How to Make Money from Amazon Affiliate Program in India

Do you own a website or blog and want to make more money out of it?

If your answer is YES, consider joining the Amazon Affiliate Program.


because Amazon is the global leader in e-commerce business and is also one of top Retailer in India.

So Isn’t it better to Join as an affiliate with the Largest e-commerce site in India?

As you may Know:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. So, if you want to make money online then you should definitely try amazon affiliate program.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate program is also known as the Amazon Associates Program, is one of the best and most trusted affiliate program in the World. It has over 9 Million Affiliates worldwide.

The Image below shows how Amazon affiliate Program Works.

What is Amazon Affiliate program

It means ….

Whenever someone comes to your website/blog and clicks on the affiliate link (Products that you advertise on your blog) and buys a product from the Amazon’s website then you will get a cut or a commission.

Amazon identifies its every affiliate and keeps a track record of each sale made by them through a unique affiliate ID.

You really don’t have to create or manufacture any product to sell because you will be selling on behalf of Amazon as an affiliate.

The good news is, joining the Amazon Associates Program is free of cost and does not entail any financial burden for you.

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Benefits of Joining as an Amazon Affiliate Program.

There are various benefits of joining as an Amazon Affiliate, Below we have listed few Major ones.

  • Most Trusted Brand in The world
  • Wide Range of Products to Promote
  • High Conversion Rates
  • High Commission Rates
  • Timely Payments
  • Easy to Use
  • Most Importantly it is free to Join

So let us get started!

Step by Step Guide to Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program:

If you are a beginner and know nothing about the Amazon affiliate program then follow each and every step mentioned below.

 Join Amazon Affiliate Program – Easy Sign Up Process

Amazon Associates Program is very simple to use. All you need is a website or blog. Here are simple steps to become an Amazon affiliate marketer.

Sign up at amazon affiliate program

  • Register yourself using an email ID and password by clicking on the ‘Join For Free’ link Amazon Associates Program page.
  • Provide details about who will receive the referral fee from Amazon and the beneficiary address.
  • Upon completing this step, you have to provide details of your website or blog, the topics it covers and domain name. If you have an app, include its details too.
  • Create your profile. Here, provide as many details about yourself and the website or blog you are running. This gives Amazon a better idea about the stuff you can promote.

Upon completion of these simple steps, Amazon will allot you a unique ID. This ID is essential to make money. Hence, write it down somewhere or memorize it in a manner that you will not forget.

Successful registration means, you can start using the Amazon Associates Dashboard immediately.

Using Amazon Associates Dashboard: Handy Tips

Amazon Associates Dashboard is a free resource provided by the online retail giant for its affiliate marketers.

It is an essential tool that will help you make money through Amazon Associates Program.  There are several facilities that Amazon Associates Dashboard provides.

1. Creating Product Links:

To create links for products available on Amazon, you need to create links that conform to standards of the online store and help it to identify you as the affiliate marketer.

The Amazon Associates Dashboard provides the facility of making such links easily for display on your website or blog.

There are two ways you can affiliate links.

Method 1

How to Create Amazon Affiliate links

  • In your associate’s account, on the top left of your screen find “SiteStripe” label. You can locate “SiteStripe” on every product page of the Amazon website.
  • There click on Get Link > Text
  • In the pop up click on the “Get Link Button”. Once you’ve clicked the link the text link will get generated. Now you paste this link to your website/blog (read Step 5) and promote products.

Whenever someone clicks on this link and purchases a product, Amazon identifies you as an affiliate and credits commission into your account.

Method 2:

product links min How to Make Money from Amazon Affiliate Program in India

  • If you don’t like method 1 to create affiliate links then you can use another way to do it.
  • In your Amazon Associates account click on “Product Linking” category. Click on the first option “Product Links”
  • Now you can either search for products in Amazon or directly add ASIN/ISBN code of an individual product and create an affiliate link.
  • I would suggest adding ASIN/ISBN code of a product. You can get the ASIN number by going to Product’s detail part.
  • Once you got the code, paste it in the “For” box and click Go.
  • The search result below will display the product, you just have to click on “Get Link” button.
  • Use this link on your website/blog to promote products.

2. Widgets:

Amazon provides several useful widgets that help the reader of your content to connect directly with the online store and place an order.

3. Free Tools:

In this section of the Amazon Associates Dashboard, you can keep tabs on the links you have created and see how they are faring.

4. Reports:

The Reports area helps you know whether the links you have put on the website or blog have earned any money by translating as confirmed purchases.

It also enables you to keep track of your income from the Amazon Associates Program.

5. Site Stripes & Banners:

This feature enables you to build a link directly through the Amazon website. You can also avail of different attractive banners in various sites that are best suited for the website or blog, for Amazon to display its products.

Linking Amazon Associates to Social Media

Keeping in mind the high interest and massive traffic that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter generate, Amazon also allows members of its Amazon Associates Program to post product links on the social media.

This facility is available from Amazon Associates Dashboard. While viewing a product on Amazon website, you can immediately create a link and post it on your Facebook and Twitter account.

However, you need to link these social media accounts while registering for Amazon Associates Program.

Action Plan: Promoting Products through Your Website/Blog

For Advertising Amazon products you need to promote them through your website/blog. You can also start a free website at Blogger.

Once you know how to create affiliate links, now you need to paste links into your website/blog.

A website or a blog is one of the best ways to promote your products. You need to create a website/blog reflecting products that you have chosen to promote.

In order to make a good amount of money from Affiliate marketing, you need to have a niche blog which focuses on a single category.

For Example:

If you are promoting products about fashion and accessories then create a website close to fashion and accessories. you can create a review site offering reviews of clothing, shoes, glasses etc.

Similarly, if you are promoting jewellery then the topic of your website must be about various ornaments.

In a nutshell, the niche of your website must resemble products that you want to sell.

You need to write at least 15 to 20 high-quality articles for your website so that it can rank high on Google.

When visitors will come on to your website and read your articles they will be tempted to click and buy products via your affiliate link.

Amazon will track each sale. And that is how you earn commissions. The more the traffic you receive daily on your website more the money you make.

Try to get at least 1000 visitors daily this way you’ll be able to make a decent income every day.

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How Much Money Can You Make From Amazon Affiliate Program?

Understandably, not every product fetches a high-profit margin for Amazon.

Hence the money you earn depends upon the product you are promoting. There are various structures for referral fees paid by Amazon to its affiliate marketers.

Amazon India’s Associate Program web page carries very explicit information about referral fees it pays.

The only category that pays you .3% commission is the Gold and Silver coins, all others pay either 2% or more than that.

The most profitable products to promote are Men’s Apparel. Here you get a cut of 12% on each sale you make.

Other categories like Kindle Devices, eBooks, baby products, sports, and fitness can pay you 10% in commissions.

With this commission rate, you can easily earn over Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month as a beginner. After some experience you can earn up to Rs 100,000 – Rs 500,000 per month.

How do you get Payment From Amazon Affiliate Program?

In India, Amazon pays its affiliate marketers within 60 days of recording a confirmed purchase from your website. You can opt for two payment modes.

1. Cheques:

Amazon will pay you by cheque if your total income during the 60 days payment cycle is Rs.2,500 or more.

If the amount is lower, the money will be carried forward till you reach the Rs.2,500 payment threshold.

2. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT):

You can opt for Amazon to credit earnings from the affiliate marketing program directly to your bank account.

For NEFT payments, your earnings should be Rs. 1,000 or more during the 60 days cycle.

Should your earnings fall below this payout threshold, Amazon will pay you upon reaching the Rs. 1,000 earnings as referral fee and advertising fee.

Amazon Affiliate Payment Proof:

amazon affiliate earnings proof

Dos & Don’ts for Amazon Associate Program

While anyone owning a website or blog is welcome to join as Amazon Associate Program and become an affiliate marketer, there are certain dos and don’ts that we recommend. This can save you precious money and time.

  • Never create a website or blog solely for making money from Amazon Associates Program. Creating a blog or website in India costs between Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 for the domain name, hosting and other essentials.
  • Further, merely opening a website or blog barely serves the purpose: you need attractive and unique content to attract people and guide them towards Amazon affiliate marketing links that you will create.
  • Should you already own a website or blog, ensure that you do not provide Amazon affiliate marketing links to content that is sexually explicit or can be deemed adult content and objectionable. This holds true for pictures and videos too.
  • Link Amazon Associates affiliate marketing links to products that best suit the subject of your website and blog. For example, if you are reviewing movies on the website or blog, provide an affiliate marketing link that guides readers to buy the video from Amazon.
  • Try and promote products that also offer the advantage of Amazon affiliate advertising fees to boost your income.
  • Utilize Facebook and Twitter pages of your website or blog to promote Amazon affiliate marketing links for better visibility that can translate as more customers.
  • Ensure you create excellent write-ups and pictures for any product from Amazon you will promote through the affiliate marketing program. While Amazon has its own pictures and content, adding newer ones helps attract more buyers.
  • Give accurate information about the product from Amazon that you will promote through affiliate marketing. Exaggerated or false claims can lead customers to return the product causing Amazon to lose money on logistics and manpower. This may adversely affect your income.
  • Remember, the program does not pay for purchases you make for personal use by clicking on self-created affiliate marketing links of Amazon products.
  • You can select a niche such as mobile phones, electronics, fashion wear and others that help you earn a high income. Products you promote as Amazon Associates Program affiliate marketer, however, have to be consistent with the content of your website or blog.

Salient Features of Amazon Associates Program

There are various benefits of enrolling as a member of Amazon Associates Program. For your convenience, we are listing three of these salient features that can help boost income.

  • You can enroll as member for the global Amazon Associates Program and sell products from the company’s international website. too. Such purchases in India are subject to import duties and other regulations.
  • Any retailer or manufacturer who is selling on Amazon can also join the affiliate marketing program to market and promote own products.
  • Amazon has a well defined Associates Program Operating Agreement which guarantees legal rights of the online store and its affiliate marketers.

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In Conclusion

Amazon is the world’s largest online store. In India alone, there are over 170 million products listed on Amazon’s website.

Hence, there is no dearth of things that you can promote on a website or blog with Amazon Associates Program. Further, the Amazon Associates Program is very simple to use: your income is directly commensurate with efforts you exert.

A word of caution: never place bogus orders by asking relatives or friends to click on your links made with Amazon Associates Dashboard.  The company does not pay on returned or cancelled orders.

Now that you have sufficient idea of affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates Program go ahead and sign up as a member, if you meet the criteria. It can help you earn extra money fast.

If you have any problem in understanding the whole process from generating affiliate link to creating a website then feel free to ask questions. We are more than happy to help you anytime.

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