Top 20 Best Domain Registrar in India

Are You planning to create a website in India?

If so, then you must be aware that a Domain Name is the most important step while creating a website.

Domain Name can make or break your Brand. So I would advise you to do your research before Finalizing your Domain name.

Opening a website in India is fairly inexpensive. You can launch a website for your business, blog or even family for as low as Rs.2,000 per year.

Domain Name – Introduction

According to information from various sources, there are close to one million websites in India.

These range from websites operated by Multinational Companies (MNCs) to corporate giants of the country, the growing number of online stores, Central and state governments, banks and financial institutions, bloggers, education providers, newspapers and countless others.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can host a single-page website for cheap or even free. There are various platforms like blogger, Tumbler, where you can create your free website.

However, the most important part of any Professional website is its domain name.


Domain Registration Companies

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is your unique identity on the Internet. It is your online brand.

A great example is the household name, Amazon. The company was named as Cadabara by its founder, Jeff Bezos.

However, in the Spanish language, the word resembles ‘cadaver’ a dead body. Hence, he changed the name to Amazon, which signifies one of the mightiest rivers of the world.

Additionally, it also blends two words ‘Amaze’ and ‘On’.

Hence, a domain name is very important. To ensure you get a great domain name for your business or personal use, you need to register it through a Best domain registrar major company.

Here we look at the top 20 websites where you can buy and register your unique domain name.

List of 20 Best Domain Name Registration Companies in India:

Nowadays there are several domain registrars in India and abroad.

Registering your domain in India is cheaper since you can get lucky to find one that costs only Rs 99 or lesser per year.

Further, there are many types of suffixes for domain names, other than the common ones like .com, .net, and .org. In India, you can also use .in or get very specialized ones like .biz, .info, .xyz, .lawyer and so on.

Our list of top 20 domain name Registrar in India on the basis of Alexa rank, Popularity, trust, Availability of domains, Price which will help you to find your desired domain at the cheapest price.

1) GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the world’s largest and best domain registrar website.

According to the GoDaddy, Inc, website, the company has over 17 million customers and manages over 75 million domain names.

It remains by far the most popular domain registrar website in India.

You can book a domain name for as low as Rs.99 per year.

Visit website URL-

2) Namecheap

Namecheap is based in Los Angeles, USA.  It is a very popular Indian domain registration company.

According to various sources, Namecheap manages around seven million domain names registered by three million users worldwide.

Namecheap is also a third-party domain reseller. Should you wish to sell your domain name, you can do so through this company.

In India, Namecheap offers domains with prices as low as Rs.99 per year.

Visit website URL-

3) Manashosting

Manashosting is another major preferred by individuals, startups, small businesses and corporate giants to book domain names and host their websites.

Manashosting describes itself as “ a web hosting company that is dedicated to helping large, small and midsize business companies to reach their customers online.

Having created various unique and innovative packages we provide the best of Web Hosting service.

Our services are backed by an exceptionally good quality and low costs.

Visit website URL

4) IPage

IPage is an American web domain registrar and hosting website also owned by Endurance International Group.

Here, you can book a domain for as low as Rs. 700 per year or even lower, depending on your website’s name.

Visit website URL-

5) Dreamhost

Dreamhost claims to host some 1.5 million websites and has over 500,000 customers from over a hundred countries.

It is a very popular company among Indians who wish to open blogs, personal and business websites, among others.

Though Dreamhost is an American company, you can also register your domain name and avail every related service here.

Prices for domain names start at 99 US Cents which works to nearly Rs.70 per year, excluding taxes and other charges.

Visit website URL –

6) Name

The Name is also a very popular and best domain registrar in India.

It is a company owned by US-based Donuts, Inc.

In India, Name is very popular for its complete packages that include registering a domain name and hosting.

You can also buy a single-page website  Name.

Visit website URL –

7) BigRock

BigRock ranks among the topmost and highest rated domain name providers in India.

It is part of the Endurance International Group, which is listed on US stock exchange, NASDAQ.

The company’s website states, it caters to over 4.7 million customers worldwide.

In India, BigRock offers website domains starting at Rs.99 per year.

Visit website URL-

8) HostGator

HostGator describes itself as: “a  global provider of web hosting and related services.

Founded in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley, HostGator has grown into a leading provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, and dedicated web hosting.

HostGator is headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas, with several international offices throughout the globe.”

HostGator allows individuals and companies in India to register domains for as little as Rs. 499 per year, depending upon the package selected.

Visit website URL-

9) Shopify

Over 600,000 merchants worldwide use Shopify, which is also popular among Indian businesses too.

Shopify is an excellent company if you are planning to launch an e-commerce website or online store.

Global online store Amazon was once hosted by Shopify.

You too can register a unique domain name. Some packages of Shopify allow you to get services including free hosting.

Visit website URL-

10) Hostinger

Hostinger offers website domain registration starting at Rs 99 per month.

Depending on what package you opt, Hostinger also provides free web hosting for your website.

Consequently, Hostinger is also an Indian company- ranks among the most preferred domain registrars in India.

Visit website URL –

11)Hosting Raja

With prices starting at Rs.299 per year, Hosting Raja is also a great company to register your domain and avail other services to create and host your website.

The company makes flash special offers every day and gives excellent discounts to first-time registrants.

Also, you can avail a .com or .in domain free when you buy any of its affordably priced hosting services.

Visit website URL-

12) Bluehost

Another popular brand from the Endurance International Group is Bluehost  Internet domain registry.

Bluehost supports over two million websites worldwide. The company has offices in Mumbai.

Additionally, you can also avail a free domain name, should you buy hosting packages from Bluehost.

Visit website URL-

13) Znetlive

ZnetLive is an Indian company that has helped several small and medium businesses in this country to create an online presence.

The company has tied-up with Microsoft and other IT majors in the world to offer inexpensive services in India.

You can avail of different packages, including web domain registry and hosting for as low as Rs. 199 per month.

Visit website URL –

14) Net4

Net4 is a leading web services and network services provider in India.

“Net4 focuses on providing services to businesses (small, medium and large) and its offerings include Data Centre and Cloud Hosting Solutions, Enterprise Internet Services, Enterprise Messaging and Hosting Solutions and Domain name registration.

Net4 has a pan-India presence with offices in six major business cities,” states its website.

Net4 claims to serve over 300,000 customers in the small and medium enterprises sector.

Net4 ranks among the largest provider of hosted email, web hosting and domain name registration in the Asia-Pacific region.

Visit website URL –

15) MilesWeb

For just Rs.99 per month, you can register a domain name or for the slightly higher rate of Rs.181 per month.

MilesWeb is a homegrown company that has partnered with hosting and other providers abroad to offer attractive and reasonably priced websites for Indians.

This is a very popular domain registrar in India and also offers myriad other services.

you can avail a free domain name with hosting and other essentials at MilesWeb.

Visit website URL –

16) Ewebguru

Based in NOIDA in the National Capital Region of India, eWebGuru is a premier and best domain registrar that has over 175,000websites.

It is preferred by government and semi-government organizations.

The company has a slew of other economically priced products to host and develop your website.

EwebGuru offers domain registration from Rs.399 per year.

Visit website URL-

17) Square Brothers

Bangalore-based domain registrar, Square Brothers hopes to cross the one million mark for domains and hosting.

The company offers websites for as low as Rs.117 per month.

It is an extremely popular domain registry and hosting company in India.

You can also buy domain names that come with free hosting and other essentials from Square Brothers.

Visit website URL-

18) HostCats

For Rs. 430 plus taxes and other charges per year, you can register a domain name at HostCats.

The website offers myriad suffixes from the most popular .com to very exotic ones that best suit your hobby, profession or other interests.

Additionally, you get a lot of freebies essential to developing your website once you register a domain through HostCats.

Visit website URL-

19) IndiaLinks

Mumbai-based IndiaLinks was established in 1997. It is an accredited provider of .in domain names

IndiaLinks offers web domains for as low as Rs. 1,250 per year, excluding taxes and other charges.

Similar to other companies, you can avail a host of website hosting and other related services through IndiaLinks.

You can buy a domain name for as low as Rs.399 per year

Visit website URL-

20) Nettigritty

Nettigritty ranks among the most popular and best domain registrar of India.

With prices beginning as low as Rs.390 per year, excluding taxes and other charges.

This is an excellent place to launch your own website on a limited budget.

Nettigritty offers several free add-ons with domain names, in certain cases.

Visit website URL –

Wrap Up:

As we can see, there are Top 20 Best domain registration websites that offer services customized for India.

Each one has a unique advantage over the other.

While some offer free domain names with website hosting and other essentials, others give you the flexibility of owning a very basic website.

The type of website you want depends on your specific needs and budget.

Additionally, there are several platforms where you can get a domain name and host for free. However, these free websites will not bear only your chosen identity.

It will have a longer suffix.  Should you have the minimum budget required for a website, look for special offers from any of these providers.

You can also get special discounts for booking more than one similar sounding domain names.

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