Top 10 Electrical Companies in India

Electrical companies pose a great demand in the market which manufactures fixtures, electrical equipments, switch gears and electronic products. Home owners willing to renovate their home also have a desire of replacing odd electrical equipments with the new varieties. Even the builders have the necessity of different switches, lights and other electrical accessories with their every project.

Ranking system: We rank each company according to its popularity in the market. You can know about founder, goal and year of its incorporation.

Here is the list of 10 electrical companies in India

1. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd

  • Revenue: It has total revenue of 481,063 millions Electrical Companies in India
  • Products and Services: Gas generator, Desalination plants, Hydro generator, Transformer, Boiler drum
  • Head office: New Delhi, India
  • Employees: 48,399 employee as on 31st March 2013
  • Website:

2. Bajaj International Private Ltd

  • Revenue: Turnover over INR 280 Billion
  • Products and Services: Vector chopper, food processors, fans, room coolers, water purification solutions etc
  • Head office: Mumbai, India
  • Employees: Around 36,000 Employees
  • Website:

3. Crompton Greaves Ltd

  • Revenue: Turnover over US $ 2.3 Billions
  • Products and Services: transformers, circuit breakers, lighting, fans, consumer appliances, switchgear etc
  • Head office: Mumbai, India
  • Employees: More than 15,000 Employees
  • Website:

4. Dev Denso Power Ltd

  • Revenue: 10- 25 crore
  • Products and Services: underground cable laying, High Voltage distribution system, Internal electrification etc
  • Head office: Gaziabad, India
  • Employees: depends on projects.
  • Website:

5. Eason Reyrolle

  • Revenue: 245 crore
  • Products and Services: Electric equipments and Industrial consumables
  • Head office: Bangalore, India
  • Employees: more than 1000
  • Website:

6. Wipro Lightening

  • Revenue: Rs 2000 crores in 2010
  • Products and Services: Luminaries. Lamps, other electrical accessories
  • Head office: Pune, India
  • Website:

7. Havells India Ltd

  • Revenue: 4,225 crores
  • Products and Services: Fans switches , cables, wires, modular switches, electrical appliances,
  • Network: 20,000 global distribution
  • Employees – 8000
  • Head office: Noida, India
  • Website:

8. HBL Power Systems Ltd

  • Revenue: Rs 1200 crores
  • Products and Services: Lithium batteries, silver zinc, Defense Electronics, Green’ Technology Products, Industrial Electronics, Railway Electronic Signaling
  • Head office: Hyderabad, India
  • Website:

9. Birla Power

  • Revenue: 400.57 crore
  • Products and Services: Generator, inverter battery, power tiller, lawn mower, Pump set etc
  • Head office: New Delhi, India
  • Website:

10. EMCO

  • Revenue: Rs 2789 million in 2009
  • Products and Services: Generator, Transformer, electrical equipments,
  • Head office: Maharashtra, India
  • Website:

Important role is played by these above mentioned leading electrical companies in the different spheres. Without electricity, people working in offices, workers in industries and residents in their residences become totally blind.

Switches, generators, batteries etc has become a necessity in the daily life. The top electrical companies also have able and experienced staff members to solve the problem of electrical breakdown any time you call them up.

The electrical engineers keep no stone unturned to resolve a situation that is affected by electrical power. You can now come to know more about these electrical companies, their worldwide network, revenues, financial status, services, products professionalism etc after visiting their official website.

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