10 Best Mobile Apps to Earn Paytm Cash For Free

Most of us have heard of Paytm, the most popular mobile wallet and payments app in India. You may be aware of this app but not using it for some reason.

Paytm is an excellent mobile wallet and payments app. They also have an eponymous online store and bank.

Cash transactions are very easy with Paytm: you can pay for anything- from vegetables to Mutual Funds and jewellery.

Using Paytm has become even more attractive now. There are dozens of apps that actually help you to earn free paytm cash and send it to your Paytm mobile wallet.

This means you can load money in your Paytm wallet without digging into a bank account. Sounds interesting right? Use these apps that I list below and begin earning free Paytm cash.

10 Best Mobile Apps to Earn Free Paytm Cash

You could be unaware these apps even existed. They are available free on Google Play for Android-powered smartphones and App Store for iPhones.

These apps to earn Paytm cash are from reliable sources. Hence, it is safe to download and use them.

1. Panel Station

Panel Station is all about completing short surveys. As a consumer, you would be buying a lot of stuff.

Panel Station conducts market research for companies, banks and other organizations. When you answer these surveys, Panel Station pays for the effort in points.

You can redeem these points to earn Paytm money. Registration on Panel Station is simple and takes a few minutes.

2. Pocket Money

Pocket Money developers say it is possible to earn Paytm money up to Rs.7,000 daily. All you need to do is complete specific tasks on this app.

Tasks on Pocket Money include testing other apps and giving feedback, playing games, online surveys and watching videos.

You also get Rs.160 for every successful referral. The more people download Pocket Money because you told them, higher your earnings.

3. TaskBucks

TaskBucks has over 32 million users in India. It is an amazing app that helps you earn Paytm money for little effort.

TaskBucks allows you to try new apps or use existing ones. You have to provide an honest opinion about your experience with app developers that are members of TaskBucks.

For the effort, TaskBucks rewards you with Paytm cash or shopping vouchers.

4. Dream11

Anyone that watches live cricket, football and other team sports events in India will be familiar with Dream11.

With Dream11 app, you can build a team with favourite players. You need to ‘buy’ these players by investing about Rs.110 per team.

When your favourite player or team wins or scores high, Dream11 rewards you with cash. Using Dream11 is an enjoyable way to show support for your favourite players and earn Paytm cash.

5. Kapow Games

If you are fond of playing games on mobile and following major sports tournaments, try Kapow Games.

With Kapow Games, you can predict whether a team will win or lose a match and earn Paytm cash.

You can also earn Paytm money by playing games on this app. For major tournaments like World Cup, you can predict and win up to Rs.5,000 as Paytm cash.

6. Qureka Quiz

For those of us that could not make it to ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ (KBC) show, there is Qureka Quiz.

This app features regular quiz competitions and games. Qureka Monthly Mega Quiz has prize money worth Rs.150,000.

It is held on 15th or 30th of every month. TheirMega Referral Program earns you Rs.10 when your relatives and friends join and plays their first quiz or game on Qureka.

If the person you refer wins the Monthly Mega Quiz, you get 50 percent of the prize money as a bonus.

While they get Rs.150,000, you are paid Rs.75,000. This is an excellent way to earn Paytm money. You can answer a quiz in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bangla and Telugu languages too.

7. Loco Quiz

Loco claims to be the first interactive game show quiz in India. Millions of people use Loco Quiz to earn Paytm cash.

On Loco Quiz, you can participate in two daily quiz contests. One is held at 1.30pm and features cash Rs.50,000 prize.

The other is held at 10 pm for Rs.100,000 prize. On weekends, Loco Quiz has bigger games and larger prizes. These quiz contests provide you great opportunities to earn Paytm cash instantly.

8. Mob Show Quiz

Mob Show is another great app to test your general knowledge skills and earn Paytm money. The app features live quiz game shows.

You can pitch your skills against other contestants and win cash. The app and quiz is free. You can win up to Rs.50,000 daily.

The app has two quiz contests daily- at 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

You need to answer 10 questions correctly to win full or part of this money, depending on a number of contestants that gave right answers.

9. Play Prime Time Quiz

For simply downloading Play Prime Time, you earn Rs.10. The app features two quiz contests daily, each if 10 minutes duration.

These quiz contests are available every hour. You can also earn Paytm cash up to Rs.100,000 by participating in the two mega quiz contests at 7.30pm and 8.15pm daily.

10 BaaziNow

With BaaziNow app, you can play BrainBaazi, a live quiz. These contests are available live at 8.30 PM for prize money of Rs.100,000.

You can also win up to Rs.20,000 daily by participating in a quiz contest held at 1 PM daily from Monday to Friday.

A Bingo game is held daily at 4.30pm for Rs.20,000 prize. PollBaazi is held at 3 PM for Rs.5,000 cash prize and at 9 PM for 10,000 prizes daily.

Word of Caution:

Before downloading any app that offers free Paytm money, ensure that it comes from a reliable and legitimate source.

There are several apps around that will steal information from your mobile phone, when you install them. Also remember, it is not very easy to earn Paytm cash: it needs extra efforts and time.

These apps can prove very addictive too. So you need to ensure you spend only very limited time with these apps.

Never pay money to participate in any quiz or other contests. A large number of apps where you earn Paytm money are yet to get any legal status.

Cash out your winnings as soon as possible and get the money in your Paytm wallet.

Wrap Up:

Since these apps are popular, the prize money you get can be divided into several equal shares.

The whole prize amount appears large but when divided, you will get only a small slice of the Paytm money.

But considering you will spend only 10 to 20 minutes of free time daily, they are a good way to earn Paytm cash for almost nothing.

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