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Top 10 Most Popular Shampoo Brands Names in India For all Hair Types


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Are you constantly seeking to find that one perfect, MIRACULOUS SHAMPOO!

As you probably know…

choosing the right shampoo is essential for daily Hair care activity.

Furthermore, It also Helps if you want to grow long, silky and healthy hair or If you wish to prevent hair loss due to split ends and scalp problems?

Don’t worry…

There are many shampoo Brands in India from local and foreign brands that meet your needs and fit within your budget.

Shampoo Brands in India

Shampoo rank among the topmost hair care products worldwide.

According to various sources, the organized and unorganized shampoo market in India is estimated at Rs.5 billion to Rs.5.5 billion per year.

On average, an Indian uses only about 150ml of shampoo per year, which is much below certain other countries in Asia.

These figures do not imply that Indians neglect hair care. On the contrary, Indians have very advanced hair care solutions that date back to centuries.

Instead of commercial shampoos, they prefer traditional herbal concoctions made at home using ingredients that find mention in Ayurveda.

In India, the bulk of commercial and mass-produced shampoo consumption- about 80 percent- is from urban centres.

The scenario is rapidly changing as shampoo manufacturers come with new variants and resort to aggressive advertising in newspapers, radio, and TV.

Types of Shampoo in India

Broadly, shampoo in India can be classified into four types.

  • Cosmetic Shampoo: The most common type sold and used in India. Most manufacturers make cosmetic shampoo.
  • Herbal or Ayurvedic Shampoo: Made using a blend of herbs and chemicals, this is the fastest growing segment of shampoo in India.
  • Medical Shampoo: These are expensive shampoo variants. The medical shampoo is used to treat various problems with scalp and hair.
  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: This is a variant of the above three types of shampoo and is commonly used for the control and prevention of dandruff.

These four types contribute to making the 10 largest selling shampoo brand Names in India.

Here we look at the 10 Most Popular shampoo brands that are favourite among Indians.

List of Top 10 Best Shampoo Brands in India:

1. Pantene (Proctor & Gamble India)

pantene - Best shampoo in India

Pantene ranks as India’s most famous cosmetic shampoo and is manufactured here by a multinational company (MNC), Proctor & Gamble.

There are nearly a dozen variants of Pantene shampoo Brand available in the Indian market.

Pantene shampoo is available in bottles and affordably priced single-use sachets too.

Pantene also has a range of shampoos for use at hair clinics by professionals.

Pantene is also one of the topmost shampoo brands of India.

2. Kesh Kanti (Patanjali Ayurved Ltd)

keshkanti shampoo - Make in India Ayurveda shampoo

About five years ago, rural India accounted for a measly 12 to 15 percent of shampoo sales in India as people in these areas were wary of using expensive chemical-based products for hair care and it is the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening in India

This scenario changed drastically with the launch of Kesh Kanti, a range of herbal shampoo by Patanjali Ayurved.

Priced affordably, Kesh Kanti is giving a run for money and market share to all MNCs and local shampoo manufacturers in India.

Kesh Kanti shampoo is available in about half a dozen variants and also in form of a herbal ‘Hair Cleaner’ powder.

3. Sunsilk (Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

sunsilk shampoo - Most popular shampoo brand in India

Available in different variants, Sunsilk is a very popular brand of shampoo in India. It is a product of Multinational companies (MNC’s), Hindustan Unilever.

Also available in different variants, Sunsilk shampoo is available across India.

It is also a global brand and available in many other countries around the world.

Sunsilk is also sold in single-use sachets for the Indian consumer.

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4. TRESemme (Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

Tressme shampoo best premium shampoo in India

TRESemme is a shampoo brand that has been manufactured and sold for nearly seven decades worldwide.

In India, you can buy some 10 variants of TRESemme shampoo, each made to suit various types of hair and applications.

TRESemme is the best shampoo name that was used by hair care professionals and celebrities.

Now, it is available at all major stores in India and online. You can buy TRESemme professional shampoo in bottles and sachets.

5. Vatika (Dabur India Ltd)

best indian shampoo brand in India

Vatika is a very popular brand of herbal shampoo from one of the oldest Ayurvedic medicines and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturer, Dabur India Ltd.

Vatika shampoo is available in three variants. Further, Dabur also has two special shampoos- Dabur Almond Shampoo and Vatika Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

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6. Fructis (Garnier India Ltd)

French MNC Garnier Labs has a stunning range of 15 assorted shampoos under its Fructis brand.

These shampoos are made to suit almost every type of hair and scalp and treat various conditions like split ends, hair loss, and fragile hair and to protect dyed hair.

The brand ‘Fructis’ gets its name from nutrients derived from fruits that are added to these shampoos.

Additionally, Garnier India also makes Ultra Blends range of professional shampoos in India that are very popular among urban consumers.

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7. Head & Shoulders ( Proctor & Gamble India)

Another global brand of shampoo, Head & Shoulders ranks as top-sellers in India. Head & Shoulders is available in eight variants in the Indian market.

The brand has a history of over 70 years and made its first appearance in the US in 1950.

Proctor & Gamble make Head & Shoulders shampoo that is specifically beneficial to Indian hair types and applications.

Head & Shoulders shampoo is also available in economically priced, single-use sachets.

8. Himalaya Shampoo ( The Himalaya Drug Co)

Himalaya Herbals makes five exclusive herb-based shampoos for the Indian and export markets.

Himalaya shampoos are a hair care product of choice for discerning clientele and are primarily available in urban India and online and It is also the best shampoo for dry hair in India.

Himalaya shampoos are made using formulas based on the ancient Indian herbal medical systems Ayurveda and Unani.

The company uses some rare and exquisite herbs know to promote hair and scalp health in manufacturing these shampoos.

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9. Dove  (Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

Dove emerged as a brand of moisturizing bathing bars for women and eventually diversified into other beauty products including skin crème and shampoo.

Since launching in India in 2007, Dove has become the fastest growing shampoo brand in the country. “It’s highly conditioned formulation delivers the moisture promise of Dove.

The range includes Daily Shine, Dryness Care, Dandruff Care, Hair Fall Rescue, Intense Repair Therapy, Nourishing Oil Care and Color Rescue,” says the company website.

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10. L’Oreal ( L’Oreal India Pvt. Ltd)

L’Oreal is a very exclusive range of shampoos available in India. It comes from the French skincare and beauty products MNC, L’Oreal.

The company makes an astounding range of over 15 different types of shampoos for regular and professional hair care.

L’Oreal shampoos are made using the latest technologies in hair care that are developed by the company’s scientists worldwide.

In India, L’Oreal holds a very major slice of the shampoo market.

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Special Mentions

1. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Raymonds renowned for its superior quality fabrics, also has Park Avenue range of cosmetics for men.

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is the only such hair care product that uses extracts of the alcoholic brew.

Beer is known to be rich in a B-complex group of vitamins and its property for the lending gloss to the hair. Its packaging resembles a typical beer bottle.

The shampoo also bears the distinct, golden hue of beer.

2.  SriSri Tattva

SriSri Tattva, an FMCG company operated by the spiritual organization, Art of Living Foundation, Bangalore, also makes three herbal shampoos for the Indian and export market.

These shampoos are available at SriSri Tattva brand stores across India and leading retailers.

They can also be bought online.

The company claims to use purest, natural ingredients, including organic products, for its shampoos.

3. KP Namboodiri’s Ayurvedics

Kerala-based KP Namboodiri’s Ayurvedics is a major manufacturer of herbal shampoos. The company’s products are very popular in South India as well as countries in the Arabian Gulf region.

KP Namboodiri’s Ayurvedic makes two types of shampoos and one hair cleanser liquid.

These shampoos are made with renowned coconut oil of Kerala and herbal extracts.

They are available at speciality stores in India and have a huge market in the Middle East.

In Conclusion

Till recent years, hair care in India was very rudimentary. Most people used ordinary shampoo, bathing soap, washing bars made with extracts of Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) tree leaves and berries or home-made concoctions for hair care.

This was because shampoos were pricey and considered a luxury. The range available was also very limited.

However, Indian society is now increasingly aware of the importance of hair care.

Hence, Indian companies and MNCs are launching a wide range of shampoos to cater to this growing market.

Currently, there is a huge tug-of-war in India’s shampoo market.

Indian companies manufacturing herbal shampoos are fast gaining ground over competitors who offer chemical-based products.

Those making cosmetic shampoo are therefore increasing their brand offerings to retain their market slice.



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