How to Make Money With Dream11 Fantasy League + Get Rs 100 SignUp Bonus

Do you think you are a cricket Expert?

Are you a cricket fan and want to make lots of money from the game?

This is possible now without having millions of Rupees to invest. Simply download the Dream11 app on your smart-phone and begin earning money.

What is Dream11 and How to Play?

dream11- How to Play dream11 fantasy league

The Official sponsor of IPL 2020, Dream11 is a sports fantasy platform where you can play fantasy cricket and Win Cash Daily.

All you need to have is Cricket Knowledge and Lot of LUCK! to make real cash with Dream11.

If you are watching matches of the ongoing Dream11 IPL 2020, you must have definitely seen an advertisement of Dream11 featuring Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former captain of the Indian national team, wicketkeeper and world-renowned batsman.

Dream11 is an app that allows you to create your fantasy team including 11 players for any Cricket, IPL team, and participate in the match.

Interested? Simply follow these steps.

Step-by-step Guide to Make Money on Dream11 Fantasy Cricket:

1. Download Dream11

The first step to start earning money on Dream11 is by downloading the Dream11 Mobile App.

However, merely downloading the app has no benefits. If you want to get Rs 100 Bonus Cash then you Need to Have a Referral Code.

If you download the App and register using Using This Code IAMSU903LM.  

Download the Dream11 app using the reference link.

2. Register on Dream11

Registering takes you one more step closer to earning money on Dream11.

Put in your valid email ID, name and telephone number for verification. Then click the ‘Continue’ button. Your mobile number will get a One Time Password by SMS. Put the OTP and press ‘Continue,’ to proceed further.

The app will ask bank account details and Know Your Customer details like Aadhar card and Permanent Account Number. Once you have provided these details, your registration is completed.

3. Dream11 Balance

Since You’ve registered using the above Referral code IAMSU903LM. 

You’ll get Rs 100 Bonus Cash, thus you can start playing without adding any money into the account. If you have not used the referral code then I would suggest you do so.

When you complete the registration, Dream11 will credit your account with Rs.100 as free balance. You can top up or increase this balance by getting money from your bank account linked to Dream11 app r any other method.

The pay balance is necessary to bid for players and form a team.

Watch the below video to learn how to play dream11

4. Join The Contest {Choose Your Cricket Match}

Dream11 team How to Make Money With Dream11 Fantasy League + Get Rs 100 SignUp Bonus

Dream11 allows you to select any of the upcoming matches of Dream11 IPL 2020 T20 series that is currently being played.

All you need to do is any of the contest that is displayed for that particular match, Each contest has different Joining fees and number of Spots available to Join. So decide wisely.

Alternatively, you can select any upcoming cricket series and its matches. Once you have selected the match, the next is to select your team

5. Select Your Team

How to create your team in dream11

For making money with the current Dream11 IPL 2020 T20 matches, you have to select players who will form your team.

For example, if you have selected a match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, you will have to select players that are currently on the two teams.

The most important thing while building your team is that you get only 100 Points to build your team and it is compulsory to have 11 players on your team.

6. How to Select Team

This is the most difficult but enjoyable part. It allows you to select your dream team of 11 players.

Selecting your team requires money. Therefore, the price (points) of each player is indicted next to their image.

For example, batsman and wicketkeeper MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings) will cost you 10.5 points while all-rounder Ben Cutting (Mumbai Indians) carries a price tag of nine points.

Remember you’ve to create a team of 11 players within 100 points. There are icons on the team selection feature. It shows how many batsmen, all-rounder, bowlers you have to select.

Once you have selected all categories of players, the icons will flash green. Then you need to select a captain and wicketkeeper for the two teams.

7. Earning From Match

The amount of money you earn from Deam11 Depends on the contest you join. Each contest has different Joining price and winning Price.

For eg, If you join a contest which has Rs 26 as joining fees Then the number of money winners can earn is shown in the below Image.

Dream11 winning breakup

On the day of the match, you can predict which player will score maximum runs and who would account for the largest number of wickets. These predictions also earn you money.

Your earnings are based on boundaries and sixes scored by the team you have chosen.

You also earn money based on predictions and other factors for a number of wickets taken, catches, run-out and other important decisions.

Runs, catches and other important actions by the captain earn you double points. While from the Vice Captain earns 1.5 Times Points.

Dream11 gives you the feature of keeping tabs on your earnings. The app is updated every two minutes when the match in real life is being played.

Check Dream11 Fantasy Point System:

Dream11 Fantasy Point system How to Make Money With Dream11 Fantasy League + Get Rs 100 SignUp Bonus

Withdraw your Money

If you have made money with predictions, the amount will be shown at the end of the match.

You can withdraw the money from Dream11 by asking for direct credit to your bank account.

Alternatively, you can keep the money to participate in future matches. Part of the money can also be withdrawn.

Important Instructions

Before you play on Dream11, it is advisable to follow some instructions.

  • Learn something more about your favourite teams and their players. This will help you select the best players for any team.
  • Play a few practice matches for free before venturing on cash-rich paid matches.
  • Though a game of cricket cannot be predicted, read about past performance of your teams. This will help you place better bids.
  • Never get carried away by the possible earnings indicated when you opt for a paid match. You might lose heavily.
  • Whether to link your bank account with the Dream11 app is purely your decision. Take the decision based on your personal concerns. We have no comments, thoughts or opinion on this issue.

Other Features of Dream11

Other than the ongoing Dream11 IPL 2020 T20 matches, you can also bid for forthcoming cricket fixtures that are displayed on your Dream11 app.

It is also possible to form teams and play football (soccer) and NBA basketball matches. Dream11 allows you to make predictions and place bid to earn money.

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In Conclusion

While Dream11 is being widely popularized through TV commercials and digital media, there are also some concerns over the legitimacy of the app and features that enable you to make money.

This is because the money making process is similar to betting on cricket games. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has very strict policies on betting in cricket.

In India, betting on cricket is banned after match-fixing scandals tarnished the country’s images and led to the purging of some of the best players of this country from international and domestic teams.

We have no independent opinion on the legitimacy of Dream11 and its operations in India and abroad.

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