Top 10 Mild Bathing Soap Brands in India for Daily Use

Surely, you would be bathing daily.

But… Are you Sure that you are using the Best Soap for Bathing?

The market is flooded with many soap brands in India that are priced affordably for people.

Choosing just any Soap brand can do more BAD than GOOD for Your Skin.

Do you Know Which soap is best for your skin?

or… Whether the soap you use is made of highest quality material and provides excellent value for money?

If you have this similar kind of confusion, help is at hand. Here we provide a list of top 10 best soap brands in India for your family and yourself.

best soap in india

List of Top 10 Soap Brands in India For Men and Women

1. Lifebuoy Hindustan Unilever Ltd

lifebuoy best soap barnds in India

Lifebuoy soap is no stranger to India. In fact, it is the most trusted and loved soap brand in India.

It was among the first soaps to arrive on shores of India in 1895. A year earlier, William Hesketh Lever had launched the soap and then known as Lifebuoy Royal Disinfectant Soap in the UK.

To compete in the market, HUL now offers a 65-gram bar of Lifebuoy soap at Rs.10.

Lifebuoy can be found in every nook and cranny of the country.

Lifebuoy was initially a carbolic acid and phenols based soap in India and worldwide.

During the 1990s, its manufactures, Hindustan Unilever Ltd began producing newer variants to meet the changing demands of the market.

Did you know??

  • Lifebuoy is famous as a disinfectant and deodorant soap that claims to kill all disease-causing microbes on your body.

Pricing:- Rs. 10 to Rs.35

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2. Patanjali Made by Patanjali Ayurved


Riding on the back of the ‘Swadeshi’ wave is one of the most indigenous Indian organic brands of soaps, broadly known by the brand Patanjali.

These soaps are made with herbs and other natural extracts, in line with India’s ancient form of medicine- Ayurveda which is bestowed with multiple health benefits

These Indian soaps are economically priced and made by Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) giant, Patanjali Ayurved.

Patanjali is the most economically priced soap in India for skin, with a 75-gram bar costing as low as Rs.13.

The brainchild of Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and his deputy Acharya Balakrishna, the Patanjali range of bathing soaps is extremely popular among Hindu religious community of this country.

  • Patanjali has the highest number of variants or 17 different types of soaps.

Did you know??

  • It is the only soap that contains extracts of cow urine (Gomutra) that is claimed to cleanse a human of sins.

Pricing:- Rs 13 to Rs.45

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3. Lux Soap brand

Lux soap

Lux, the bathing soap of celebrities was introduced to India in 1929.

A product of Hindustan Unilever, the soap held sway in the Indian market as topmost seller till mid-1980s. All through these years, Lux has been endorsed by female stars from Bollywood.

You can now buy a regular range of Lux soap at Rs.26 for the 75 gram bar to Rs.130 for a 100gram from the luxury line.

Did you know??

  • Once a household name, Lux was forced out of its leading position by high-quality soaps made by Indian FMCG giants. In response, Lux has done some repositioning in the market.

Pricing:- Rs.26 to Rs.130

4. Cinthol Godrej Soaps Ltd

Cithol soap brands in India

Cinthol soap lives up to its promise of Alive is Awesome.”

The Cinthol range comes in six variants:

  • Original
  • Lime
  • Sandalwood
  • Deodorant
  • Confidence
  • Herbal.

Each soap under the Cinthol brand refreshes your body and mind, thanks to their unique fragrance.

Cinthol Original remains the favourite of most users due to its unique, inimitable fragrance that lasts for nearly 24 hours.

Cinthol is available as 75 gram bar priced between Rs.29 and Rs.32 while 150gram soap costs Rs.52.

It was launched in the mid-1960s.

Cinthol is genuinely germicidal-deodorant bathing soap. No other manufacturer of soaps has been able to rival Cinthol and capture its niche market to date.

Did you know??

  • Cinthol was first Germicidal and Deodorant soap brand in India. It was the first soap in India to use Triclosan (TCS) to kill odour causing bacteria.

Pricing – Rs.29 to Rs.55

5. Dettol Reckitt-Benckiser (India) Ltd

Dettol soap brand logo

If you are extremely worried about hygiene and safety, opt for Dettol soap.

The soap brand contains a potent dose of its eponymous disinfectant and claims to kill 100% of all germs and other microbes on your skin.

Dettol is available as three variants:

  • Original
  • Skin Care 
  • Cool

For a 75 gram Dettol soap, you will pay only Rs.27 while 125 gram bar costs around Rs.45.

Dettol soap has carved itself a niche in India’s bathing soap market.

Its manufacturers continue to enhance product quality regularly to stay one step ahead of rivals in the germicidal soap segment.

Did you know??

  • It is one of the best soap for dry skin. It is ideal for use in summer since it contains menthol crystals that have a cooling effect on the skin.

Pricing – Rs.27- Rs.45

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6. Pears Hindustan Unilever Ltd

pears soap brand logo

Are you Suffering from dry skin? Then buy Pears Glycerin Soap. This soap is considered as the best soap in India for dry skin

Pears Glycerin Soap has a fascinating history that can be traced to 1775, when Andrew Pears, a barber by profession invented it.

The brand was later acquired by Unilever and introduced to India. Until the mid-1960s, Pears soap contained all herbal extracts for fragrance. These are now replaced by synthetic perfume.

A bar of 75 grams Pears Glycerin Soap and its variants costs Rs.40 while a 125 gram bar costs Rs.75.

Pears Glycerin soap is available in three variants in the Indian market. All these variants contain Glycerin:

  • Pure & Gentle
  • Clear & Glow
  • Soft & Fresh

Did you know??

  • The Glycerin content of Pears soap lends it the unique transparent look that few in the market have managed to copy.

Pricing – Rs. 37 to Rs.45

7. Hamam Hindustan Unilever Ltd


Originally an indigenous product, Hamam bathing soap was launched in 1931 by Tata Oil Mills and Co (TOMCO).

Over the decades, Hamam was promoted as a bathing soap for the family, and the tradition continues, though Hindustan Unilever has acquired the brand.

Hamam is a great soap if you are eyeing economy: A 100gram bar costs Rs.28 to Rs.30 for the regular version.

The Tulsi and Neem version are priced slightly higher and costs Rs.45 for a 150 gram bar.

Hamam is a mild cleansing soap and imparts a subtle, unique fragrance to the skin.

The soap held a leading position in the family segment.

Hamam soap is a favourite of hoteliers: single-use bars are provided free to guests that stay overnight.

Did you know??

  • It is the only Indian soap to have an Arabic name: the word Hamam translates as a bath in Arabic

Pricing:- Rs. 28 to Rs.40

8. Dove Hindustan Unilever Ltd


For every woman conscious of her beauty, Dove is the best soap which is made available in Indian markets.

In India, Dove soap is available in three variants:

  • Dove Crème
  • Dove Go Fresh 
  • Dove Revive

Dove also manufactures a unique bathing bar for neonates and infants.

A 75gram bar of Dove soap costs Rs.48 while a 100-gram bar of Revive costs about Rs.60.

Dove is the best soap for women since it is made to moisturise female skin.

Ingredients in the soap also help women to acquire the fine pH balance between acidity and alkalinity of their skin.

Dove soap has a feminine fragrance that will delight every woman.

Did you know??

  • Dove is India’s most popular moisturising soap. Indeed, Dove claims to contain nearly 70% moisturising crème and other skincare ingredients.

Pricing – Rs.50 to Rs.150

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9. Medimix Cholayil Group


Are you looking for all natural therapy for your skin?

If so, buy Medimix soap, which offers all-around protection from germs while treating your skin for blemishes.

It is Manufactured by Chennai-based Cholayil Group, with over 18 herbs, coconut oil and other natural ingredients go into Medimix Ayurvedic soap.

In fact, Medimix has emerged as one of the topmost Ayurvedic soap brands in India, ousting some made with artificial ingredients.

You can buy a 75 gram bar of Medimix Classic soap at Rs.20 only while the most expensive variant, containing pure, high-quality Sandalwood oil costs Rs.40 for a 125gram bar.

Medimix soap is available as three variants:

  • Classic or the original version 
  • Medimix Glycerin 
  • Medimix Sandal

Did you know??

  • Medimix Glycerin is for those who suffer from dry or sensitive skin and Medimix Sandal, containing most excellent quality Sandalwood oil.

Pricing:- Rs.25 to Rs.75

10.  Santoor Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Group


Uses of Sandalwood as paste and oil for skincare and Beauty find mention in ancient Indian texts including the Vedas.

In fact, royal households would rub sandalwood oil on their bodies before and after bathing for its medicinal properties and subtle fragrance.

You too can indulge in this luxury by using Santoor Sandalwood soap.

Santoor soap is economically priced: A 75-gram bar costs just Rs.20 while the Almond, Sandalwood and Milk variant costs a little more- Rs.30 apiece.

A bar of Santoor Gold made with finest ingredients is priced at around Rs.50 for the 125gram bar.

Using the Santoor soap bar means you are giving your skin the goodness of Sandalwood and Turmeric- two commonly used ingredients for home-based skincare.

Did you know??

  • Though Santoor was a late entrant in the Sandalwood oil and extract base soap segment, it has gained a leading position in the market because it blends the unique properties of Sandalwood and Turmeric.

Pricing – Rs. 20 to Rs.50

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Special Mention Of Some Soap Brands in India

While the above ten soaps rank as bestselling in India, two more soap brands in India which deserve special mention.

These soaps have been in the market for decades and continue to be patronised by millions of Indians to date.

11. Mysore Sandal Soap Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Ltd

Mysore sandal soap

Bathe like the Maharajas of Mysore. The Mysore Sandal Soap is a very exclusive yet economically priced soap that is available across India.

However, in some parts of the country, availability may be limited to online supplies only. Mysore Sandal was the first commercially market soap made with Sandalwood oil and extracts.

To Buy this soap, you will pay Rs.32 for a 75gram bar and Rs.68 for the bigger one, 150gram variety.

The soap has been around for more than seven decades and continued to hold sway in its niche category.

You will experience that fragrance of Mysore Sandal Soap lingers on your body long after the bath.

Did you know??

  • Mysore Sandal Soap is the only soap brands in India to be marketed nationwide by a government-owned enterprise- Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd.

Pricing – Rs.32 to Rs.68

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12.  Neko Piramal Healthcare

Neko soap

Unfortunately, the glorious history of Neko soap in India seems to have faded into oblivion. This soap in India is, however, continues to be sold at select stores and pharmacies.

The soap Neko, complete skincare and germicidal were launched in India by American pharmaceutical giant, Parke-Davis Inc. It is believed to have made its maiden appearance in India somewhere in the early 1900s.

Nowadays, you can buy a 75 gram bar of Neko (Bouquet) Soap for just Rs.40.

Neko soap is famous for its unique square shape. The light grey coloured soap had a somewhat acrid odour.

Piramal Healthcare acquired the brand in the late 1990s.

It is now sold as Neko Bouquet soap: the medicinal smell has been replaced with floral fragrance. By far, Neko is the best soap to protect your skin against disease.

Did you know??

  • Neko soap was the first one to be recommended by doctors to Indians afflicted with strong body odour or minor skin infections.

Pricing – Rs 40

Wrapping It Up

The above list will definitely help you select the best bathing soap and get better value for money.

There are countless Soap brands in India that meet the needs and demands of every segment of society. You can select that best suits your needs and budget.

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