Top 10 Most Loved Chocolate Brands in India

Want to appease a child or woo your girlfriend? Want to impress business visitors to your office or send a much welcome gift to some friend?

If so, consider buying from any top 10 chocolate manufacturers in India.

Why chocolate? you may wonder…

The reason is simple. Chocolate is something people across the world enjoy, regardless of age and season.

Chocolate is also a symbol that you love and care for someone. You would surely be enjoying good chocolate regularly.

Therefore, I list Top 10 most loved Indian chocolate brands.

List of Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands Names in India

Every chocolate brand in India has its own following. But some sell more than the others due to variety and exclusivity or easy availability.

1. Cadbury’s

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 Cadbury’s is the oldest brand of chocolate that remains available in India.

However, Cadbury’s is not the first chocolate that was sold in India for reasons I will explain later.

Cadbury came to India in 1948 as a British company, with its first indigenous product, Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Today, Cadbury, a brand owned by Mondelez International, USA, holds about 46 percent share of India’s chocolate market.

This makes it the topmost and most loved chocolate brand in India. Other than Dairy Milk, other chocolates include Five Star, Bournville and Cadbury Fuse, among others

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2. Nestle

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Nestle is the world’s single largest food company and has headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland.

Kit Kat is the largest selling chocolate from Nestle India.

Their other range includes Nestle Milk Chocolate, Alpino, Milkybar White Chocolate and Extra Smooth, among others.

A range of premium chocolates, Nestle Les Recettes de L’Atelier that contain 45 percent cocoa and exotic fruits have been launched by the company to strengthen its position in India’s large chocolate market.

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3. Amul

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 Homegrown brand Amul is one of the most loved chocolate brands in India.

The brand is owned by the world’s largest cooperative dairy, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation.

Amul chocolates made debut in the Indian market in the 1980s. Since it has gained a sizeable slice of the Indian chocolate market.

Amul’s range of chocolates has no parallel in India.

The company makes over eight types of regular chocolates, seven chocolates with themes of various countries and four premium chocolates.

Amul Chocominis is the first brand of single-bite size chocolates that were launched in India.

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4. Fabelle

fabelle choko chocolate

Maybe you have never heard of this brand of chocolates, Fabelle. It is a famous brand of very exclusive chocolates in India.

And Fabelle chocolates come from no other than Indian Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) multinational, ITC Ltd. So let us explore what makes Fabelle the most favourite chocolate in India.

Fabelle does not make regular chocolate bars. Fabelle chocolates are available only at their exclusive boutques.

They make very exquisite chocolates in India. These include chocolates using cocoas, nuts and fruits from various countries.

Further, you can also have your own chocolate crafted by Fabelle at any of its chocolate boutiques.

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5. Monginis

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 The country’s single largest chain of cakes and pastries, Monginis, is a relatively new entrant in India’s chocolate market.

In fact, Monginis chocolates are very exclusive and available only from their brand, franchise outlets across India.

They are also exported to various countries. Monginis is one of the best chocolates brands in India for a major reason.

Firstly, the company does not make typical chocolate bars that are very common.

Instead, they make bite size chocolates that you can buy in regular or gift packs of various sizes.

Further, Monginis makes an assortment of chocolates using various recipes. Some of them are not made by other companies in India.

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6. Mars Wrigley India


Snickers, Maltesers, Skittles, Bounty, Twix, Mars and Milky Way are some of the most popular chocolates in India.

They come from the popular American brand, Mars Wrigley India. In recent years though, Mars Wrigley did encounter some rough sailing in the Indian market.

However, the company has since bounced back and will soon be expanding its chocolate range in India.

If you are looking for a global brand of most loved chocolate in India, try any of these from Mars Wrigley.

Some of their chocolates such as Maltesers and Bounty are indeed unique in India. Generally, Mars Wrigley range will be available in urban areas and online.

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7. Campco

Campco chocolate

Most young people would never have heard of Campco chocolates. So I will tell you about this top and loved brand of chocolates in India.

At a time when Cadbury had no rivals, Campco was the first Indian brand to launch its range of chocolates.

The company faced stiff competition from various quarters but continues to flourish till date.

Campco stands for The Central Arecanut & Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative Ltd.

The cooperative was formed some 45 years ago and soon began marketing a limited range of chocolates.

Today, Campco has a range that includes Silk Marvel, Campco Bar and Moments,

Additionally, Campco has some of the most exquisite chocolate bars too.

These include Dieter Sugar-Free, Fun Fan mint chocolate, Kalpa coconut palm sugar chocolate and Moments Ginger Chocolate among others.

These are one of its kind chocolates in India.

What’s more?

Campco makes dark, white and regular cooking chocolate bars too. It is the only producer of cooking chocolate in India.

The next time you enjoy a chocolate cake, remember it would most likely contain a Campco product.

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8. Hershey’s India


American foods manufacturer, The Hershey Company has operations in India too.

In fact, its best selling chocolate in India is Hershey’s Kisses.

These are small, single bite chocolates that are made with the best ingredients and melt on your tongue. Hershey’s Kisses are available worldwide.

Additionally, Brookside is another line of chocolates from Hershey India Pvt Ltd. Brookside is dark exotic chocolates with high cocoa content and made with exquisite fruits and other ingredients.

Hershey’s Brookside is a very premium range available as three distinct chocolates. They are available at upmarket stores only.

9. Chocholik

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Gurgaon-based Chocholik is a very exclusive range of chocolates in India.

In fact, Chocholik range is made using ingredients imported from Belgium, one of the rare largest luxury chocolate manufacturing hubs in the world.

Chocholik chocolates are specially crafted. They are not like ordinary, mass-produced chocolates.

Therefore, a bar of Chocholik chocolates costs about Rs.400 each.

The company also makes special gift boxes and hampers with bite-size chocolates for festivals, special occasions and corporate gifts.

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10. Fererro India

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Only two brands are made in India by this company. Ferrero India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the eponymous traditional Italian chocolate manufacturer.

Two of its chocolates are most loved in India. They include Kinder and Ferrero Rocher.

Kinder Joy is most loved by children. It consists of a plastic egg covered with chocolate. The plastic egg contains a surprise gift.

Other variants of the Kinder line include Kinder Bueno and Kinder Country.

Other most loved chocolate is the company’s flagship, Ferrero Rocher. These are small, ball-shaped chocolates famous worldwide.

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History of Chocolates in India

Cadbury’s chocolates made debut in India as late as 1948. However, Indians knew and enjoyed chocolates for at least half a century before the arrival of this erstwhile British brand.

The Netherlands based company, Van Houten, was making some types of chocolates as early as 1828. Swiss chocolate maker, Lindt & Sprungli was making chocolates since 1845.

Another Dutch company, Droste was making chocolate pastilles by 1864.

These chocolates found their way to India through British and other European merchants that had trade with this country. But these were very expensive and out of reach of most Indians.

Credit of bringing chocolate within the reach of India’s ubiquitous common man goes exclusively to Cadbury’s.

Wrap Up

Indians consumed over US$3.2 billion worth chocolates during the calendar year 2018, according to various reliable sources.

There are projections that Indians will enjoy chocolates worth a combined US$5.1 billion by the year 2020.

In fact, India is known as the world’s fastest growing chocolate markets. Over the last five years, chocolate consumption in India indicates the Compound Annual Growth Rate of over 13 percent.

Tastes of Indian consumers are also changing rapidly. Hence, the demand for premium chocolates from Indian companies is on the rise.

Increase in availability of dark chocolates with less sugar and high cocoa content is one example of these changing tastes.

Hence, you will soon see some top global brands of chocolates enter India to grab the size of this growing market.

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