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Top 10 Best Selling Biscuits in India That You Must Try


Anyone in India who says they have not eaten a biscuit is definitely lying.

Biscuits cut across tradition and culture and are served with tea or coffee, eaten as a snack, carried to school or work, enjoyed during travel and fed to the sick.

Indian biscuits also rank among the most inexpensive in the world, despite being made using the finest ingredients by some of the largest corporations of the country.

In fact: The list of top 10 biscuit manufacturers of the world lists as many as three Indian companies.

Biscuit market of India is galloping at a pace of 12 per cent Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) per annum.

Projections are, the market will expand at a rate of 14 per cent by 2022 and beyond to cross the US$7.25 billion mark.

The Indian biscuit market is propelled by some of the biggest domestic companies and topmost brands.

Top 10 Bestselling Biscuits Brands in India

There are countless brands and varieties of biscuits in India made by organized and unorganized sectors. But the industry is driven by some top brands.


1. Parle G

The humble and ubiquitous Parle G ranks as the world’s topmost selling biscuits brand, according to the global market research company, Nielsen.

This brand was initially launched as Parle Glucose biscuits in the early 1930s and became available across India since 1939.

In fact, Parle G has the distinction as a biscuit that went to World War-II: it formed part of rations supplied to Indian soldiers combating Japanese troops in South Asia.

Parle G traces its name to Mumbai suburb, Vile Parle, where the bakery where it was born is located.

The alphabet G implies the biscuit is fortified with GLUCOSE to give instant energy. Parle G is a brand that is available across India.

It is known for its sweetish taste and caramel like flavour. Parle Products rightly calls this brand, ‘Bharat ka Apna Biscuit’ or India’s own brand of biscuits.

You can buy a mini-pack of Parle G for Rs.2 only while regular ones cost Rs.5.

Parle G is also available as Parle G Gold and Parle G Chotta Bhim, named after the famous Indian cartoon hero.

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