Top 10 Best Freelance Jobs Websites in India

What if I tell you that you can Earn Rs.2 million or more every year with freelancing jobs.


You need not be.

This is a fact:  freelancers in India are earning an average of Rs. 1.9 million per year.

You can earn more, depending on experience and skills.

Also, If you are looking for genuine ways to earn money online without investment then Freelancing is your best option.

So, are you excited to know more about freelancing?

What is freelancing and how to make a career as a freelancer.

 best Freelance jobs Websites in India

Why Freelance Jobs?

Fed up of commuting between home and office daily?

Are you looking at using your qualifications, experience and skills to boost your income?

If so, you should try working as a freelancer.

Freelancing frees you from the bondage of riding a bus or train, driving a two-wheeler or car to your office.

It also saves you the hassle of reporting to the proverbial boss and putting up with all sorts of people at the workplace.

Earlier, freelance jobs in India were something meant for the unemployed or those willing to perform any tasks for little money.

Over the last decade, freelancing has become an industry of its own.

Should you be interested in working as a freelancer, either full-time or part-time, you should consider registering or searching jobs at any of these websites.

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Top 10 Best Freelance Websites in India:

1. Glassdoor

USA-based Glassdoor ranks among the topmost Freelancing websites in the world for finding a full-time, part-time or freelance job. Glassdoor has a dedicated website for India.

You can search for countless freelance jobs on Glassdoor and find one that best suits your skills. Registration as a freelancer on Glassdoor is free.

It allows you to post a profile that can be viewed by prospective employers of freelancers.

2. Indeed

Indeed is a highly visited recruitments portal of the world. If you are a newbie and want to start your career as a freelancer in India then you must definitely start with indeed.

Indeed attracts over 200 million unique visitors every year, consisting of job seekers, employers and recruitment consultants from over 60 countries.

Indeed portal lists myriad freelance jobs that suit people with almost every skill- from basic to specialized professions.

You can register on the website to post a profile or search and apply for jobs individually.

3. Freelancer

As the brand implies, Freelancer specifically caters to people who wish to work part-time or without the burden of permanent employment.

If you are a student then you can consider joining freelancer which can help you make a decent part-time earning by completing simple online jobs. 

The website is accessed by over 27 million visitors consisting of employers and freelancers from almost every industry. It is the world’s largest freelance and crowd-sourcing platform.

Freelancer posts jobs on the project basis only and serves as a platform to connect employers with people who possess the necessary skills.

4. Upwork

Upwork is an American portal that helps freelancers to connect with suitable employers for a multitude of projects.

Though Upwork does not have a dedicated section for India, it is possible to post your resume on this website.

we’ve included upwork in this list of the best freelance website just because it is one of the highest paying freelancing sites in the world.

However, you should possess special skills that are in demand in foreign countries, especially the USA but unavailable locally.

You can get very high paying freelance jobs through Upwork provided you have skills compatible with foreign markets.

5. Truelancer

For Indians, this is an ideal website to register and find jobs or projects as a freelancer.

The website Truelancer focuses on Indian freelance market. You can find foreign projects that require Indian skills on Truelancer.

In addition to freelance work posted by major Indian companies, Truelancer also enables you to search freelance jobs based upon your location.

It has special sections for freelance projects and jobs in Indian metros, thus making it one of the ideal Freelance website for Indians.

 6. Shine

Shine is a very reputed online jobs portal from HT Media, the parent organization of reputed English daily newspaper, Hindustan Times.

Thanks to the huge demand for freelancers among Indian and foreign employer, the website lists a number of projects and jobs.

With Shine, you can find freelance jobs in any industry- from IT to beauty and skincare.

Registration is free and you can post your resume under the Freelance jobs section of the website.

7. WorknHire

Homegrown freelance portal WorknHire offers excellent freelance jobs in India from domestic and foreign employers.

Projects and freelance work available through WorknHire includes IT and programming, graphic design, content writing, data entry, finance, sales and marketing, among others.

You can create a free account to find projects and freelance jobs or post projects as an employer.

The website also lists several freelance positions and projects in various fields.

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is an Indian website that caters especially to those who wish to find freelance and part-time jobs.

The website offers some fairly innovative features: employers can hire freelances on an hourly basis. They can manage their projects online and pay for the work done through the portal.

The website ensures that an employer keeps a deposit for the work to be done by a freelancer and releases the payment only upon proper authorization.

Projects completed by freelancers are also verified to ensure that employers do not cheat.

9. Jobrapido

Jobrapido is an Italian freelance jobs portal with operations in India. The Indian website of Jobrapido lists hundreds of freelance jobs at various locations.

You can find freelance work for European and Indian employers at Jobrapido. It is also possible to advertise your freelance services free by creating a profile on Jobrapido.

The company monitors all freelance work and projects, to safeguard interests of employers and freelancers.

10. LinkedIn India

The last site to feature in this list of the best freelance website is Linkedin India.

Creating a profile on the world’s largest professional and corporate networking platform, LinkedIn, does pay off if you are looking for excellent freelance jobs.

LinkedIn India lists over 3,000 assorted, highly paid jobs for various professionals. You have to apply for these through a completed profile on LinkedIn only.

To get any of these excellent jobs, include every relevant detail that will attract employers.

While IT-related jobs continue to be in high demand on LinkedIn, other professions include writing, medicine and engineering, among others.

Before applying for freelancer jobs at any of these websites, you need to be acquainted with existing job market conditions.

Freelancer Demand in India

India is renowned as a pool of talent in IT and other high speciality fields.

One of every four freelancers in the world is from India, according to a report carried by the respected news website Business Today.

A survey conducted in 2017 by global payments gateway, PayPal revealed, Indian freelancers on average earn over Rs.1.9 million per year. Majority of Indian freelancers are in the median age group of 40 years.

Interestingly, 23 percent of freelancers interviewed during the study revealed, they earn as high as Rs.4.5 million per year.

This works out to about Rs.375,000 per month- which is much higher than topnotch salaries for most jobs.

The boom in Freelance Jobs in India:

A freelancing boom in India also owes its existence to rapid Internet penetration.

The country will have over 500 million Internet users by end of June 2018, says Internet and Mobile Association of India following a study jointly conducted with Kantar IMRB in 2017.

The report also found that 62 percent of Indian living in urban areas and 53 percent in rural places access the Internet daily.

This is made possible by the easy availability of cheap smart-phones and high-speed Fourth Generation (4G) mobile Internet.

These smart-phones with high-speed Internet can be tethered to computers for performing freelance tasks from home.

In Conclusion

The above facts amply reveal that you too can boost income and happily work from home on freelance jobs and projects.

Before rushing to leave your job, it is advisable to go through various types of freelance work that is available through good portals online and compare salaries.

Also, find out whether your qualifications, skills and experience will serve you better for a freelance job.

If the answers are affirmative, you can apply for a great freelancer job through any of these websites.

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