needs. This knowledge can help your business grow and expand into other areas. It has presence in 10 cities across India and Singapore too. This company was established in the year 2000, and its work is appreciated worldwide.


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