Top 10 Best Coffee Brands in India

Feeling tired or low?

Try a hot or cold cup of coffee, It will relax you instantly, drive out laziness and pep your mood almost instantly.

As you know it well,

Coffee has become a popular drink, especially among the youth.

What makes this so special?

I’ll tell you how.

Due to the entrance of coffee joints like Barista, Starbucks and Cafe coffee day.

Drinking coffee has also become a style statement.

If you are looking for the best coffee brand in India, look at our list We trust that our list will help you to pick a correct one.

Coffee in India

Worldwide, coffee ranks as the fourth most popular drink of the masses. In India, the packaged coffee market is expanding at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of about 12 percent per annum since 2018, with the trend expected to continue till 2023.

This is because rising affluence has caused a demand for high quality, niche coffee in the Indian market. The other reason is easy availability of single-use instant coffee sachets, priced at Re.1 and Rs.2 only.

They dispense with the need to buy expensive jars and packets.

The Indian coffee market is divided into three categories:

  • Filter Coffee
  • Speciality or Niche Coffee
  • Instant Coffee

Interestingly, India’s market remains inclined towards filter and niche coffee compared to instant coffee.

Hence, there are excellent brands of coffee you can buy in the local market. Here we explore major coffee brands popular in this country.

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Top 10 Best Coffee Brands in India in 2018:

1. Nescafe (Nestle India Ltd)

Nescafe is a global brand owned by Switzerland’s Nestle, the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer. It is the most widely purchased brand of instant coffee powder in India.

Nescafe is also available in single-use sachets that cost Rs.2 for making a single cup and Rs.10 for making six cups of coffee.

Nescafe is a flagship brand of Nestle. In India, you can buy different types of Nescafe.

In fact, Nescafe is synonymous with coffee in this country: thousands of people ask for ‘Nescafe’ while ordering instant or filter coffee at stores and restaurants.

2. Bru

Bru made its debut on India’s instant coffee market way ago in 1968 and is one of the most popular coffee brand in India.

It was launched by Brooke Bond Tea Co, which owned the eponymous Tea brand.

Now, Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) makes and markets Bru instant coffee in India. Currently, Bru is available in four variants.

Its most popular is Bru Instant a blend of roasted coffee and chicory beans, also available in single-use sachets for only Re.1 and family sachet for Rs.10 each.

3. Tata Grand

Tata Global Beverages Ltd is the world’s third-largest exporter of instant coffee. In India, it makes and markets Tata Grand instant coffee.

This coffee is available in single-use sachets for four to six cups priced at Rs. 10. You can also buy larger packets and jars of Tata Grand.

This brand of coffee is popular among aficionados for its strong taste and flavour, typical of beans grown in Coorg district of Karnataka.

4. Maxwell House

Though Maxwell House coffee is not manufactured in India, it is a hot favourite and is generally bought online.

Maxwell House is a brand owned by global food and beverage giant Kraft-Heinz of Germany. In India, you can buy three types of Maxwell House coffee: instant, ground coffee, and speciality flavoured coffee.

Being imported, Maxwell House coffee sells at rather high prices in India: A tin of ground coffee powder costs around Rs.800 for 300grams.

5. Davidoff

Davidoff coffee is also an imported brand that can be bought at select stores and online in India.

The brand is owned by Swiss luxury goods maker, Zino Davidoff group, better known for its line of fragrances, cigarettes, fashion wear and writing instruments.

Davidoff is a premium coffee brand in India, A 100gm jar of Davidoff instant coffee is priced around Rs.500 in India.

Three variants= Fine Aroma, Rich Aroma and Espresso are available in India alongside the niche Davidoff Horizon Grand Cuvee Limited Edition that costs about Rs. 1,500 for a 100gm jar.

6. Café Coffee Day

Coming from the house of an eponymous chain of coffee outlets, Café Coffee Day is the latest entrant in the market. Café Coffee Day (CCD) sells only filter coffee in various variants in India.

You can buy CCD coffee powder at larger retailers or online and through Café Coffee Day chain of outlets across the country.

CCD also offers flavoured, speciality coffee variants. CCD’s filter coffee powder prices start at Rs.175 for a pack of 500gm while speciality coffees cost slightly higher.

7. Lavazza

Lavazza is a brand of imported filter and speciality coffee available in India. Being a foreign product, its availability is limited to larger stores and online retailers only. Lavazza is a brand from Italy.

The parent company, Luigi Lavazza SpA imports coffee beans from various countries in South America, Asia, and Africa.

Its coffee blends are available in 250gram pouches and tins in India, with prices starting from Rs.575. Lavazza offers various blends of coffee made to satisfy palates of discerning drinkers.

8. Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai is India’s homegrown brand of speciality filter coffee powder. The New Delhi based company has coffee plantations at various locations in Coorg district of Karnataka.

Here, it grows its own exclusive best coffee beans in India and manufactures excellent quality powders for the gourmet.

Blue Tokai’s coffee powders are branded according to the plantation where the beans are grown.

For coffee lovers only, Blue Tokai’s powder is priced affordably at Rs.400 for a 250gram pouch. It can be bought at exclusive stores and online.

9. Starbucks

Starbucks is an American brand of coffee shops. In India, the Starbucks franchise is operated by Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd, a joint venture between corporate giant Tata Group and the American company.

Other than coffee shops, Starbucks also offers a wide range of filter and speciality coffee blends in India.

These can be bought at any Starbucks outlets in the country. Prices for a 250gm pouch of Starbucks filter coffee starts at about Rs.300.

Starbucks coffee powders are made with high-quality beans grown in India and abroad.

10. Double Horse

Double Horse is a rare coffee that is popular in southern India. It also has a huge following in the Middle East. Double Horse is a ‘ginger coffee’.

It is a blend of coffee powder from Kerala with ginger and various medicinal herbs. This coffee has a unique, spicy taste and is best enjoyed by adding jaggery instead of sugar. Double Horse coffee is available across Kerala and other southern states.

Elsewhere, it is sold at retail outlets that specialize in south Indian products. You can also buy Double Horse ginger coffee online.

It is a gourmet coffee and available as a filter and instant varieties. A 250gram jar of Double Horse ginger coffee from Kerala costs about Rs. 100.

In Conclusion

In addition to these Indian topmost coffee brands, there are thousands of retailers who sell freshly ground best coffee powder in India.

There are also countless coffee shops spread across India that offer very exclusive variants of the beverage at economical rates starting from Rs.15 per cup.

These coffee shops buy powder made by grinding beans and use it to make their own unique brew. Indian Coffee House is one such example.

Making filter coffee is an art that prevails in southern India. It requires elaborate equipment and skills.

You can buy equipment to make a filter and speciality coffee from powder available from top brands listed above. Such equipment is also available online.

Alternatively, you can try any of the topmost brands of instant coffee to cheer your spirits. At Re.1 and Rs.2 per packet, a cup of hot coffee is within the reach of almost everyone.

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