10 Best Moisturising Lip Balms For Women In India

Shopping for the upcoming winter? Undoubtedly, sweaters, cardigans, shawls, jackets, stockings and mittens will feature on your list.

Possibly you would include moisturising crème to defend your skin from peeling due to imminent cold weather.

But what about your lips? Lips speak of your personality much louder than your voice. Hence, it is imperative you protect them from chapping and making you look ugly.

Just in case you have overlooked, including a good quality lip balm or a chapstick on your shopping list.

Lip balms and chapsticks are fairly inexpensive and can enhance your facial beauty.

To help select the best lip balm/ chapstick, we have compiled a list of top 10 best lip balms in India. These are readily available at your neighbourhood store or can be easily ordered online from various e-commerce websites in India.

best lip balms in India for women

List of 10 Best Lip Balms Available in India 2018

Our list will assist you to buy the right lip balm for winter.

1. Vaseline Rosy Lips by Hindustan Unilever Ltd

vaseline lip balm

The product which tops our list of best lip balms in India is Vaseline Rosy Lips.

Vaseline Rosy Lips is an internationally acclaimed brand of chapstick which is provided by one of the leading cosmetic brands of India– Vaseline.

It is available at any good store or pharmacy in India.

Reasonably priced, this best lip balm easily fits into a pocket or purse.

Hence, you can move around quickly and protect your lips through this winter.

Price- Rs.40

2. Nivea Essential Care by Beiersdorf India

Nivea lip balm

Another best lip balm in India for dry lips is Nivea Essential Lip Care.

Nivea Essential Care lip moisturiser is specially made for India.

It contains Shea butter and other ingredients that effectively moisturise your lips.

Nivea Essential Care is available as chapstick and lotion packaged in a small flask.

Price- Rs.115

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3. Maybelline New York Baby Lips by Maybelline India

maybelline lip balm

Maybelline New York Baby Lips chapstick and the balm is made according to a bestselling American formula.

This lip balm is known to leave your lips smooth and glossy, similar to those of infants and kids.

Maybelline brand of lip balm is also known to be one of the long-lasting lip balms with the goodness of excellent moisturising to the lips.

Price- Rs.150

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4. Lotus Herbals fruity fusion lip balm

lotus lip balm

One of the best lip balms in India which are provided by an Indian cosmetic brand is Lotus Herbal, fruity fusion lip balm.

It is a best quality lip balm which glides easily on your lips and protects your lips from getting dry and chapped in winter.

It keeps your lips soft and supple along with a sweet fruity flavour.

Price- Rs.130 to Rs.170

5. Patanjali by Patanjali Ayurved

patanjali best lip balm

Are you inclined towards herbal and natural products?

Try Patanjali lip balm. It is known to be the best herbal lip balm in India and also one of the most popular Patanjali products. It is not presented as chapstick.

Instead, Patanjali lip balm comes in a flexible-tube and can be easily carried to and from work or during travels.

Price- Rs.25

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6. The Body Shop Born Lippy lip balm

best body shop lip balm

The Born lippy collection by The Body Shop comes in unique, appealing packaging which provides your lips with 12 hours of moisturization.

It does a beautiful job of adding a gloss to your lips and keeps them hydrated and supple throughout the day.

The lip balm is known for its pleasant aroma and is available in several fruit flavours like strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, cranberry and many more.

Price- Rs. 500

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7. Himalaya Herbals Natural by Himalaya Healthcare

himalaya lip balm

Another excellent quality lip balm made entirely of natural fruits and herbs is presented by Himalaya Herbals, a division of the eponymous Ayurvedic medicine company.

It is the best hydrating lip balms which are made available by this top-rated Ayurveda company in India.

Himalaya Herbal Natural Lip balm is available in several flavours such as Vanilla, Strawberry and Orange, among others.

These lip balms are very popular in India. Additionally, you can also buy this lip balm in flexi-tubes for family use.

Price- Rs.120 to Rs.160

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8. Biotique Bio Morning Nectar by Bio Ayurveda Action Research Co

biotique lip balm

Biotique sells an extensive range of chap sticks and lip balm for discerning users.

This moisturising lip balm derives its strength from being made almost entirely of herbal and other natural products.

The lip balm is bereft of any animal fat and is known to be an excellent lip balm for winter.

Price- Rs.140 to Rs.160

9. Miss Claire by Ferah Confection Industry, Tourism and Trade Co, Turkey

miss claire lip balm

Miss Claire lip balm is mainly available on various online websites in India.

This is an imported product, with brand owners based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Select cosmetic and beauty products stores at some of the top malls in India also stock Miss Claire chapstick and lip balm tubes.

This lip balm comes in various flavours and is best suited for women.

Price- Rs. 100 to Rs.150

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10. Apollo Pharmacy Lip Care by Apollo Healthcare & Lifestyle

Apollo lip care

South India based Apollo Pharmacy provides another best lip balms for dry lips.

This lip care product has an excellent; Strawberry flavoured lip balm.

Presented as chapstick, it is ideal for children and women.

This lip balm provides an excellent gloss to your lips while imparting a fruity aroma.

Price- Rs.45

Special Mentions of Some Best Lip Balms in India

While the above 10 lip balms rank as bestselling in India, two more lip balms in India which deserve special mention. These lip balms continue to be patronised by millions of Indians to date.

11. SriSri Tattva Natural by Art of Living Foundation

srisri tattva

Another best lip moisturiser in India is of SriSri Tattva Natural by Art of living foundation.

SriSri Tattva, a division of Bangalore based Art of Living Foundation has a very superior quality lip balm.

The SriSri Tattva Natural Lip Balm is made of butter, rose and grape extracts.

Presented in compact tubes, this brand is very easy to carry.

Price- Rs.60

12. Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm by Vaadi Herbals

vaadi herbal lip balm

We conclude our listing of best lip balms in India by mentioning this product of Vaadi Herbals.

For the price, Vaadi Herbals presents a very excellent quality lip balm.

It is presented in jars and hence ideal for use by the entire family or household.

Price- Rs.150

The Final Thought

As we highlight, lip balm for winter is fairly inexpensive and within reach of even the lowest budget.

People in India are getting very conscious of their general appearance that is causing several newer range of products to arrive on the shores of this country.

Earlier, people preferred to apply cooking oil or hair oils that are available in India to moisturise lips.

Unfortunately, these oils could not be lugged to work or used during travel. Hence, lips went dry and appeared lifeless.

This has all changed over the last few years. As we have seen, there are best lip balms and chapsticks available for use by kids, women and men.

So, go ahead and buy yourself some. Tell us which one is your favourite in the comment section below. It will help you look good this winter.

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