7 Essential Things to do Before Investing in a Pension Plan

7 essential things to do before investing in a pension plan

As retirement approaches, the need for financial planning becomes increasingly obvious. Along with a wide range of investment tools, pension plans prove an indisputable choice for a peaceful retirement. Nevertheless, before plunging into the universe of pension plan investments, preliminary activities must be done to secure a bright and promising future. Here are seven vital … Read more

How is Fixed Deposit Interest Calculated by Bank?

How is Fixed Deposit Interest Calculated by Bank How is Fixed Deposit Interest Calculated by Bank?

Investing is the best way to ensure you have a backup plan in case of financial troubles. Opening a Fixed Deposit or FD account in the bank is one of the safest investment options allowing customers to see notable interest rates. There are designated rates of interest for senior citizens. The highest FD rates provide … Read more

Student Credit Card Debt – Unveiling the Unexpected Reality

Student Credit Card Debt -

Student Credit Card Debt: Unlike regular credit cards available on the market, student credit cards are introduced to meet the needs of college students who are studying in the country or abroad. Students can obtain these credit cards online for managing different expenses like buying books, paying tuition fees, conveyance, leisure activities, etc.  Those who … Read more

Top 8 Best Payment Gateways in India

Best Payment Gateways in India

The digital payments revolution has taken India by storm, allowing businesses to accept payments quickly and securely. With the launch of the government-backed UPI payment system, it has become easier than ever for businesses in India to accept digital payments. A payment gateway acts as an intermediary between a merchant’s website and the customer’s bank, … Read more

Top 10 Stock Brokers in India

Stock brokerage firms allow you to invest in various segments like Equity, Currency, Commodity, Mutual Funds, and IPOs.  With brokerages, you can trade on a daily basis as well as investment capital for a longer-term. Basically, you can classify a stockbroker into two types, full-service brokers and discount brokers.   If you are planning to … Read more

11 Important Things to do Before US Stock Market Opening Time in India

The Reserve Bank of India now permits resident Indian citizens to invest a maximum of $250,000 in American and international share markets. The apex bank extended this facility to Indians in 2020.  As a result, thousands of Indians are now making money by buying and trading stocks of American companies and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) … Read more