Top 15 Shoe Brand Names in India

Do you know there are more than 50 shoe brands in India? But we know only few of them.

Why is it so that there are over 50 shoe companies selling their products but we do not know them?

Well I wrote this article to spread awareness about the shoe companies in India. In this article we jot down a list of top shoe brands in India that you might like to know.

shoe brand names

But before we tell you about the brands you need to about India footwear industry and its growth story.

55% of the entire industry comprises Men’s footwear, 30 percent for women and 15% for children. So it is quite clear the men dominate the shoe industry.

Do you know that a shoe brand named Jimmy Choo famous for its heels encrusted with Swarovski could cost you more than Rs 1 Lakh.

Indian footwear market is growing because of customers are willing to spend more on various segments like formals, Sportswear, Casuals, Adventure wear, Home wear, Beachwear, Wedding wear, Lounge wear, Club wear etc.

To cut the story shot the Indian footwear industry worth over $4 to $5 Billion and it is growing. So let us see some of the popular brands and other brands also which are not so popular.

1. Bata

Bata is India’s largest footwear company. The company was started in 1931 and make shoe for men, women and kids.

Popular Brand Names: Ambassdor, Comfit, Marie Clarie, PotaPata, Safari, North Star, Power etc

2. Nike

Nike is one of the global brand worth over $10 Billion. The brand itself is enough.

Popular Brand Names: Nike Blazers, Nike Dunk, Air Max, Foamposite etc

3. Reebok

Reebok is also a global brand with huge presence in India.

Popular Brand Names: All Terrain Thunder, Reebok Classic, Plimton, Zjet, Royal Badge etc.

4. Liberty

Liberty is an Indian company worth Rs 650 Crore. It operates in 20 different countries.

Popular Brand Names: Coolers, Fortune, Force 10, Gliders and Windsor, Force 10, Gliders, Senorita and Tiptopp, Footfun, Force 10, Gliders, Prefect etc

5. Adidas

Actually Adidas is the parent company of Reebok and it worth over $20 Billion or more.

Popular Brand Names: FG/AG Cleats, Messi Version, Pure Boost, Supernova, Pure Boost, Ace etc

6. Paragon

Paragon is an India company established in the year 1975 in Kerala.

Popular Brand Names: Max, Solea, Walkie, Vertex, Escoute, Slickers, Meriva, Stimulus, Fookids, Para Lite, School Worth

7. Woodland

Woodland is owned by Aero Group with over 3000 multi brand stores in several countries. The company was founded in year 1992 in Canada.

Popular Brand Names: LB, LS, LD, LP, GC, GB etc

8. Puma

Puma a German company founded in the year 1948.

Popular Brand Names: Evo Speed, Mobium Elite Speed Ferrari, IGNITE, Karbon, Voltaic, Pulse, Faas, Expedite etc.

9. Red Tape

Red Tape owned by Mirza International Limited was founded in the year 1996. The brand ambassador is Salman Khan.

Popular Brand Names: RTS range for shoes and RSS for Sandals etc

10. Relaxo

Relaxo is an Indian company founded in 1984 and went public in 1995. Relaxo worth over Rs 1000 Crore with over 10 manufacturing units across India.

Popular Brand Names: Hawaii, Sparx, Casualz, Flite, Schoolmate, Elena

11. Action

Action is one of the iconic brands of the country and it is owned by Action Group. It has some of the popular brand names.

Popular Brand Names:a Campus, Flotter, Dotcom, Hooha, Milano, Fun Time, Chanchal, Micro, Florin, Easy Line, Roaming, Fly Float, School Time, Health Plus, Eva Flotter, Synergy Shoes, Mausam

12. Lotto

Lotto is global brand with a presence in India also.

Popular Brand Names: Shock-Off, ReactiveArch, Syn-Pulse, Dry Out Tech, Puntoflex, Dual Density, Longlast 40, Reactive Insole

13. Valentino

You will be surprised to know Valentino is an Indian shoe brand situated in Agra established in 1985 by Moti Lal Daultani.

Popular Brand Names: Sandals, Westport FlipFlops, Appeal etc

14. Hitz

Hitz established in 1990 in Agra.

Popular Brand Names: Brutni, Splash, Churchill, Zara, Goldy, Puzo, Kangi, Philp, Pearl, Lotus, Rubby, Crazy

15. Lancer

The last name in our list is Lancer and Indian company formed in 1989 with office in New Delhi.

Popular Brand Names: LCR Sports, PU Slippers, School Age, Belly, Mocassin etc

So these were some of the popular shoe brand names in India. But there are many other you don’t know like

Gliders, Coolers, Force 10, Khadims, Italiano, Beneto, G Sports, Wood Style, Aria, Timberland,Style Centrum, Catwalks etc.

Future of the footwear industry is great with the booming economy.


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  • Since my school (lkg) till date i have been using Bata shoe,the brand i trust in. In between have tried couple of different brands but never felt comfortable as it is with wearing Bata.