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10 Best Quality Moisturizers For Daily Use in India

If you want healthy, fresh skin, use a superior quality moisturizer. Moisturizers are priced to fit any budget and need. There are various types of moisturizers available in India but choosing the best moisturizer can be tedious.

Hence to ease out you work,Here we provide a list of 10 best face moisturizer creams in India that are popular among women and men.

Beautiful, healthy skin is a reflection of your overall well-being. Skin health is crucial not only for appearance but more importantly it serves as a barricade between you and the dusty, polluted environment.

Thus, your skin is affected by every means, right from what you eat to where you reside.

Hence it is necessary for proper daily skin care. Today, the market is flooded with many night creams, face washes and moisturizing lotions which are offered by different cosmetic brands available in India.

Anyone that believes moisturizers are for people afflicted by dry skin is wrong. Moisturizers are used for a variety of reasons.

Of course, they provide much-needed moisture and protect yours from evil effects of natural evaporation of water.

Moisturizers also nourish your skin and keep it looking fresh. Moisturizers are your skin’s defence against pollution. Additionally, moisturizers can retard skin ageing.

They also help prevent or fight various kinds of skin ailments.

List of 10 Best Face Moisturizers in India

1. Ponds (By Hindustan Unilever)

 Ponds is a global brand of skincare products owned by Multinational Company (MNC), Unilever. It ranks among the oldest brands of moisturizers in India.

Ponds Vanishing Crème and later Ponds Cold Crème are some of the best moisturizers for women available in India for several decades.

Till date, Ponds remains a household name of skincare products. Ponds range includes four different types of moisturizing crème and lotions. Ponds Cold Crème continues to rule the market.

Price Range: Rs.100 onwards

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2. Vaseline (by Hindustan Unilever)

Vaseline has an impressive history in India, having arrived here as Petroleum Jelly in the early 1900s.

The brand offers some of the excellent quality face creams for women which are meant for all skin types.

Till date, Petroleum Jelly in this country is commonly called Vaseline. However, Vaseline now offers four different types of top moisturizers in India as well as its renowned jelly.

Vaseline products are relatively economically priced. You can buy Vaseline moisturizer of different kinds to suit your skin type. Vaseline moisturizers also hold a considerable size of the Indian market.

Price Range: Rs.100 onwards

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3. Nivea (by Nivea India Pvt Ltd/ Beiersdorf AG)

 Nivea brand owes its popularity in India to the Gulf boom this country witnessed in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

There was a time when beauty conscious Indian women would pay heavily to buy the dark-blue coloured tin of Nivea crème in the black market of imported goods.

Over the years, this scenario has changed drastically. Beiersdorf AG that owns the brand now has a local subsidiary, Nivea India Pvt Ltd.

The company manufactures an excellent range of five different moisturizing lotions that are very popular in the local market.

The age-old favourite, Nivea crème provides one of the top rated day creams for a face with dry skin which continues to reign supreme in this market.

Price Range: Rs.75 onwards

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4. Dove (by Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

Another best moisturizer and face creams for Indian skin is offered by non-other than Dove.

Dove is a brand synonymous with moisturizers. Indeed, Dove has a range of over six moisturizing lotions and crème- each crafted to meet the needs of different types of skin.

Dove is the most popular brand of moisturizing lotion and crème among discerning Indian women.

The Dove range also includes its unique moisturizing soap and shampoos in India.

If you are serious about pampering your skin, go for a Dove moisturizer.

Most facial creams from Dove contain natural and herbal extracts. Each Dove moisturizer comes with a unique, appealing fragrance that would delight any woman.

Price Range: Rs.140 onwards

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5. Lakme (by Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

 Lakme is no stranger to Indian households. It is a well-respected brand of cosmetics and skincare products in India.

Lakme has a unique moisturizer for women. Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer and Body Lotion are packed with the goodness of fruit extracts. The brand is available in two variants.

One, exclusive moisturizing lotion for the face with sunscreen. If you spend long hours in the sun or outdoors, try Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer with Sun Protection Factor-24. It is an excellent product for all seasons.

And if you are merely looking for a daily use face moisturizer, Lakme Peach Milk body lotion will more than serve your needs.

Price Range: Rs.180 onwards

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6. Himalaya (by Himalaya Healthcare)

With an impressive range of over half a dozen moisturizing lotions and crème, Himalaya is a household name not merely in India but also abroad. Indeed, Himalaya rightly deserves the accolade as being pioneers in herb-based moisturizers.

It offers some of the best quality moisturizer creams and face lotions are available in several variants.

You can buy a simple, nourishing facial cream made with natural extracts or go for very sophisticated lotions made of rare herbs that are found in dense forests of the Himalaya mountain range.

Himalaya moisturizers for women are meant for those who look for natural ways of enhancing their beauty.

Price Range: Rs.100 onwards

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7. Patanjali Saundarya (by Patanjali Ayurved)

 If you wish to ride the Swadeshi wave, try the excellent range of herbal and natural moisturizing creams and lotions from Patanjali Ayurved.

The company has Aloe Vera based crème and a wide range of other face moisturizers under the Saundarya brand.

Interestingly, Patanjali Ayurved has a lot of skincare products that provide excellent skin moisturizing. Some contain extracts of sandalwood and other precious herbs.

The Patanjali and Patanjali Saundarya range of moisturizers is available to suit every skin type and budget.

Price Range: Rs.75 onwards

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8. Emami Boroplus (by Emami Ltd)

 Emami Boroplus Total Results Moisturizing Lotion combines the goodness of milk and almonds to give your skin that special, well-nourished charm. It is a highly respected brand in India for decades.

These face creams for women are available easily across India.

Emami Boroplus Total Results is useful to treat various types of dry skin including those caused by lack of nutrition, rough skin, tight skin, itchy, dull skin, flaky skin, papery skin and lack of suppleness.

Should you suffer from any of these skin conditions, go for Emami Boroplus. The added advantage being Emami Boroplus also has an anti-microbial effect to give you a healthier skin.

Price Range: Rs.180 onwards

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9. Lacto Calamine (by Piramal Consumer Products Ltd)

 Lacto Calamine brand includes two distinct range of moisturizers: Oil Balance and Skin Balance. They are manufactured with the finest quality materials by Piramal Consumer Products Ltd.

The brand is well renowned in India since decades and was introduced into this country by British pharmaceuticals company, Boots Plc.

Lacto Calamine range of moisturizers is available for dry, normal and oily skin types.

This means you can nourish your skin regardless of its type by using Lacto Calamine moisturizers.

Attractively priced and presented, try a Lacto Calamine moisturizer if you are looking for a very superior product at highly affordable rates.

Price Range: Rs.120 onwards

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10. SriSri Tattva (by The Art of Living Foundation)

 The last one to showcase on our list of best moisturizer for women is moisturizing creams which are offered by SriSri Tattva.

A good range of moisturizers is available from SriSri Tattva, the Indian FMCG division of the spiritual organization, The Art of Living Foundation.

SriSri Tattva moisturizers are made with pure, natural ingredients and contain zero or very negligible inorganic material.

They are fast emerging as a favourite brand of Indian herbal moisturizers due to superior quality and affordable pricing.

Some of these moisturizers for women such as SriSri Tattva Body Butter Crème compare very well with top line imported products made by renowned foreign brands.

SriSri Tattva products are available at select stores across India and can easily be bought online from the company’s website.

Price Range: Rs.60 onwards

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Use of Moisturizers in India

Visit any upmarket store or an online retailer will reveal, herb-based moisturizers are fast gaining ground in India.

Nowadays you have excellent herbal moisturizers made by brands including Biotique, Khadi, Vaadi and Lotus Herbals among others.

These herbal moisturizers are based on ancient and traditional home remedies and modern research.

As women get more conscious about hazards posed to the skin by inorganic and synthetic substances, they are switching increasingly towards products made with natural extracts.

The trend is expected to continue as MNCs are also fast jumping the herbal bandwagon in India. However, it is safe to use any type of moisturizer as long as a reputed company makes it.

The Final Conclusion

Winter is fast approaching. The cold weather and chilly winds can wreak havoc on your skin.

Desquamation or peeling of skin from parts of the body- notably faces, hands and legs are very common among Indians. It affects people of all ages.

Though desquamation is a natural phenomenon that allows the flaky old skin to tear off, it can severely damage your appearances.

Worse, people may mistake you as suffering from some horrible skin disease.

This can just be avoided by using a good moisturizer during the forthcoming winter.

This winter, you can start a lifelong affair with moisturizers to have great, healthy skin. As we have seen, moisturizers do not cost much.

They can be bought easily off store shelves or ordered online. Applying moisturizer daily is known to protect skin against hazards of pollution and loss of moisture.

Select a good moisturizer from the list we provide. It will definitely keep your skin in excellent condition and help retard ageing in some instances.

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