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25 Best Forex Brokers In India for 2022

Best Forex Brokers In India: Forex trading is also known as a “foreign exchange” means to convert one currency into another. It is trading between buyers and sellers who transfer the currency between each other at an agreed price.

It is similar to stock marketing, where the buyer will bid a value of stock whereas the seller will sell the stock at some other biding value. If both of the expected values meet each other, then the commitment is made over a prize, and the trade is made.

Global banks run the forex market with four major centres available in different time zones like London, New York, Sydney, and Tokyo. A person can do forex trading 24 hours a day because there is no Central location available.

This article will get vast information on forex trading and its types. You will also delight in the knowledge of the top 25 brokers that provide forex trading with their benefits. 

Three Different Types of Forex Market:

Spot Forex Market:

The physical exchange of currency at an exact point is done when trade is settled.

Forward Forex Trade:

The exchange is made at a specified value on a set date in the future.

Future Forex Trade:

 An agreement is made on a currency at a set price and date in the future.

The Top 25 Forex Brokers in India are:

For a forex trade, the selected brokerage must be safe and secure. There are many brokerages available in the market.

1. IG:

IG is the best overall broker and most trusted among all brokers. You can get an edge with their award-winning web-based platform and mobile apps.

They provide support 24 hours a day, and one can get a piece of mine trading. You can open an account quickly and easily and set up a trade today.

2. Saxo bank:

Saxo bank is a multi-asset broker with research and trading platform experience with security. It provides a rich trading experience with tools, research, and premium features. 

3. Interactive Brokers:

It stood first for being the most trusted multi-asset broker that offers to trade in the global market.

It provides fewer fees charges, high research, and a modern institutional-grade platform. It provides access to 135 market centers across 33 countries. 

4. Forex.com:

Forex.com has earned the best award of being the best in class among two core categories in 2022. It provides the feature of advanced chatting, which is fully integrated and conveniently accessible through one username. 

5. Ava Trade:

It was founded in 2006. Irregulates in 3 tiers, making it a safe broker for trading. It offers 44x options. It ranks best in class for professional traders for 2022.

6. Admiral markets:

Admiral markets provide supplementary platform features. It also provides a stereo trader dashboard for metal traders and a supreme suite of custom indicators. It is also regulated in Australia Cyprus, the UK, and Jordan markets. It provides a unique set of molality protection tools for managing risk and thus making it a safe trading platform.

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7. Capital.com:

capital.com is best in its quality research, strong educational content, and innovative platform. Also, provide a good variety of video content for market analysis and dedicate investment educational apps with a game-like design which makes learning fun 477 cryptocurrencies that are not available in the UK.

8. IC Market:

IC the market offers less price and scalable execution making it an excellent option for algorithmic trade. It is best in supporting third-party tools and plugins and provides great research and education. It ranks in the top Rand meta trader brokers in 2022.

9. XM group:

XM group is the only broker that offers high-quality educational content and market research. It also provides features like TV-quality video content and live recordings and a full Meta Trader suite which provides a signal market for copy trading.

10. FP Markets:

FB market was founded in 2005 and is regulated in one-tier jurisdiction. It offers MetaTrader suit ultra-competitive spread, low trading cost, and also fits best in class in 2022 for both MetaTrader and commissions.

11. Tickmill:

Tickmil was founded in 2014 and offers an unlimited selection of trading security. It offers CQG platforms for futures and options trading.

12. HYCM:

HYCM is the most trusted brand that offers the MetaTrader platform experience. It also provides at least 20 video courses from the media. Its YouTube channel gives access to a catalogue of the webinar.

13. BDSwiss:

BDSwiss brand offers 1.6 million registered forex traders a full MetaTrader platform suit to its mobile application. It also provides quality research and daily video market coverage series and acts as an agency broker. It also offers a VIP account which grants lower spreads.

14. Hotforex: 

Hotforex provides premium trader tools, developed by FX Blue labs to enhance the meta trader suit. It also produces special research reports monthly, quarterly, and annual.

15. Vantage:

Vantage rounds top MetaTrader platform that supports multiple social trading platforms and the mobile app. It holds insurance for additional production over any regulatory coverage. It also offers no trade as on for meta trader and multiple solution copy trading. It ranks top among the best MetaTrader brokers.

16. Moneta markets:

Manyata market is a new brand under the vintage group that offers meta trader suit for a platform with web and mobile applications. It holds insurance to protect in addition to its regularity coverage. 

17. VT market:

VT market gives benefits to access MetaTrader Sood and VT Pro trading app collectively. It provides a range of third-party features and social copy trading. It also provides access to limited research material, sparse educational content, and a small range of available markets. It offers a full matter trader suit along with premium trading tools. It carries indemnity insurance to complement its existing regulatory production.

18. Eightcap:

it’s ported third-party plugins and access to capitalised.ai’s algorithmic trading platform. It has a good variety of written articles and offers a vast selection of 200 cryptocurrencies.

19. ACY security:

ACY provides a reasonable range of markets and a balanced account. It also gives research and educational content but with a limited quality that can improve. It also offers a good range of CFD markets and shares trading on MT5.

20. Trade nation:

Trade nation is an easy-to-use trading app that provides an innovative trading platform for beginners and CFD traders. It is also regulated in Australia, the UK, South Africa, and the Bahamas markets. It gives smart news feature on mobile and web platform that helps curate tweets and news headlines.

21. BlackBull markets:

it is the best matter trader broker that provides a growing range of products and support for a handful of third-party social copy trading platforms. It also gives full matter traders’ suits. It is available to residents of New Zealand.

22. OctaFX:

it is a low-cost MetaTrader platform with a social copy trading platform. It was founded in 2011 and regulated in only one tire jurisdiction. It maintains our growing array of well-organized research with daily updates and weekly forecasts. 

23. CMC market: 

It is best known for its excellent technology that provides deposits at a low cost. It’s course 99 in building trust. 

24. XTB:

It is the best trading platform in the industry. It provides excellent customer service but in the case of price its stands average.

25. Ameritrade: 

It is an outstanding platform. It provides excellent educational material and offers the best research material. It does not provide copy trading, and the price is slightly higher than the average industry price. 


The article provides vast information on forex trading and its types. You will also delight in the knowledge of the top 25 brokers that provide forex trading with their benefits. 

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