10 Best Personal Loan Apps in India

Personal Loan Apps
Personal Loan Apps

Very often we need money urgently to meet some immediate expense or an emergency. Our savings or investments prove inadequate to meet these expenses and borrowing from relatives and friends becomes impossible.

Yes, we all have another option. And that’s applying for a loan from our bank. But anyone that has applied for a loan will testify that banks take an abysmally long time to process an application.

We might not have that much time. Instead, we need money right now.

In such cases, there’re the 10 best personal loan apps in India that offer an instant loan. You can download any of these apps and apply for a loan through your mobile phone.

Their processes are rather fast. This means, you can get a loan approved within 48 hours only, if not lesser.

If you’re likely to face such a situation, I would recommend that you download any of these 10 best personal loan apps in India. They offer instant loans without much hassles.

And they require minimum documentation, no guarantors while providing attractive interest rates too.

Top 10 Instant Personal Loan Apps in India

These top instant personal loan apps in India provide a credit of up to Rs.500,000 to Rs.2.5 million. The amount of loan they provide depends upon a lot of factors including your income, liabilities and tenure. 

Therefore, the next time you need money urgently, try any of these best 10 personal loan apps in India.

1. MoneyTap

MoneyTap ranks as the first best instant loan app in India. They offer instant loans of up to Rs.500,000. One of the main features of this app is that you’ll be charged interest only on the amount of money that you actually use.

For example, if you take Rs.500,000 as a loan and use only Rs.400,000 the interest will be payable on the lower amount only.

2. Dhani


Dhani is a well-known instant personal loan app. Dhani offers loans of up to Rs.1.5 million. You have to pay an interest rate of 12 percent per annum or higher on this loan.

The amount of interest depends on a lot of factors such as the tenure of the loan and ability to repay.

All you need to do is download the app, upload your Aadhar card details and the requested amount to get Dhani to process the loan.

3. KreditBee

KreditBee is one of the best instant personal loan apps in India. If you’re looking at loans of up to Rs.100,000 to launch a business or for any other purpose, KreditBee is the right app for you.

They approve a loan within 15 minutes only if you upload all the documents such as Aadhar card, PAN, and income proof through the app.

This is actually an app for fresh graduates and others that need some seed money to start a new life. They charge an interest starting at 12.5 percent per annum onwards.

You can consider this app for small loans.

4. PaySense

PaySense is a superb personal loan app in India. if you need to borrow up to Rs.500,000.

You can apply for the instant loan by uploading your Permanent Account Number (PAN), Aadhar card, and bank statements for the last six months indicating your income and its sources.

You can utilize the full amount or its fractions over a period of time. This helps you lower the interest rates to some extent.

5. IndiaLends

IndiaLends provides an instant loan of up to Rs.1 million within 48 hours. They also provide free credit score reports. To get the loan, you’ll have to upload a lot of details such as proof of income, PAN and Aadhar details, and bank account number.

They charge an interest starting from 12 percent per annum. This is a good app for those requiring smaller loans since the amount of borrowings you can get from IndiaLends starts from Rs.50,000.



CRED is the latest app that actually facilitates your credit card payments. In return, you get one CRED coin for every Re.1 you pay towards your credit card bills.

However, CRED also has a feature that offers you Rs.500,000 as an unsecured instant loan. This loan is approved within 48 hours if you have a credit score of 750 or higher.

And the interest rate varies according to the amount of loan you request.


NIRA app comes from an eponymous Financial Technology (FinTech) company. You can get loans in the form of instant credit from this app. The maximum credit they provide is Rs.100,000 and the minimum is Rs.5,000.

The amount of interest charged by NIRA depends on the amount of credit you use and repay. This is a fabulous app for small loans. They process applications within 48 hours.

8. CASHe

CASHe is a superb app for instant loans ranging between Rs.5,000 to Rs.200,000.

To get an instant loan from CASHe, you’ll have to upload all documents that indicate your income such as salary slips, bank statements, Income Tax returns, PAN and Aadhar details, and bank details.

They provide a loan of a maximum of six months tenure. This app is ideal for smaller instant loans.

9. Capital First

Capital First Ltd is the same company that owns the First IDFC Bank. You can get an instant loan of up to Rs.2.5 million from their app.

The interest you pay varies according to different factors such as your tenure of the loan. The company offers loans for tenures ranging from one year to five years.

The interest rate differs according to factors such as loan tenure and repayment schedule. You can also seek a top-up loan from Capital First.

10. Bajaj Finserv

And finally, Bajaj Finserv, this Personal Loan App comes from one of the eponymous Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) in India.

They provide loans mainly to women, educators, and persons working in state government departments and Central government offices.

They also provide loans to servicemen with the Indian Armed Forces. The maximum loan you can request is Rs.500,000 without any collateral, if you’re in any of the above categories.

In Conclusion

These top 10 instant loan apps can also prove very handy when we require some extra cash for an important project or investment to expand a business.

Repayment terms are similar to those of major banks, meaning you need to service the loan every month by repaying the due EMIs.


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