Top 10 Infrastructure Companies in India

Infrastructure has become the base of every economy. Price of properties in the real estate market genuinely affects the economy of a nation. Business owners are constantly looking out for the best infrastructure company that provides adequate space for an establishment.

Even after the expansion of business, it is very important to get infrastructures to increase trade and commerce. Working individuals are investing a good sum in real estate properties to get their asset doubled or tripled after few years. Thus, the infrastructure companies are of a great demand in the market. The constructions of bridges, dams, roads make people residing in the country to lead an easy and sustained life.Infrastructure Companies in India

Ranking system – Infrastructure companies are ranked on the basis of their popularity in the real estate market.

Top 10 Infrastructure Companies

1. GMR Group

  • Revenue: It has total profit of 2.6 billion dollars
  • Products and Services: Energy, Highways and Urban Infrastructure, Urban sector energy
  • Head office: Bangalore, India
  • Website:

2. Lanco Infratech Limited

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of Rs 15,398 Crores as on March 2012
  • Products and Services: Infrastructure and Power, construction, natural resources, Engineering
  • Head office: New Delhi, India
  • Website:

3. Man Infraconstruction Limited

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of 600-650 crore
  • Products and Services: Residential Constructions, Industrial Constructions, Institutional Constructions, Port Infrastructure
  • Head office: Maharastra, India
  • Website:

4. Atlanta Limited

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of 2,840 million
  • Products and Services: Infrastructure Development Projects, Engineering, Procurement, contracting mining of coal and limestone.
  • Head office: Maharashtra, India
  • Website:

5. Simplex Infrastructures Limited

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of Rs. 1711 Crores
  • Products and Services: Solutions in construction, concrete piling
  • Network – There trade spread over the Middle East
  • Head office: Kolkata (West Bengal), India
  • Website:

6. IVRCL Limited

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of Rs.1199.06 crores
  • Products and Services: flyovers, real estate, power transmission, real estate & water treatment plants, bridges, railways
  • Head office: Hyderabad, India
  • Website:

7. Hindustan Construction Co. Limited

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of Rs. 1020 crore
  • Products and Services: Engineering, construction, real estate. Lavasa is wonderful project of the company which is named as planned hill city near Pune.
  • Head office: Maharashtra, India
  • Website

8. Ramky Infrastructure Limited

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of Rs. 1025.34 cr
  • Products and Services: construction of roads, Irrigation, constriction projects.
  • Head office: Hyderabad (AP), India
  • Other projects: industrial construction, waster water, residential projects, construction of parks, power distribution, power transmission
  • Website:

9. IL&FS Engineering and Construction Company Limited

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of 1000-2500 Crores
  • Products and Services: Thermal power, hydel power, Buildings and Industrial Structures, irrigation
  • Head office: Hyderabad, India
  • Other projects: it extends its business to other segments with its innovative approach
  • Website:

10. Gammon India

  • Revenue: It has increased revenue of 5533.12 crore
  • Products and Services: It is a civil engineering and construction companies with projects like gateway of India, transmission lines etc
  • Head office: Maharashtra, India
  • Website:

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