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Why is Chess Referred to as the Game of Kings?

chess the game of king
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When it comes to the list of the most popular board games, the one name that stands at the very top is chess. It has been around for many centuries, and its popularity has only increased over time.

Chess is extremely popular around the globe for numerous reasons. For starters, it offers individuals an outlet where they can challenge their brains to develop quick strategies and tactics to overpower their opponents.

Secondly, according to Healthline, indulging in chess offers many benefits, such as developing planning skills, enhanced creativity, etc. Moreover, playing chess casually is a great way to unwind and relax after a tiring day or week. 

The craze of the ancient board game is no longer restricted to the orthodox offline version. Thanks to the advent of technology and digital media, individuals who like playing chess can opt to play exciting board games online by navigating to online platforms or downloading chess games.

It is an excellent way for individuals to play chess with family members or friends without the hassle. However, every player should be familiar with chess rules irrespective of whether they are playing the game in online or offline mode.

For instance, players should have an accurate idea about the number of players involved in the game, its fundamental objective, the arrangement of the chessboard, the total number of chess pieces and their function, etc. Doing so will ensure they do not face problems while playing chess against skilled opponents. 

The game of chess has an exciting history. Its origins can be traced back around 15 centuries. It is believed that the game was invested in the North of India, and gradually, it spread throughout the Asian continent.

Moreover, it also made its visa to Europe via the expanding Islamic Arabian empire. Over the years, the game of chess has been given many titles, but one that has stuck along is “The Game of Kings.”

This article will shed light on why chess is referred to as the Game of Kings by people all around the globe. Let us dive right into it:

1. Because of History

One of the main reasons why chess has been nicknamed “The Game of Kings” is because of history. The king piece on a chess board holds significant significance.

In a way, it is the center of the game’s objectives. The title conferred upon the game essentially addresses it as a game with kings that battle each other to emerge victorious. 

The naming system following which the title was given to the king closely resembles what all beginners do when they describe a game, i.e., they visualize the game’s objectives and determine how it is played.

Hence, since chess’s main objective is to “checkmate” the king, it would be safe to say that the game’s nickname has been derived from its objective. 

In India’s past era, chess was initially called the Game of Kings, primarily because the central authoritative figure was the Shah or the King. Moreover, the game finishes in Shahmat, which translates to “The King is Dead.”

Thanks to the immense love the game receives, people across the globe still call it the Game of Kings. The title conferred upon chess due to its nature is accurate. It is an honorary name that many chess enthusiasts around the globe accept.

2. Because of its Initial Audience

Another convincing reason chess is known as the Game of Kings is its popularity during the medieval ages. The nobility during those times loved to indulge in chess matches against each other.

Many believe the game was popularized not because of kings but because of nobles and other officials who idled their time away by indulging in chess games. 

In current times too, many royal individuals indulge in chess matches during events and gatherings, which further proves the point that chess was and is still actively played by individuals associated with royalty. 

3. Because of Symbolisms

Another potential reason why chess is referred to as the Game of Kings is because of symbolism. Two of the most prominent pieces on a chessboard are the king and queen.

The king piece represents the player, and since the player controls all the pieces, the player is indirectly deemed as the king. Two players compete against each other in a game of chess, so chess is popularly known as the Game of Kings. 

Both players in a chess match act as kings by using their pieces to engage in a battle against one another.

Thus, in a way, the players become temporary kings, and they exercise their authority as a leader by commanding chess pieces in a way that guarantees their victory. To conclude, this may be another reason chess has received a nickname synonymous with kings. 

Over the years, there have been many speculations about why chess’s nickname is “Game of Kings.”

Some believe that it is because of the game’s origins. Others believe that the game has been conferred the nickname due to the noble people who indulged in the game during the era of kings.

Moreover, it is also believed that the game has gotten the royal nickname due to symbolism. It would not be wrong to say that there is no single reason why the popular board game has such an exciting nickname, but many justify its title. 

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FD Calculator: Fixed Deposit Returns & Interest Rates

FD Calculator Fixed Deposit Returns & Interest Rates

When it comes to investing, parking your money in different instruments is advisable, be it high-risk instruments like Stocks and Commodities or low or negligible-risk instruments like a Fixed Deposit. By creating an FD, an investor can easily pave the way for their retirement plans or simply be a little more secure about saving money for a rainy day or during emergencies.

A fixed deposit or a term deposit is an investment product designed by banks that offers account holders to deposit a specific amount of money with the bank.

The amount is held with the bank for a specified term or time period. After the completion of the term, the depositor is rewarded with a profit along with the original principal amount that he/she deposited at the beginning of the term.

Check out some of the Features of Fixed Deposits:   

  • It offers scope for individuals to earn a rate of interest that is higher than usual (more than saving account interest rates) by investing their extra money. The stipulated returns on an FD can easily be calculated using a calculator, like the Bajaj FD calculator, for example.
  • Fixed or term deposits are a ‘one-time’ deposit
  • Individuals are required to open a separate fixed deposit account each time they wish to deposit money under a fixed deposit scheme
  • The term period may range from 15 days to 10 years, depending upon the depositors’ choice
  • The rate of interest that the bank offers may differ from one bank to another, the rate also depends upon the principal amount that the depositors invest
  • Individuals cannot usually withdraw money from a fixed deposit account before the maturity date, however, in case of an emergency, the bank allows the individual to close the account before the date of maturity and deducts 1% from the interest that has been calculated till the date of closing the account

Interest Rates of Top Banks and Financial Institutions in India

Financial InstitutionFor Non-Senior Citizens (p.a.)For Senior Citizens (p.a.)
Bajaj Finance FD5.70% to 7.20%5.94% to   7.45%
HDFC Bank FD2.50% to 5.50%3.00% to 6.25%
SBI Bank FD2.90% to 5.40%3.40% to 6.20%
Bank of India FD3.25% to 5.30%3.75% to 5.80%
BOB Bank FD2.80% to 5.25%3.30% to 6.25%
ICICI Bank FD2.50% to 5.50%3.00% to 6.30%
Axis Bank FD2.50% to 5.75%2.50% to 6.50%
IDBI Bank FD2.70% to 5.25%3.20% to 5.75%
LIC Housing Finance FD5.25% to 5.75%5.75% to 6.25%
Kotak Bank FD2.50% to 5.41%3.00% to 5.93%

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Benefits of Investing in Fixed Deposit

  • Helps you save a substantial amount of money over a long period of time
  • Gives investors an opportunity to earn a high rate of interest on their investment
  • It is easier to get loans for an account holder with fixed deposits in the bank
  • Investors receive a lump sum at the time of maturity

How to Calculate Interest Rates using an FD calculator?

If you want to understand how much returns you can earn from a Fixed Deposit, then using an FD calculator is just the thing for you! Various banks and lending institutions have their own FD return calculator, which can help you decide how much to invest in an FD and streamline finances easily. Here’s how you can use the Bajaj FD calculator to calculate your returns:

  1. Visit their website and find the Bajaj FD calculator under Investments > Fixed Deposits
  2. Once the calculator opens, select your customer type.
  3. Next, select the type of Fixed Deposit you wish to start, i.e., non-cumulative or cumulative
  4. Now enter the amount that you wish to invest in the Fixed Deposit
  5. Select the investment tenure you prefer and hit the button

The calculator will now show you the interest you can earn for your invested income over the stipulated tenure and interest rates. You can then change the rate of interest and tenure to compare your earnings from the Fixed Deposit. The calculator helps investors understand easily by showing them a breakdown of the total maturity amount and how much interest they can earn in a simple and easy-to-understand pie chart visual.

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Top 10 Engineering colleges in Bangalore

Engineering colleges in Bangalore: Engineering is a field that is now a boom among students to establish their careers in the IT industry. Technology is growing rapidly in each and every sector from which the engineering and technology craze is spreading more quickly. 

The ratio of admissions to engineering has increased in the past few years. In this article, the top institutes of Engineering in Banglore have been listed. 

List of Top 10 Engineering colleges in Bangalore

1. Ramaiah Institute of Technology:

Ramaya Institute of Technology is the best engineering college in Bangalore and stands the 65th rank in India.

The institute has 46 industrial collaborations and 350 average publications per year. The college provides quality education by providing an improved learning environment.

They provide 95% of placement percentage and stood best among engineering Institutes under VTU Affiliation. The institute was started by Dr. M S Ramaiah in 1962, who was the founder and chairman of the institute.

This is the initial step in the world of computerization by creating a new branch of computer science and Engineering in 1984.

In addition to this, they also started instrumentation technology in 1992 and information science and engineering in 1992.

Also, the architecture department was established in the same year. The journey of establishing new departments continue, and now there is a variety of departments to get information and education.

If we have a look over the placement, then 358 companies visited and provided 1892 job offers. The highest package received yet now is 50 lakh per annum, and the average salary package is 7.6 lakh per annum. 

2. IIT Bangalore:

IIT Bangalore is another top engineering college in Bangalore that provides a good education. There are 1200 + number of publications, 3500 + alumni, and 50 + startups.

They promise to provide practice-oriented learning, emphasis on research, entrepreneur support, and global exchange of personality.

The institute was established in 1998. The institute has been registered as a not-for-profit society funded by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry.

In terms of placement, they have done recruitment in a wide range of sectors like product IT services, HFT research labs, Technology consultants, and many more.

There is a CGPA cut-off out of 4, which is a passing cut-off of 2.4. The placement policy they follow is one job for a student policy. 

3. RV college of Engineering:

RV College of Engineering was established in 1963 and is one of the self-financing Engineering colleges.

The college provides 12 undergraduate engineering programs, 16 master’s degree programs, and doctoral studies. Institute has been ranked 77 all over by NIRF.

The college also offers different engineering departments such as aerospace engineering, basic science, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, master of computer applications, electrical and electronics engineering, and chemical engineering.

The number of companies participating in the placement is 163, and the highest package for UG till now is 47 lakh per annum and for PG is 31 lakh per annum. The top companies that participated in this recruitment are Deloit, Snapdeal, Swiggy, Motorola, and many others.

4. PES University:

The university was established in 1972. It offers ug, pg, doctors courses in streams of management science, medicine, architecture technology, and law.

The fees for b.tech and MTech courses for the first year are 3.6 lakhs and two lakhs, respectively. Eligibility for BTech is 12th with 45%.

In terms of placement, the highest CTC from BTech was 49.7 lakhs per annum, and 1185 students for having job offers.

The campus of the university provides excellent space for study and living along with residential facilities.

There are also ventilating and comfortable rooms, clock security arrangements, doctor-on-call service, and a modern cafeteria.

5. BMS College of Engineering:

BMS College of Engineering was established in 1946 by Shri BM Sreenivasaiah, who was a great philanthropist.

It is the first private sector institution in engineering education that has completed 70 years of service. The college provides education over 13 undergraduate and 16 postgraduate courses. University has signed 9 MOUs with the research department.

The fee structure of the MTech is 2.29 lakhs and 26,800, respectively, for the first year. The institute provides you eligibility for the placement when you reach in 3rd semester.

There are 200 + companies that visit the campus for the recruitment process, and the average package in MCA is 9 lakh per annum, from which 90% of students were placed in various big companies.

Some of the best companies that reach for the recruitment process are Amazon, Wipro, Volvo, TCS, Hyundai, Jabong, and so on.

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6. NHCE Banglore:

NHCE stands for New horizon College of Engineering. The institute ranks 144 all over by NIRF in India for b.tech.

The area of the institute is about 11 acres. The institute is affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technology University, which is approved by all Indian councils for technology education and UGC.

The institute has been held for 20 years and consists of 300 + faculty members and 5500 + students. There are 200 + patent fields. The college was established in 2001.

There are many departments such as automobile engineering, basic science and humanities, civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, computer science and engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning, electrical and electronic engineering, electronics and communication engineering, information science engineering, mechanical engineering, master of computer applications, master of business application.

7. BMS Institute of Technology and Management:

BMS Institute of Technology and management is another Institute that stood on the list of top engineering colleges in Bangalore that provide high-quality engineering education. The college has been recognized by ATE and is affiliated with VTU.

The placement cell of the institute was established in 2004, in which the first batch was placed. Students got 973 job offers, and 674 students were placed.

The number of companies that arrived for the recruitment process was 257, and 18 startups were established. The highest salary package received by students was 30 lakh per annum, and the average CTC was 6 lakh 67 thousand.

The major companies that arrived for the recruitment process are IBM, Accenture, Infosys, HCL, TCS, Wipro, Mindri, Amazon, Dell, HP, Oracle, Adobe, Deloitte, and many more in the list.

8. Jain Deemed-to-be University:

Jain Deemed university has a tie-up with research international and National organizations to provide good opportunities to students.

Out of 4, the institute scores a 3.7 rating. 350 + recruitment companies came to the campus for the hiring process.

Twelve thousand students have been recruited over the past few years. From 2020 to 2021, 88% of students had a place, whereas from 2019 to 2020, 98% of students for being placed.

In the department of management, the student hired ratio is 93%, and in the department of science, the students hired are approx 90%.

The average salary for the PG department is 6.8 lakh per annum, whereas its highest salary is 30 lacs per annum.

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9. NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology:

The Institute was founded by Justice K. S Hedge. He has also represented India at the general assembly and then became the judge of Mysore High court, from where then he was appointed as the first chief justice of Delhi and Himachal Pradesh high court.

There are 15000 alumni, 700 placements per year, and 20 years of legacy. The institute is well known for its placement in the training session. The place students have got placement salary of rupees 25 to 40 lakhs per annum.

The best-recruiting companies that arrive on the campus are Brillio company drive, East co company drive, Capgemini, Evertz, Infosys, and many more.

The institute has collaborated with Coca-Cola, Capgemini, IIT Roorkee, Software AG, and many more for training programs. Students also got paid internships at an early entry into the companies such as Wipro, Infosys, Amazon, Subex, one direct, etc.

10. CMR Institute of Technology:

Finally, the CMR Institute of technology features in 10th position on our list of best engineering colleges in Bangalore.

The institute was established in 2000 and provides quality education in Engineering and management. There are 19 institutions in India and abroad of the CMR group and 69 different academic programs.

The number of placements conducted in 2022 is 630, and the number of companies visited is 105, which is the highest package which is 2500000 per annum, whereas the average CTC is 6.3 lakhs per annum.

The number of offers that range from 3 to 4 lakhs per annum is 91, whereas the number of offers that are between 7 to 10 lakh per annum is 138.

The major companies that arrive for the recruitment process on the campus are Amazon, Juspay, Cloud, Circus, Phonepe, Cimpress, Syncron Mercedes Benz, and many more.


Bangalore is home to some of the best engineering colleges in the country. If you are looking for excellent engineering education, then you should consider one of these colleges.

With a range of programs and opportunities available, these schools will provide you with the tools you need to succeed as an engineer. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Top 10 Best Museums in Delhi

Museums are buildings where historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural objects and facts are preserved and displayed.

Several museums in Delhi represent the glory of past events, facts about science events, and the beauty of the arts and their works.

In this article, there top 10 museums in Delhi are listed with the knowledge and aim of the museum.

List of Top 10 Best Museums in Delhi

1. National Rail Museum:

The national rail museum is situated at Janpath, New Delhi. The entry fees for the museum are 20/- for Indians and 650/- rupees for foreigners.

The national rail museum is famous for exploring historical aspects of rail related to the transport of steam, Diesel, electric, locomotion railway cars, and trains.

There is a most extraordinary thing to study in the Museum is Radha and Krishna in the boat of love.

The opening and closing timing of the museum is from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. except for Monday.

The museum focuses on rail Heritage that was opened in February 1977.

The amenities offered by the museum are restaurant free Wi-Fi, suitable for kids, a family-friendly, wheelchair accessible car park, and a washroom. 

2. National Gandhi Museum:

The National Gandhi Museum is situated on Janpath. It was established in 1949 to explore the variety of articles which are belonging to the prehistorical era to modern works of art.

The museum consists of 200 thousand works of art both of Indian and foreign origin. The museum has a speciality in showing the life case of Mahatma Gandhi, who was a giant in Indian politics and known as the father of the nation.

When Mahatma Gandhi was killed, soon after his assassination on January 30, 1948, the museum started establishing where the slow process of collecting and preserving his relaxation, books, journals, and documents all material work was collected and displayed in the museum.

3. Madame Tussauds Delhi:

Madame Tussauds Delhi museum is also known as a wax museum where thousands of Bollywood were sculptured.

On December 30, 2020, India confirmed a shutdown of the museum, but then on may 5, 2022, it was announced on the social page that it would open at DLF Mall of Noida.

Many Bollywood, Hollywood, and music, sportspersons, television actors, Indian leaders celebrities had they are wax sculptures.

Some of the famous figures made are Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Diljit Dosanjh, Madhuri Dixit, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Asha Bhosle, Justin Bieber, Shreya Ghoshal, Mary Kom, Virat Kohli, Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi and many more.

It is much famous among people to have photogenic here.

4. National Gallery of Modern Art:

The National Gallery of contemporary art comes under the culture ministry.

On March 29, 1954, the museum was established at Jaipur House in New Delhi.

A collection of 1700 works by 2000 + artists includes some famous artists such as Rabindranath Tagore, Gaganendra Nath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Amrita Shergill, Thomas Daniel, and also some foreign artists.

The building is a butterfly shape with a central Dom built-in 1936. The famous English architect Sir Arthur Bloomfield designed the design of the building.

The gallery is open within an exhibition of Indian sculptures that shows 65 Indian sculptures in 5 different rooms of Jaipur House by 31 artists.

The museum’s main aim was to preserve the artwork from 1850 to the recent times. Every new painting is added to the gallery and preserved to showcase it.

5. National Science center:

The national science center was established in 1992 by the Indian ministry of culture.

It contains seven galleries from which the top floor consists of science and technology heritage. The sixth gallery consists of human biology.

The fifth gallery confessed of penny- farthing, then informative revolution, emerging technology, and water, the elixir of life, respectively.

Majorly science exhibition galleries consist of the development of traveling exhibitions on traditional medicine, energy ball, our science and technology Heritage gallery, nuclear power gallery, Sardar Patel gallery, and emerging technology gallery.

You can enjoy 3D film tickets over science and its fun facts. You must try maize of mirrors, giant kaleidoscope, 3D shows, and some scientific experience.

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6. Jantar Mantar:

Jantar Mantar is meant as an “instrument for measuring the harmony of the heavens”, which is located in New Delhi.

It was built by Maharaja Jai Singh ll of Jaipur. It was started to build in 1688 and completed in 1724.

The main aim of this museum was to assemble astronomical data and to accurately measure the movement of planets, the moon, and the sun in the solar system.

The RAM yantra, the smriti yantra, the Jaya Prakash yantra, and d Mishra yantra are the distinct instruments of the Jantar Mantar. 

7. Nehru Memorial Museum and Library:

Nehru Memorial Museum and library are situated in Delhi to preserve and reconstruct the history of the Indian independence movement.

After Indian independence, India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru reside at this place. It is an old-fashioned museum with a research library and an educational center.

It is situated on the ground of teen Murti Bhavan which is known as the Nehru memorial museum and library.

The sky theatre of this museum is world-famous. There is a used t10 in the museum, which is another major attraction for people as it carries India’s first astronaut Rakesh Sharma to land on the moon.

People love to enjoy food and snacks at the canteen. Researchers and scholars used to spend most of the time in the library. 

8. Archaeological Museum:

It is India’s most famous museum and art gallery, consisting of historical articles. There is a sequence from Mauryan to Mughals through sunga Sunga, Gupta, Rajput, and sultanate periods that is displayed at the museum.

The Sum of the items from Purana Qila in 1955 was displayed there, but then researchers carried out these items.

The museum is divided into several sessions. One session represents second and third-century aspects where is another session represents the Indus valley civilization, and another represents the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.

No photography is allowed within the museum. You can explore the museum from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

9. Shankar’s International Doll’s Museum:

From early childhood, every girl wishes to visit the land of the doll. Doll museum in Delhi is the same place where every girl can enter a fairy tale and make all the tales to be realistic.

There are 6000 + dolls from all over the globe. The Sum of the dolls in the museum is 400 years old, but they are preserved in brilliant condition.

Political cartoonist k. Shankar Pillai relived the museum in 1965.

There are two sessions in the museum; the first session represents the doors from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and the second session means the houses dolls from Asian countries like India. In India, there are 500 dolls.

The museum is located near Nehru House, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Delhi. You can enjoy some features step-by-step demonstration by a doll-like how to wear a saree.

10. Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art:

The Sanskriti Museum of every day was established in 1984. The primary name of the museum was to preserve India’s Heritage and to show the objects that were historically demonstrated in craftmanship and conceptual innovation.

Museums attach everyday life objects such as manners, customs, beliefs, and practices of urban and ruler areas.

Also, some things can show a person’s life cycle from childhood to old age. There are 2000 unique Indian domestic objects.

The collection was built by Mr. O.P Jain, who was the founder of Sanskriti protistan.

You can enjoy the glory of the museum that is located at Mehrauli Gurgaon road from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except for Monday.


Delhi is a city rich in history and culture, with plenty of museums to explore. If you’re looking for a unique and enlightening experience, be sure to check out one of these top 10 museums in Delhi.

You can explore our history, beauty, the glory of events, and science by exploring the museums. Each museum has its significant idea.

FAQ’s Related to Museums in India

How many museums are there in Delhi?

There are over 30 museums in Delhi. Some of the most popular ones include the National Museum, the India Gate War Memorial, and the Pragati Maidan Museum.

Which is the largest museum in New Delhi?

The largest museum in New Delhi is the National Museum. It has a collection of over 2 lakhs objects, including sculptures, paintings, coins, and textiles.

The 10 Best Hotels in Delhi for Luxury and Convenience

Delhi is the capital of India. Several Indian historical monuments are there in Delhi. You can plan your best holiday travelling in Delhi and set your relaxing space in the amazing and best hotel in New Delhi.

In this article, the Top 10 hotels in New Delhi are listed. Starting from a comfortable space to the most luxurious hotels, you can relax in luxury. 

List of 10 Best Hotels in Delhi

1. Novotel:

Novotel - Best Hotels in Delhi

Novotel is the best Hotel in Delhi, consisting of 400 rooms. The hotel offers both business and laser Gas service with multiple options of dining luxury spa, and 24 hours available fitness center.

The hotel also consists of a particular meeting space best utilized for product launch meetings, medical seminars, exhibitions, etc.

The best services in the hotel are provided with well being of living, air conditioning, flat-screen Tv, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, bar, allergy-free rooms, free breakfast facility, free parking, and a nearby airport express line. The price of living in a hotel is Rs 7,840/- 

Official Website: Novotel

2. The Suryaa New Delhi:

This Surya hotel is the next best Hotel in New Delhi which is located in the New friend’s colony. It offers many facilities with a pool and rooftop restaurant, flat-screen TV in rooms, and making tea or a coffee facility in a mini bar in the room.

Some famous places nearby to the Hotel are Jama Masjid Kahkashan, Prachin Bhairav Mandir, and ISKCON Temple.

The hotel also offers Sunbathing on a terrace, 244 rooms with a perfect view of the city from the balcony and window, modern comforts in the room including cattle and fridge, various massages and a steam bath in the swimming pool, and much more to enjoy. The price of a perfect stay in this hostel is Rs 4,880/- 

Official Website: The suryaa

3. The Oberoi:

If you are searching for a luxurious hotel to spend your vacations in, then the Oberoi hotel is the best answer for this search.

The facilities start casual to modern authentic Indian styles, dine with a fashionable drawing-room for clients, and the best breakfast or lunch place for business meetings and family get-togethers.

Take a short break to enjoy the clean air at the Oberoi hotel. The price for living a luxurious stay at Oberoi hotel is Rs 19,913/-

Official Website: The Oberoi

4. Pullman New Delhi Aerocity Hotel:

In the list of top 10 hotels in New Delhi, Pullman ranks in 4th place thanks to its excellent facilities and royal rooms.

Rooms facilities consist of Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, a minibar within the room, coffee maker accessories, and lounge access. This luxurious hotel is situated nearby Indira Gandhi international airport and 10 km away from Qutub Minar tower.

The hotel also includes a cafe, restaurant, and bar facilities for its customers. You can also enjoy an outdoor pool, a fitness room inside the hotel, a spa area, Sunbathing massage services, and free-of-cost parking.

You will also be woken up with greeting calls from the hotel. The hotel also provides a fancy room for hiding business meetings or family get-togethers. If you have a pet, such as a dog or a cat, you can also take it as the hotel is pet-friendly.

The hotel has worked in the best way to serve the environment by using energy that is free from carbon sources, food waste reduction, using organic food, and eco-friendly toiletries. The living cause in Pullman hotel is Rs 7341/-.

Official Website: Pullman

5. Taj palace, New Delhi:

Taj palace is one of the most luxurious palaces in New Delhi, which is situated over 2 hectares of garden and 12 km away from Red fort. You can also enjoy the visit of Lodhi garden, which is 6 km from the hotel.

Rooms are well furnished and polished, which gives access to Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and minibars, coffee/tea-making accessories.

There is also an option of an upgraded suite in which you will enjoy the service of dining tables, terrace, steam rooms, and Whirlpool baths.

Rather than a room, you can also enjoy the facility of their amenities which include four restaurants, a bar, a cafe, an outer pool, and a spa. If you love to play golf, then you can also enjoy their 9-hole golf scores service.

There is also a gift shop within the hotel that accepts currency exchange. You do have not to worry about your wellness schedule break as it provides all the necessary pieces of equipment needed for wellness in the fitness center.

Rooms are properly clean, and COVID instructions are taken care of. No pet is allowed in the hotel. You can also conduct business meetings in their meeting room. The cost of luxurious living in the Taj palace is Rs 8,826/-

Official Website: Taj Palace

6. Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar:

Radisson Blu Hotel has situated 1.3 km from Jawaharlal Nehru’s open-air market and 16 km from Indira Gandhi international airport.

The hotel provides you with all the necessary features in the room, such as Wi-Fi, facilities for tea and coffee making accessories, full laundry service, wake-up calls, housekeeping, turn down service, front desk, baggage storage, lift, and much more.

There is an also option of upgraded suits in which you can enjoy free breakfast, evening cocktails, and a separate living area. You can have fun activities in the pool and relax in the spa facility.

They also offer smoke-free property, babysitting facility, adult-only pool, lifeguard, parking facility, electric vehicle starting station, fitness centers with all the necessary pieces of equipment, doctor on call, a separate room for a business meeting, kitchens in some rooms, refrigerators in room, and much more to enjoy.

The cost of enjoying all the facilities of Radisson Blu Hotel is Rs 4,246/-. 

Official Website: Radisson Blu

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7. Ibis New Delhi Aerocity:

Ibis hotel ranks 7th position in the list of top 10 hotels in New Delhi.

It is situated 3 km from Indira Gandhi international airport and 11 km from Qutub Minar, which is also on India’s historical glory list.

You can also explore India Gate, located 17 km from the hotel, and enjoy India’s historical beauty.

The rooms are warmly decorated and provide Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, a mini-fridge, and coffee making within the room. You can also enjoy your fun activities in the pool.

They give you a free parking facility, airport shuttle service, dining and live cooking in a restaurant, contemporary bar, heated pool, fitness room with all the necessary pieces of equipment, and three rooms where you can hold your business meetings or family get-togethers.

Some other hotel services include a front desk that is 24 hours available, currency exchange, full laundry service, a lift, and wake-up calls.

The Hotel is Pet friendly as dogs and cats are allowed. The cost of living in Ibis is Rs 4,185/-.

Official Website: Ibis

8. Hotel The Royal Plaza:

As the name of the hotel, the royal plaza offers a lavish lifestyle to its customers. It has a modern high-raised building situated to km from India gate and 5 km from Humayun Tomb.

Both are historical buildings that can explore within the tour of New Delhi.

The rooms are well decorated and offer superb minibar facilities, coffee-making facilities, flat-screen TV, and limited Wi-Fi in your allocated space.

A higher suit can offer you kitchenettes, a Whirlpool bath, and living or dining rooms.

The hotel amenities also include free parking, breakfast, a restaurant, a front desk, laundry service, a child-friendly fitness center, hairdressers, and full air conditioning rooms. To live in The Royal Plaza, you have to pay Rs 4,105/- 

Official Website: Hotel The Royal Plaza

9. Eros:

Eros Hotel is just near the metro station with a 3-minute walk and 1 km away from Lotus temple.

You can include Lotus temple and India gate in your tour list with this hotel as both the Indian monuments are situated nearby to the hotel by 1 km and 10 km of distance respectively.

You would enjoy Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, DVD player, desk, coffee maker accessories, and free meals and drinks facilities after you get your relaxing space in the hotel. The upgraded suite will allow you to enjoy a separate living area with some dining tables.

There are three restaurants, an elegant bar, and a bakery on the hotel amenities list. You can enjoy an outdoor pool, gym, spa with hot tub, and a breakfast buffet.

Free parking facilities are available, and it is not pet-friendly. The charge for living in the Eros Hotel is Rs 5,318/-.

Official Website: Eros

10. The Muse Sarovar Portico New Delhi Kapashera:

you can relax in the muse Sarovar portico New Delhi kapashera hotel, which is situated 20 km from Qutub Minar and 6 km from Indira Gandhi international airport.

All the facilities are decorated with wood essence, including Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, minibars, coffee-making accessories, and sitting areas.

Within the upgraded suite, you can enjoy a meeting room. The hotel provides breakfast and a parking facility free of cost.

There are many other amenities like a casual eatery in the airy atrium, an outdoor pool and gym, a buffet dinner, and a child-friendly fitness center, and no pets are allowed. The living cost of this hotel is Rs 3,825/-.

Official Website: The Muse Sarovar Portico

Faq’s Related to Best Hotels in Delhi

What are the best hotels near Qutub Minar?

There are a few great options for hotels near Qutub Minar. The best ones are probably the Radisson Blu, the Crowne Plaza, and the Holiday Inn. All of these hotels are within walking distance of the Qutub Minar, and they offer great amenities and services.

How much is the price of Best Hotels In Delhi for this weekend?

The price for a Best Hotels In Delhi varies depending on the time of year. This weekend, the price is likely to be around Rs. 5,000 per night.


The 10 best hotels in New Delhi are a great place to stay when visiting the city. With a variety of different price ranges and locations, there is something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious experience or something more affordable, these hotels are sure to please. So be sure to check them out when planning your trip to New Delhi!

Do You Use One of These Top Ott Platforms in India?

Best Ott Platforms in India: OTT media service platforms are becoming increasingly popular in India as they offer a wide range of content options that appeal to different audiences. Some of the most popular platforms in India include Hotstar, JioTV, and Airtel TV.

These platforms offer users the ability to watch live TV, movies, and other video content on their smartphones or computers.

In addition, many of these platforms allow users to download content for offline viewing. This is a key feature for users in India, as the country has a large population and poor internet connectivity.

OTT media service platforms are also becoming increasingly popular for their original content offerings. For example, Netflix produced a popular webseries called “Sacred Games”, which was very successful in India.

List Of Top 10 Best OTT Platforms in India

1. Disney + Hotstar:

hotstar - Best Ott Platforms in India

Disney Plus Hotstar is a world-famous entertainment OTP platform that provides major sports events such as IPL, US open, and many more.

It is owned by Novi digital entertainment private limited and offers over 100,000 hours of TV content and movies across nine languages and every major sport covered live.

It has now become a hub for children’s entertainment shows with Disney and popular kids’ special Encanto, Luca soul.

It also has different subscriptions starting from 299/- monthly to premium annual 1499/- price.

It offers TV channels, live serials, and past episodes and has every kind of movie genre and without any doubt the best ott Platform in India.

2. Netflix: 

Netflix is the world’s top OTP service platform which has unlimited shows for every generation.

It is the world’s leading entertainment service, with 222 million paid members joining TV series, films, mobile games, web series, and more in many languages.

You can watch your favourite entertainment at any time, anywhere, with play pause and resume options. Different subscription plans are provided by Netflix, such as mobile plan, basic plan, standard plan, and premium plan.

3. Amazon prime: 

Amazon is a shopping platform that provides prime videos for its prime users. With prime video channels, you can find shows and movies from your favourite channels all in one place.

The subscription varies from 179/- per month to an annual package of 1499/-. With prime videos, one can get access to the latest and exclusive Bollywood, regional blockbusters, Hollywood movies, US, TV shows, award-winning Amazon original series, and kids’ shows all on prime video.

You can also enjoy prime music on Amazon prime subscription and fast and free delivery over Amazon.

4. Voot: 

Voot is an entertaining ott platform owned by Viacom 18 company. It is famous among Bigg Boss fans.

It is an Indian subscription video on demand and top streaming service providing much exciting entertainment with colors TV serials.

The most famous entertaining series on Voot are Asur, The Raikar case, Roadies, Splitsvilla, and many more.  The wood provides subscriptions from 99 per month to 999 per year.

It also has another ott app for kids called boot kids, where children can enjoy cartoons, audio stories, and ebooks. 

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5. Zee5: 

Zee5 is an ott platform that becomes very popular after the release of a web series name scam 1992. It offers 12 navigation and feature languages across original features, live TV, catch-up TV, lifestyle shows, children’s programs, exclusive short series, and acclaimed plays.

It offers the best content with 90 + live TV channels and 1.25 lakh plus hours of viewing across the languages of English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Odissa, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Punjabi, making it a complete video destination for OTT viewers.

They offer a comfortable and friendly user experience with video streaming technology at amazing speed and crystal clear sounds. The subscription includes 299 of 3 months and 499 annual with more than one screen.

6. Sony Liv: 

It is a popular OTP platform in India that have all the 18 years of the content of Sony network channels.

It also offers popular and latest TV shows like Shark tank India, Taarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah, the Kapil Sharma show, crime patrol, Kaun Banega crorepati, and much more.

They also live stream sports matches such as UEFA champions league, Serie A, UEFA Europa League, and so on. It was first introduced in 2013 as the first OTP service in India. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, India. 

7. BIGFlix: 

BIGFlix is an ott platform that is owned by Reliance and was launched in 2008. It is a free video platform that allows you to play hundreds of movies and episodes from TV series directly on your Android device.

It offers movies and TV episodes without the Hassel of a monthly subscription. It does not support any ad that could be disturbing for users in ongoing entertainment.

Even it offers to download any content and watch the same offline. They offer a free subscription for 3 months, and after that, you have to select the mega savor one-year subscription that comes for 500 only. 

8. Ullu App: 

It is an ott platform that is owned by an Indian entrepreneur Vibhu Agarwal. It was launched on 25th December 2018.

It allows customers to watch a wide variety of web series, movies, and exclusive Ullu shows. It offers a variety of genres from drama, horror, suspense, thriller, and comedy.

It is a paid streaming app, but you can watch the first two videos free of charge.

9. Jio Cinema: 

Jio Cinema is a video library from the house of Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd, where we can watch popular movies, reality shows, and TV shows online.

We can stop, play or resume video anytime, anywhere. It is a user-friendly and budget-friendly OTT platform having 4000 + South blockbusters.

The subscription varies from 149/- per month to 1699/- annually. It has a 3.8 rating and 50 million-plus downloads.

10. Alt Balaji: 

Alt Balaji is a service-based on-demand service. It is available on multiple interfaces like desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs.

It offers fresh, original, and exclusive stories. It offers stories from different worlds in genres ranging from thrillers, mystery, and crime to drama-comedy and romance.   You can watch shows in various languages both in India and abroad.

Most Common Questions Related to Best Ott Platforms in India

Which is the best OTT platform in India?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different preferences when it comes to streaming platforms. However, some of the most popular OTT platforms in India include Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

How many ott platforms in India?

There are a few ott platforms in India. Some of the most popular ones are Hotstar, Netflix, and Voot. These platforms offer a variety of content, including movies, tv shows, and live sports.

What to watch online India?

There are a lot of great shows and movies to watch online in India. A few of my personal favorites include: “Sacred Games,” “Mirzapur,” “Family Man,” “Badhaai Ho,” “Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Sideand”, “Andhadhun.” There are also a lot of great Indian shows and movies available on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. So there is something for everyone to watch online in India.

What is OTT full form in cinema?

OTT stands for Over-the-Top, and is a term used in the film industry to describe movies and TV shows that are released online, outside of traditional distribution channels like movie theaters and TV networks.


The top 10 best over-the-top media services in India are incredibly diverse and each has something special to offer.

Whether you are looking for live sports, movies, news, or music, there is definitely an option out there that will meet your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring today and see which one suits you best!

List of Top 10 Best Medical Colleges in India

The best medical colleges in India offer world-class education with state-of-the-art facilities. These top schools rank highly in the international rankings, making them excellent choices for students seeking to pursue a career in health care.

Students looking to study medicine in India should carefully consider their preferences and requirements, as there are a number of different types of medical colleges available.

Some schools focus on providing general medical training, while others specialize in certain areas of medicine. It is important to research specific institutions before making a decision, as not all colleges offer the same degree program or facilities.

List of Top 10 Best Medical Colleges in India

1. AIIMS Delhi:

AIIMS is an autonomous public medical college and hospital in India.

AIIMS stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences, established in 1956 by an act of parliament. AIIMS is considered one of the best medical colleges in India.

It has collaborated with various academy institutions such as Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Michigan in the USA, University College London, Australia Deccan University, George institute of global health, cologne University Germany, and Erasmus University IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi.

The student has reviewed it as the top medical institute and excellent in infrastructure Wi-Fi, lab, smart boards, and all necessary equipment in the institute.

The institute consists of various facilities for students, such as the swimming pool and courts for tennis, basketball, volleyball, squash, and Soccer providing ample recreation opportunities. The college ranks first in the public sector with a score of 474.

The college also provides scholarships by partial funding of rupees 10,000 per year, and it is open to all Indian nationals. 

Official Website: AIIMS

2. PGIMER Chandigarh:

Postgraduate Institute of medical education and research Chandigarh is a public university established in 1962.

The university has been recognized as an “Institute of national importance” by the department of higher education, the ministry of education, and the Government of India.

It holds the second position in the medical ranking. Universities offer several courses to which candidates can apply for admission like UG, PG, doctoral programs, BSc nursing post basic Bsc based on the entrance exam.

One can apply for admission to MD and Ms courses in which the candidate has to appear for INI CET.

Several facilities are offered for students and faculty members with the modern infrastructure, including a library, separate hostels for girls and boys, sports facilities, a swimming pool, health center that provides medical assistance to students and faculty members. The institute and second position with a score of 83. 

Official Website: PGIMER

3. CMC Vellore:

Christian Medical College Vellore is a private college established in 1990. It’s secured 3rd rank in the NIRF ranking in the medical category with a score of 75.

The college offers admission to diploma UG, PG, doctoral courses, pharmacy, sciences, medical, and applied science streams. The institute also accepts NEET scores. National eligibility comes entrance test for admission to MBBS and postgraduate courses.

The institute offers modern and upgraded facilities with separate hostels on the campus, a library, a modern gym, cafeteria, auditorium, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity for students, and the medical center.

They also include laboratories, transportation, IT infrastructure, and parking space. They tried their best to provide a comfortable environment for students.

The Institute offers many scholarships to students, such as the CMC Vellore scholarship, based on their academic performance.

Some more scholarships provided by the institute are Merit cum means scholarship for professionals, prime ministers scholarship scheme, Pragati scholarship scheme for girls students, and pre-matric scholarship for students with disabilities.

Official Website: CMC Vellore

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4. NIMHANS Banglore:

The national mental health and neuroscience institute in Bangalore was established in 1994. The institute ranked 4th with a score of 73.

The placement criteria of the institutes are a total of 4 students who were offered a job with a median salary of rupees 6 lakh after completion of the course.

On the other hand, for postgraduate 3-year courses, 23 candidates were eligible for placements, and twelve candidates were offered the job, while 11 opted for higher studies. The median salary after 3 years of PG courses was 9,60000.

Many scholarships provided by the institute are: “Maulana Azad National fellowship” for minorities students in which the minimum marks should be 55%, and one must belong to the minority community, a “Junior research fellowship in science humanity and social studies” in which candidates must qualify for NET-JRF, “PG Indira Gandhi Scholarship” for the single girl child, “PG scholarship scheme for SC/ ST students” for pursuing professional courses.

Official Website: NIMHANS Banglore

5. SGPSIMS Lucknow:

Sanjay Gandhi postgraduate institute of medical science was established in 1983 by the Uttar Pradesh legislature act.

Scholarships provided by the institute are: “Candidates aspiring for SGPSIMS Lucknow” scholarship candidates can apply for Central Government scholarship, Post matric scholarship scheme for minorities, merit come means scholarship for professional and technical courses, financial support to the students of NER for higher professional courses, Central sector scheme of scholarship for college, and university students, are the central government scholarships.

The institute offers placement to the students immediately after admission to the course. Students of M.CH and D.M programs are appointed senior residents.

Official Website: SGPSIMS Lucknow

6. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore: 

The institute was established in 2003. There are a total of 11 courses B.Sc agriculture Honours, B.

A Mass Communication, BBA, B.C.A, M.A in Communication and Philosophy, MBA, MSW, PG diploma in journalism, and Ph.D. in communication and philosophy, are offered by University. It offers 500 scholarships to students under eligibility criteria.

The top recruiters of the university are Wipro, Dell, Biocon, Google, Amazon, and Zoho. 

Official Website: Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

7. BHU Varanasi:

Banaras Hindu University was founded in 1916. The campus provides all the amenities like hostels, library, sports, cafeteria, hospital, auditorium, airstrip, book store, shopping complex, ATM, post office, etc.

The top recruiters for University are MakeMyTrip, visa steel, federal Bank, and  DHL. It has signed MoUs for research facilitation.

It has signed many scholarships, including a free meal facility, Annadaan Yojna, financial help to EWS students, excellent academy performance, financial grants to PWD students, financial assistance for the organization of seminars, and Central Government scholarship schemes. It offers a total of 14 courses.

Official Website: BHU Varanasi

8.  JIPMER Puducherry:

The Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) is one of India’s premier institutes of medical education.

Jawaharlal Institute of postgraduate medical education and research ranks 8th in NIRF rank with a score of 67. 

The institute was established in 1956. It is located at Gympare campus road in Puducherry.

Institute has been declared an “Institution of National Importance” by India’s ministry of health and family welfare Government.

The institute provides all the facilities of hostels, libraries, sports, a cafeteria, and an auditorium for students.

The rooms are well furnished, and the campus is fully Wi-Fi. Several courses are offered with eligibility criteria.

The placement criteria for the UG 5-year program consist of 120 students placed; the PG 2 year program consists of 60 students placed; PG 3 year program consists of 248 students placed with the good salary packages. 

Official Website: JIPMER Puducherry

9. KGMU Lucknow:

King George Medical University ranks 9th position in NIRF rank with a total score of 64. The university was established in 1905.

The University has many clubs and societies consisting of dramatic society, athletics association, physiological society, and anatomical society. KGMU Lucknow scholarship is provided by the institute and has excellent academic performance.

Few scholarships are available for the students for professional courses and postgraduate scholarships for SC/ ST candidates. 

Official Website: KGMU Lucknow

10. KMC Manipal:

The last college on our list of Top 10 Best Medical Colleges in India is Kasturba Medical College, which was established in 1953.

Institute ranks 10th position in NIRF rank with a score of 63. The institute offers well functioning placement team.

From the batch of 200 undergraduate students eligible for KMC Manipal placements, through which 180 students were placed with a median salary of Rs 7,80,000.

Under PG 2 year program and PG 3-year program, students were placed with a median salary of Rs 10 lakh and Rs 14,40,000, respectively.

Official Website: KMC Manipal


Many top medical colleges in India provide excellent education and training for students who want to pursue a career in medicine.

Students who are interested in studying at one of these colleges should research their options thoroughly and find the college that is the best fit for them.

25 Best Forex Brokers In India for 2022

Best Forex Brokers In India: Forex trading is also known as a “foreign exchange” means to convert one currency into another. It is trading between buyers and sellers who transfer the currency between each other at an agreed price.

It is similar to stock marketing, where the buyer will bid a value of stock whereas the seller will sell the stock at some other biding value. If both of the expected values meet each other, then the commitment is made over a prize, and the trade is made.

Global banks run the forex market with four major centres available in different time zones like London, New York, Sydney, and Tokyo. A person can do forex trading 24 hours a day because there is no Central location available.

This article will get vast information on forex trading and its types. You will also delight in the knowledge of the top 25 brokers that provide forex trading with their benefits. 

Three Different Types of Forex Market:

Spot Forex Market:

The physical exchange of currency at an exact point is done when trade is settled.

Forward Forex Trade:

The exchange is made at a specified value on a set date in the future.

Future Forex Trade:

 An agreement is made on a currency at a set price and date in the future.

The Top 25 Forex Brokers in India are:

For a forex trade, the selected brokerage must be safe and secure. There are many brokerages available in the market.

1. IG:

IG is the best overall broker and most trusted among all brokers. You can get an edge with their award-winning web-based platform and mobile apps.

They provide support 24 hours a day, and one can get a piece of mine trading. You can open an account quickly and easily and set up a trade today.

2. Saxo bank:

Saxo bank is a multi-asset broker with research and trading platform experience with security. It provides a rich trading experience with tools, research, and premium features. 

3. Interactive Brokers:

It stood first for being the most trusted multi-asset broker that offers to trade in the global market.

It provides fewer fees charges, high research, and a modern institutional-grade platform. It provides access to 135 market centers across 33 countries. 

4. Forex.com:

Forex.com has earned the best award of being the best in class among two core categories in 2022. It provides the feature of advanced chatting, which is fully integrated and conveniently accessible through one username. 

5. Ava Trade:

It was founded in 2006. Irregulates in 3 tiers, making it a safe broker for trading. It offers 44x options. It ranks best in class for professional traders for 2022.

6. Admiral markets:

Admiral markets provide supplementary platform features. It also provides a stereo trader dashboard for metal traders and a supreme suite of custom indicators. It is also regulated in Australia Cyprus, the UK, and Jordan markets. It provides a unique set of molality protection tools for managing risk and thus making it a safe trading platform.

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7. Capital.com:

capital.com is best in its quality research, strong educational content, and innovative platform. Also, provide a good variety of video content for market analysis and dedicate investment educational apps with a game-like design which makes learning fun 477 cryptocurrencies that are not available in the UK.

8. IC Market:

IC the market offers less price and scalable execution making it an excellent option for algorithmic trade. It is best in supporting third-party tools and plugins and provides great research and education. It ranks in the top Rand meta trader brokers in 2022.

9. XM group:

XM group is the only broker that offers high-quality educational content and market research. It also provides features like TV-quality video content and live recordings and a full Meta Trader suite which provides a signal market for copy trading.

10. FP Markets:

FB market was founded in 2005 and is regulated in one-tier jurisdiction. It offers MetaTrader suit ultra-competitive spread, low trading cost, and also fits best in class in 2022 for both MetaTrader and commissions.

11. Tickmill:

Tickmil was founded in 2014 and offers an unlimited selection of trading security. It offers CQG platforms for futures and options trading.

12. HYCM:

HYCM is the most trusted brand that offers the MetaTrader platform experience. It also provides at least 20 video courses from the media. Its YouTube channel gives access to a catalogue of the webinar.

13. BDSwiss:

BDSwiss brand offers 1.6 million registered forex traders a full MetaTrader platform suit to its mobile application. It also provides quality research and daily video market coverage series and acts as an agency broker. It also offers a VIP account which grants lower spreads.

14. Hotforex: 

Hotforex provides premium trader tools, developed by FX Blue labs to enhance the meta trader suit. It also produces special research reports monthly, quarterly, and annual.

15. Vantage:

Vantage rounds top MetaTrader platform that supports multiple social trading platforms and the mobile app. It holds insurance for additional production over any regulatory coverage. It also offers no trade as on for meta trader and multiple solution copy trading. It ranks top among the best MetaTrader brokers.

16. Moneta markets:

Manyata market is a new brand under the vintage group that offers meta trader suit for a platform with web and mobile applications. It holds insurance to protect in addition to its regularity coverage. 

17. VT market:

VT market gives benefits to access MetaTrader Sood and VT Pro trading app collectively. It provides a range of third-party features and social copy trading. It also provides access to limited research material, sparse educational content, and a small range of available markets. It offers a full matter trader suit along with premium trading tools. It carries indemnity insurance to complement its existing regulatory production.

18. Eightcap:

it’s ported third-party plugins and access to capitalised.ai’s algorithmic trading platform. It has a good variety of written articles and offers a vast selection of 200 cryptocurrencies.

19. ACY security:

ACY provides a reasonable range of markets and a balanced account. It also gives research and educational content but with a limited quality that can improve. It also offers a good range of CFD markets and shares trading on MT5.

20. Trade nation:

Trade nation is an easy-to-use trading app that provides an innovative trading platform for beginners and CFD traders. It is also regulated in Australia, the UK, South Africa, and the Bahamas markets. It gives smart news feature on mobile and web platform that helps curate tweets and news headlines.

21. BlackBull markets:

it is the best matter trader broker that provides a growing range of products and support for a handful of third-party social copy trading platforms. It also gives full matter traders’ suits. It is available to residents of New Zealand.

22. OctaFX:

it is a low-cost MetaTrader platform with a social copy trading platform. It was founded in 2011 and regulated in only one tire jurisdiction. It maintains our growing array of well-organized research with daily updates and weekly forecasts. 

23. CMC market: 

It is best known for its excellent technology that provides deposits at a low cost. It’s course 99 in building trust. 

24. XTB:

It is the best trading platform in the industry. It provides excellent customer service but in the case of price its stands average.

25. Ameritrade: 

It is an outstanding platform. It provides excellent educational material and offers the best research material. It does not provide copy trading, and the price is slightly higher than the average industry price. 


The article provides vast information on forex trading and its types. You will also delight in the knowledge of the top 25 brokers that provide forex trading with their benefits. 

Top 10 Cleanest Cities in India in 2022

Cleanest city in India: Maintaining cleanliness is very important for health and society. We all can be a part of taking responsibility for maintaining a clean surrounding.

There are some simple steps for maintaining a clean surrounding like throwing waste in dustbins only, do not let water stand nearby, avoiding plastics, and much more.

The article provides information on what we can do to keep our city clean, the disadvantages of plastic, and the top 10 cleanest cities in India awarded by the central government’s annual cleanliness survey and explore the beauty of cities.

What can we do to keep our surroundings clean?

Follow 3R’s principle:

3R stands for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We should follow this principle and take part in making our city clean.

Use paper bags for shopping and carrying things: 

We should use paper bags. Paper bags are biodegradable and cause no pollution in the environment. They are made from natural resources we use to make sure to reuse and recycle them to save natural resources.

Say no to Plastics: 

We should say a big no to plastic. Plastics are not bio-degradable and pollute the environment badly. Even while burning, it releases carbon molecules into the air and depletes the ozone layer. Thus, throwing plastic bags blocks the drainage system and rivers. They remain in the soil for centuries and pollute the soil.

Use kitchen garbage as manure:

Kitchen garbage such as rotten vegetables or fruits and peeling of vegetables or fruits are bio-degradable. So, they can be used as manure and compost. 

Dig the organic waste into the yard: 

All the organic waste must be dug into the yard to reduce the chance of making pyramids of garbage, thus, enhancing the soil’s fertility.

Top 10 Cleanest Cities in India in 2022

1. Indore, Madhyapradesh

Indore city has ranked number 1 in the list of the cleanest cities in India. This city won the first position for five years. It is the largest and the most famous city in Madhya Pradesh.

The city contains a lot of industrial setups, therefore known as the “commercial capital” of the state. One can explore the rich heritage of the city.

There are several tourist spots such as Lalbagh Palace, Rajwada Palace, Central Museum, Chappan Dukan, and Sarafa Bazaar.

2. Surat, Gujarat

Surat ranks second in the list of the cleanest cities in India. It is one of the richest places in India. It is known for its commercial hub of textiles.

The beauty of surat lies in a wildlife sanctuary, national park, and beautiful tourist attraction spot.

One must add some most famous tourist spots like Sardar Patel Museum, Dutch Garden, Ambaji Temple, Dumas Beach, Swaminarayan Temple, and Hajira Village to the tourism travel list.

3. Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

It is the second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh. In the list of cleanest cities, it ranks third. It ranks sixth in the past few years, but the last year in the central government’s annual cleanliness survey, and appraises its position to third.

It is considered a sacred place for most visited temples. It is covered by Eastern Ghats hills and has gained fame for commercial and education departments.

It has been declared a “garbagefree city” during Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Must visit Undavalli Caves, Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla, Prakasam Barrage, and Rajiv Gandhi Park while exploring the city.

4. Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Navi Mumbai is a town in Maharashtra. It secures the fourth position on the list of India’s top 10 cleanest cities.

The city has followed the 3R’s mantra- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The city is filled with beautiful man-made marvels and many natural wonders.

5. Pune, Maharashtra

Pune City is a metropolitan city located in the state of Maharashtra. The city is located on the Deccan plateau.

The city is also known as “Queen of Decann”; the fastest train service linking Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Pune Junction.

Pune city ranks 5th in the list of top 10 cleanest cities in India. It improves its position from fifteen to the fifth in the central government’s annual cleanliness survey.

Some amazing tourist spots are Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, Osho Ashram, Katraj Snake Park, Sinhagad Fort, and Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple. The cleanliness of the city is maintained by Pune municipal corporation. 

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6. Raipur, Chattisgarh

Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh state in central India, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

Chhattisgarh has been declared the cleanest state in India by the Union ministry for housing and urban affairs. It ranks 6th on the list of the cleanest city in India.

The city is home to Some of the most beautiful places, such as Nandan Van Zoo & Safari, Ghatarani Waterfalls, Swami Vivekanand Sarovar, Purkhauti Muktangan, Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum, Gandhi Udyan Park, and Champaran.

7. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a lively city with a rich cultural heritage. The city has a long and vibrant history dating back to the time of the Mughals.

It was once one of the most important trade centres in India, and it still plays an important role in the economy of Madhya Pradesh.

Bhopal is also home to some great tourist attractions, including the beautiful Ujjain Fort and the Chandela Tombs. It is also known as the “City of lakes”.

Earlier, Bhopal ranked second and then slipped to 19th position, and now it secured the seventh position in the list of cleanest cities in India. The city is full of cultural richness and archaeological brilliance.

8. Vadodara, Gujarat

Vadodara is the capital of Gujarat, and it is also known to be the third-largest city in Gujarat. The city is located on the bank of the Vishwamitri River.

There are several places to travel like Makarpura Palace, EME Temple, Sayaji Garden, Surya Narayan Temple, Sur Sagar Lake, Laxmi Vilas Palace, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and Nyaya Mandir, and museums where you explore the pages of history.

The city has ranked eighth as the cleanest city in India.

9. Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

 Two major cities in Andhra Pradesh–Vijayawada and Greater Visakhapatnam, made it to the top 10 list of the cleanest city in India, and Vishakapatnam secured 9th position on this list. The city is formerly known as Vizag and is the ancient port city in India.

This port city is famous for its beaches and landscape that attract painters and photographers.

The many stunning waterfalls, thrilling trekking, and gardens are the other reasons for its popularity. Besides all these, there are many more places to explore Borra Caves, Submarine Museum, Kailasgiri, Rishikonda Beach, and Yarada Beach.

10. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ahmedabad was ranked tenth among other cleanest cities, followed by Delhi & Meerut. Ahmedabad is one of the largest states of India, known as an economic and industrial hub of India.

Starting with historical connections from Sabarmati Riverfront, Sabarmati Ashram, and Statue of Unity to Swaminarayan Temple, Rani Ki Vav, Kankaria Lake, and more to explore.


India is a country with many beautiful and clean cities. According to the data, these are the top 10 cleanest cities in India. If you are looking for a place to live that is clean and has a low pollution level; then these are the cities for you.

Literacy rate in India in 2022- State-wise Literacy Rate in India

Literacy Rate in India: India is one of the largest, most populous, and most diverse countries in the world. According to UNESCO, India has a literacy rate of 79%. This means that nearly three-quarters of the Indian population can read and write. However, there is still work to be done in order to improve literacy rates throughout India.

There are many reasons why the literacy rate in India is low. For example, many people who can read and write do not have access to education.

What is literacy?

Literacy is the ability to read, write and express himself in society.

As a small kid, able to pass the school term and grow further, as an adult, he becomes able to get hired and earn money to feed himself and his family, and as a parent, they become able to support their kids in studying.

Lack of literacy snatch all this ability from a person. The cycle of getting literacy helps society to be more fair and mobile.

Importance of literacy:

Many people don’t realize how important literacy is. Literacy isn’t just something that is needed to read and write. It is a skill that can be used in many different ways. Literacy can help people learn more about the world around them. It can also help people learn how to work on computers, do math, and do other things. Literacy is important for everyone.

  • Literacy improves the development of the wider society.
  • Literacy reduces infant mortality rates.
  • Literacy empowers women.
  • Literacy positively impacts economic growth beyond the local society.
  • Literacy helps in being a responsible citizen.

Factors of low literacy in India

Low literacy rates in India are a result of a variety of factors. These include poverty, lack of education, and poor health conditions. India also has a very large population, which makes it difficult to provide everyone with access to education and literacy.

Measure literacy rate:

Literacy rates can be determined by surveying a population and asking them questions about their reading and writing abilities. This can be done through a questionnaire or an interview. The data from the survey can then be used to calculate the literacy rate for that population.

Literacy Rate = (number of literate persons / population) * 100

Literacy rate in India 

 The literacy rate in India is approx 79.1% with the 2022 census. India consists of 28 states in which the highest literacy rate rank is Kerala, and the lowest literacy rate rank is Bihar. The most literate union territory is Lakshadweep- 91.8% literacy rate. The least literate union territory in Jammu and Kashmir with a 68.7% literacy rate.

States with the highest literacy rate in India

1. Kerala:

 Kerala stands at no.1 in its literacy rate at 97.2% from 93.91% in 2022 as per the Indian census.

The reason for the successive literacy rate in Kerela is that it has always kept education as a top priority.

In 2007, total enrollment in elementary education was a hundred percent, and due to this, they completed 99% of schools in villages at just a 2kilometer distance. The highest literate district in Kerala is Kottayam at 97.4percentage, which is even better than the overall Indian literacy rate.

The lowest literate district in Kerala is Wayanad 87.5 percent. In 1980, the government of Kerala started a campaign for total literacy in Ernakulam district which being successfully replicated in other districts of the state.

The state launched Kerala State Literacy Campaign for the literacy program to enhance its effect.

Special attention was given to areas that needed more progress, like schools and understanding of the importance of education. For the successful execution of the state’s literacy program, officials and volunteers were also involved.

2. Delhi: 

Delhi is the capital of India. The chief minister of Delhi is Shri Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi is of great historical significance as a commercial, transport, and cultural hub, as well as the political center of India.

According to legend, the city was named for Raja Dhilu, a king who reigned in the region in the 1st century BCE.

It holds the top second rank in terms of literacy among other states of India. The literacy rate of Delhi is 86.2%.

3. Uttarakhand: 

With 87.6 percent, Uttarakhand holds third position. The male population’s literacy rate is 87.4 percent and 70.01 percent literacy rate for the female population.

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States with the lowest literacy rate in India

1. Bihar

Bihar is the lowest literate state in India among all the states. The census of Bihar literacy changed from 2001 to 2011 with a big jump from 47 percent to 63.8%.

Hence, there was a significant increase in the literacy rate of Bihar from 2001 to 2011. The government launched many programs to boost literacy rates, but due to many hurdles, it can’t succeed.

The areas where the most work is done and still has to do is poverty, social divisions, and caste discrimination. also are some of the hurdles that affect the literacy programs in Bihar.

Because of poverty, the students cannot afford to buy textbooks and stationery things and are forced to work on the farms. Teacher education is also a major issue in Bihar.

Some of the teachers are not capable of delivering well-educated sessions to students.

The highest literacy rate district in Bihar is Rohtas at 73.5 %.

The lowest literacy rate district in Bihar is Purnia, with 51.08%. 

2. Arunachal Pradesh:

The literacy rate in Arunachal Pradesh is 65.1%. It ranks in the top second position as the least literate state in India. The male population’s literacy rate is 72.1 percent and 57.9 per cent literacy rate for the female population.

3. Rajasthan: 

The literacy rate in Rajasthan is 66.1%. It ranks in the top second position as the least literate state in India. The male population’s literacy rate is 79.1 percent and 52.1 percent literacy rate for the female population.

Literacy rate in Jammu and Kashmir: 

Jammu and Kashmir is a region administered by India as a union territory and consists of the southern portion of the larger Kashmir region, which has been the subject of a dispute between India and Pakistan since 1947 and India and China since 1962.

Kashmir is also well known for its apple farming. The literacy rate of Jammu Kashmir is 68.7%.

Literacy rate in Punjab: 

Punjab is a state in the northwest region of India and is one of the most fertile regions. The name Punjab is derived from two words Punj means five, and Aab means water which means land of five rivers.

The five rivers are Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, and Jhelum. Only Sutlej, Ravi, and Beas flow in today’s Punjab. The other two rivers are now in a divided part of Punjab, Pakistan.

The Punjab State divides into three regions: Majha, Doaba, and Malwa. Punjab has a literacy rate of 79.5% in 2022.

Punjab ranks 20th in literacy rate among all the states. The highest literacy rate in Punjab is in Hoshiarpur, and the lowest literacy rate is in Mansa.

Literacy rate in UP 

It is the fourth largest state in India. It is well known for its religious culture and popularity. The capital of UP is Lucknow.

Most of the religious and historical monuments are here, due to which people from all over the world travel here to explore.

The most literate district of UP is Gautam Budha Nagar, and the least literate district of UP is Shravasti. The literacy rate of UP is 72% which is less than the national literacy rate.

State Wise Literacy Rate in India

State / UTLiteracy Rate
Andaman & Nicobar Islands86.7%
Andhra Pradesh67.02%
Arunachal Pradesh65.38%
Dadra and Nagar Haveli76.24%
Daman and Diu87.10%
Himachal Pradesh82.80%
Jammu and Kashmir67.16%
Madhya Pradesh69.32%
Tamil Nadu80.09%
Uttar Pradesh67.68%
West Bengal76.26%


The literacy rate in India is a major concern. There are many initiatives underway to improve literacy rates, but there is still much work to be done.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow, and we must continue to work together to make this a reality for all of India’s citizens.

The article gives information on literacy, the literacy rate, and the rank Of India state-wise.

FAQs Related to literacy rate in India

Which state has the highest literacy rate in India?

Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India, with 94.5%. This is largely due to the state’s investment in education and its focus on social welfare.

which state has the lowest literacy rate in India

According to the 2011 Census, the state with the lowest literacy rate in India is Bihar, with a literacy rate of just 63.8%. This is likely due to the fact that Bihar is one of the poorest states in India, with a poverty rate of nearly 50%.

What is the female literacy rate in India?

The female literacy rate in India is currently at 65.46%. This means that out of every 100 Indian women, only 65 are literate. There is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve gender parity in terms of education.