The Best Shoe Brands in India in 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

The Best Shoe Brands in India in 2024

The Indian footwear market offers a dynamic mix of local brands and global powerhouses, making it an exciting landscape for shoe enthusiasts. As consumers prioritize comfort, style, and performance, understanding the best shoe brands in India can be overwhelming. India’s footwear industry is a massive economic force, currently valued at approximately $13 billion and experiencing … Read more

8 Successful Business Ideas in Gujarat

With a population of about 60 million people and the third largest GDP contributor of India, Gujarat offers a succession of thriving markets and businesses that has scope for many new ventures and start-ups to further enhance its profitability and stature. Well connected with roads, and catering to a huge platform of transport, communication and … Read more

List of All Nuclear Power Plants in India

Nuclear Power stands on the fourth position as a resource of electricity among thermal, hydro and renewable energy. India has 21 nuclear reactors in seven operating nuclear power plants which have total nuclear power plant capacity of 5780 MW. All Nuclear Power plants are operated by Nuclear Power Corporation of India [NPCIL]. There are four … Read more

Top 10 Infrastructure Companies in India

Infrastructure has become the base of every economy. Price of properties in the real estate market genuinely affects the economy of a nation. Business owners are constantly looking out for the best infrastructure company that provides adequate space for an establishment. Even after the expansion of business, it is very important to get infrastructures to … Read more