Top 10 AI Tools in 2024

Using Artificial Intelligence or AI tools is now almost child’s play. Almost anyone with basic knowledge of using a computer can access any of the free AI tools or the trial versions of paid ones to create anything from textual content that sounds convincing to morphed images and videos of individuals including celebrities.

However, serious users combine the limited power of AI tools with their own human intelligence for creative and fruitful purposes such as creating interesting and relevant content to images for textbooks, covers for books, graphics, videos for use on YouTube channels or even complex legal documents and visual images. As a result, some AI tools are very popular nowadays around the world.

Should you wish to know the top AI tools reigning supreme at this moment, here’s my curated list. However, I will add that this list is not definitive by any yardstick.

The reason is simple: AI is an evolving technology that will soon be regulated worldwide. Hence, AI developers are cautious because they don’t want any country to ban their AI tools or launch some version rife with snags.

At the same time, AI mimics human intelligence. Hence, it depends on the information it is fed for replicating human-like responses. Often, these responses have gone awry as developers try to eliminate issues such as racial bias, misrepresentation of facts and exploitation of AI for any criminal or terror purposes.

Regardless, you can safely try these AI tools that I am listing below. Remember, all of these remain under development. Therefore, it’s advisable to stay informed about the latest advancements and shortcomings of these tools.

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Best AI Tools in 2024

This list doesn’t signify ranking, prices or efficacy and isn’t based on any user experiences. This list of top AI tools is randomly generated and for informative purposes only. As I mentioned earlier, it’s important that you check the salient features as well as shortcomings of these AI tools before subscribing to any.

Here’s my list of top AI tools for 2024:

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT-4 is a paid version of ChatGPT-3.5, which was released to the public in 2022. It remains the most commonly used AI tool at the time of writing this article. The success of ChatGPT-4 stems from the fact that it’s easy to use and provides quick responses to every prompt.

It has been updated till April 2023 which means you can get fairly recent information for any research. It could help you write content, emails, tutorials and lots more. In fact, it’s a very versatile AI tool.

2. Dall-E

Also from OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT-3 and later versions, Dall-E can help you create graphic designs for visiting cards or book covers, greeting cards, social media posts and lots more. It can also be used for creating AI art that can be sold in the market if you wish to make some quick money.

Dall-E creates images based on your prompts. It can also suggest you design ideas for the image, based on your prompts. Dall-E is embedded with ChatGPT-3.5 and higher versions.

3. Gemini AI

Gemini AI is a free AI tool that comes from Google. However, Gemini also has an advanced version available on subscription, whose prices depend on your location. Gemini AI is useful as a superfast search engine for research or for writing short content, emails or social media posts quickly.

However, Gemini AI comes with severe limitations. Often, it’s unable to fully process your prompts and sometimes, the responses are incomplete or baseless or even totally wrong. Yet, it remains as one of the widely used AI too since it’s free to use.

4. Bing

Bing Chat comes from Microsoft and is built on ChatGPT-4. It also features as part of Bing Copilot, when you use the eponymous search engine. When you search for something on Bing search engine, you can find your query being answered by Bing Copilot too.

It remains a favorite AI tool among Bing users. Microsoft is testing Bing AI on various other platforms including smartphones for future use. Some beta versions of such devices are under testing around the world.

5. Midjourney

Midjourney AI is a superb image and art generator. Graphic designers, artists, bloggers and YouTubers among others, use Midjourney AI to create images and short videos from their text prompts or text inputs. Currently, Midjourney is available in free and paid versions.

This AI tool remains under development despite being popular among designers. It has a library of design resources to help create the best art according to your prompts.

6. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI tool that you could use to create short videos. There are several ethical concerns over this AI tool since people can use it maliciously to create Deepfake videos with audio of celebrities, politicians and other prominent people.

Regardless, Synthesia is a very powerful AI tool that has a large resource of characters and voiceovers for your short videos. The trial version is free of cost and allows limited use.

7. Design AI

As the name suggests, this AI tool is all about design. In fact, it’s a very sophisticated design resource. Design AI comes with an embedded library of graphics and images and you can also customize it by uploading your own designs.

Design AI is perfect for graphic designers who wish to blend the power of AI with their creativity and sense of aesthetics. The trial version is free and comes with limitations. You can try Design AI if you are into graphic designing for any particular industry.

8. Beautiful AI

For all of us who need to make presentations at short notice, Beautiful AI presents a wonderful solution. Basically, Beautiful AI also doubles up as a logo and art or designing AI. However, it has been developed with dual capabilities to understand our prompts and make amazing business or college and other presentations quickly.

This AI tool also provides suggestions on how to proceed further with your presentation and gauges its impact on a simulated audience. That way, you can create presentations that are interesting and really make a deep impact.

9. Rytr

Rytr is ideal for non-English speaking persons or those who have a weaker command over grammar. Rytr is an AI-based writing tool that can churn out amazing and professional content within seconds of getting the prompt.

Rytr can actually help draft entire manuscripts of books or even perform tough tasks within minutes such as proofreading and editing- tasks that would take several hours for humans to complete. Rytr can also double up for drafting legal documents if given the right commands and the output is screened by a qualified attorney for any errors.

10. TrendSpider

TrendSpider is one of the AI tools that’s trending nowadays because it could help people in trading on stock markets. However, readings or outputs by TrendSpider can go wrong and you might lose a lot of money by blindly relying on this AI tool to make you profits on the bourse.

TrendSpider can analyze charts and performances of various stocks to give you some sort of trends that could occur in future. If you have adequate knowledge of stocks and the markets, you could use these trends to make some money. However, this can often be a risky business since nobody can depend solely on AI to trade on stock markets.


If you read any mainstream newspaper or browse any frontline news website, it will be evident there’s a lot of new developments in the field of AI almost daily. Since late 2022, thousands of startups that are trying to develop various AI tools have mushroomed around the world.

Humans are caught unwittingly in this rat race among AI developers since we wish to use the topmost AI tools. While every AI developer takes extra care to ensure the end product beats other competitors, all AI tools eventually exhibit some inherent flaws. Hence, choose with due diligence.

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