Top 10 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands in India

Throughout the world, where ever you go, the way you present yourself is very crucial.

Especially for a woman, to have a good personality doesn’t just includes working on your communication skills. It also includes the overall feel-good factor and thus, boosts confidence.

For this attractive look, Cosmetics plays a pivotal role in our lives. They have become a permanent part for many Indian ladies. Not just women, today men also use various cosmetic products in their lives.

It is estimated that cosmetic sales around the world are over $100 billion.

There are over 100 cosmetic companies in this world manufacturing all kinds of products like skin care, hair care, and beauty and makeup.

In this article, we try to look at the top 10 most popular cosmetic brands in India.

Cosmetic Brands

Top 10 Best Cosmetic Brands in India

1. L’Oreal


L’Oreal is the number one international cosmetic brand in the world, but it is number two in India. Almost every top female star in India and elsewhere has endorsed products of L’Oreal.

L’Oreal lipsticks and hair products are a massive hit with the ladies and thus, is the best Cosmetic Brands in India.

Fun Facts:

  • L’oreal’s is owned by Eugene Schueller, who is also the whole and sole inventor of synthetic hair dye.
  • Approximately, 1/4 share of L’oreal is owned by Nestle, the top Swiss food company.
  • L’Oreal was the first to launch ‘Makeup Genius’ a virtual makeup ‘try before you buy’ application for all those online shopaholics.
  • The company took a pledge of practising Green techniques by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and deforestation by 50%
  • This cosmetic brand has recently acquired Makeup Brand named NYX.

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2. Lakme


The number one cosmetic brand in India is Lakme. Lakme is a subsidiary of Hindustan Unilever Limited started in 1952. Lakme offers all kinds of products like lipsticks, nail paints, eyeliners, lip liners and many more.

Fun Facts:-

  • Lakme was originally named as Lakshmi (goddess of wealth). Later it was changed so that a customer doesn’t differentiate between desi and videsi products.
  • In 1996, Tata sold off their stakes in Lakmé Lever to Hindustan Unilever Limited, for Rs. 200 Crore.
  • In 2014, Lakme was ranked 36th among India’s most trusted brand’s survey.
  • The company is the title sponsor for Lakme Fashion Week (LFW), the largest fashion event which takes place in Mumbai.

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3. Maybelline, India


Maybelline is an American cosmetic brand sold all across the globe.

It has successfully positioned itself as one of the top cosmetic brands which the young generation cannot do without. The price is also modest, and it can vary from product to product depending on your location.

Fun Facts-

  • It was founded in 1915 by a 19-year old Thomas Lyle Williams from Chicago.
  • The word Maybelline is the blend of “Mabel” and “Vaseline” dedicated to the founder’s sister Mabel.
  • Maybelline invented the concept of Mascara.
  • Alia Bhatt as the face of Maybelline India is a perfect fit. Her endorsements have been the biggest highlight and attracted hordes of college going girls.
  • Trending cosmetics like baby lips and the colossal kajal created young and trendy impact and are available at very affordable prices.

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4. Elle 18

elle 18

The 4th in our top cosmetic brand list is Elle 18

It is the choice of today’s young women, who want to define their style statement and a fashionista.

Elle 18 is hugely popular among teens because of nail paints. It also offers other products like lipsticks, lip glosses, powder etc. but nail paints are the best one.

Fun Facts:-

  • Elle 18 has an in-house worldwide favourite fashion magazine called Elle
  • Many Indian celebrities like Anushka Sharma have endorsed products of Elle 18.
  • Elle 18 Colour Bombs gives its user a twist of yummiest flavours like strawberries, chocolate, fresh mints etc.
  • Their Lipsticks are known to provide good moisturising to lips. They can be worn with or without a lip balm.
  • Their trendy nail paints are packaged in a quirky bottle. These super cute ranges not only looks good but feels great to carry along anytime anywhere.

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5. Avon


Just like Loreal, Avon is also a foreign cosmetic brand which is very famous in this country. The products are for skin care, hair care and other cosmetics.

The company has stood for more than 125 years, created a significant impact on beauty for women. Hence, Avon continued to be at the forefront of the beauty market.

Fun Facts:-

  • In 1886, Avon emerged as a boutique run by David McConnell. Years later, Avon has 90% brand recognition around the world.
  • According to the fashion survey, Avon sells four lipsticks globally every second. That’s a lot!
  • Avon was the first cosmetic brand to launch an e-commerce site.
  • Avon is also well known for funding $800 million in more than 50 countries for many social causes. Surely, Applying an Avon cosmetic not only makes you feel good from outside but also from inside.
  • Avon is renowned for its perfume collections. To this day, Fergie’s scent, named Outspoken and the Little Dot fragrance remains the company’s best-selling fragrance.
  • Many celebrities like Maria Sharapova, Reese Witherspoon, have endorsed for Avon.

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6. Ponds


With a presence in over 56 countries, Pond’s is well known for its skin care for almost a century now. Everyone can afford because of their low cost, most of the household use Ponds cosmetic brand.

It has passionately led the way in understanding a woman’s skin care and beauty needs. It has cut across age groups and skin care requirements.

Fun Facts:-

  • Pond’s cream was invented in the New York by pharmacist Theron T. Pond in 1846.
  • Ponds is also a subsidiary of Hindustan Unilever just like Lakme. Ponds offer you some of the best creams in India.
  • Today Pond’s is sold around the world. Its largest markets are in Spain and Asian countries like India, Japan and Thailand.
  • Today Pond’s has spread its wings to cover anti- ageing, skin lightening, oil-control, moisturiser, day and night creams, serums, facial foams and other skin requirements.

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7. Revlon


Revlon is an international cosmetic brand, and it was launched in India in the year 1995.

Again the price of its product is quite high compared to other Indian brands. It offers everything like Mascara, lipsticks, eyeliner, nail paints, lip gloss etc.

Fun Facts:

  • The American company, Revlon was founded in 1932 by Brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, and chemist Charles Lachman.
  • Almost 200+ scientists and technicians are working for Revlon. Thus, they take a lot of efforts and testing processes to make it to your face…Long journey huh!
  • Revlon uses actors, instead of models, in all of their beauty campaigns so that the product gets well connected with the audience.
  • Revlon’s ColorStay Liquid Lipstick is known for its long-lasting property, up to 12 hours. Also, Revlon introduced ColorStay Mineral Mousse, a mineral foundation.

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8. Emami Limited


Emami Group is an Indian organisation headquartered in Kolkata. They are known for its fairness creams for men.

Products offered by Emami are very mediocre and everyone, absolutely everyone can afford it.

Fun Facts:-

  • In 2008, Emami acquired Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd for Rs.730 crores.
  • It includes Ayurvedic medicinal oil, herbal shampoo & conditioner, health care items, toiletries, Ayurveda capsules, tonics for colds and coughs and other genres of products.
  • The company acquired Splash Corporation for Rs.200 crore.
  • Boroplus Antiseptic Cream, Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder and Navratna Cool are some of the most trending products in Indian market.
  • They are also most widely sold in Russia, Ukraine and Nepal. That’s a vast network for an Indian brand.

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9. Garnier


No one does skin care and cosmetics like the French, but unfortunately, many of their luxurious products are accompanied by the exorbitant price tag. Unlike other French cosmetics, Garnier provides one of the best budget products in India.

Garnier makes all kinds of face cleansers and scrubs, moisturisers, shampoo and conditioner, and hair-styling products taking the requirements of every individual into consideration.

Fun Facts:-

  • Garnier is the most popular cosmetic brand in Asian countries such as China, Japan & India
  • In the Brand Trust Report 2013, Garnier was ranked 47th among India’s most trusted brands
  • The manufactures of Garnier collaborated with TerraCycle, a recyclable material to encourage the use of biodegradable products.
  • Garnier team consists of 3000+ researchers for their product inventions. EUREKA!

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10. Himalaya


The last cosmetic brand name on our list is Himalaya. The Himalaya Drug Company is a company established by M Manal in 1930 and based in Bangalore.

It offers various products like face washes, body lotions, sunscreens, shampoo etc.

Himalaya offers over 300 healthcare, products for all. A complete ‘head-to-heel’ product brand!

Fun Fact:-

  • Himalaya was founded by Mr M. Manal way back in 1930 as a result of the fascination with herbals created by a tea plant which helped wild elephants pacify.
  • Himalaya shares a close bond with nature. It takes good care to protect biodiversity, and promote ethical agricultural practices.
  • The products are sold in 92 countries throughout the world.
  • The world’s first organic antihypertensive drug was launched in 1934 by Himalaya.
  • Himalaya also launched animal healthcare products for the well-being of animals.

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Other Popular Cosmetic Brands in India

These are the top 10 cosmetics brand in India. Surprisingly, there are more than 200 cosmetics brands in India. However, we would like to give you the gist of other famous cosmetic brands in India.

  1. Oriflame
  2. MAC
  3. Rimmel London
  4. Chanel
  5. Chambor
  6. Color Bar
  7. Olay
  8. Nivea
  9. Calvin Klein
  10. Lancome

Apart from this, newly launched well known cosmetic brands in India are The body shop, Biotique, Sephora and The Forest Essentials and many more.

The Final Thought

Our skin is pretty fascinating. Throughout the life, it goes through many changes in size, colour and texture. Thus, it is the most overlooked organ of a human body.

We are sure you have tried out some of the top cosmetic brands in India and loved them too.

This is for those who haven’t yet tried out these Indian cosmetic brands listed above or about to start their journey that is, the makeup phase of every girl’s life. Those who have tried out, tell us which ones are your favourite. Go funky!

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