Top 10 Best Selling Biscuits in India That You Must Try

Anyone in India who says they have not eaten a biscuit is definitely lying.

Biscuits cut across tradition and culture and are served with tea or coffee, eaten as a snack, carried to school or work, enjoyed during travel and fed to the sick.

Indian biscuits also rank among the most inexpensive in the world, despite being made using the finest ingredients by some of the largest corporations of the country.

In fact: The list of top 10 biscuit manufacturers of the world lists as many as three Indian companies.

Biscuit market of India is galloping at a pace of 12 per cent Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) per annum.

Projections are, the market will expand at a rate of 14 per cent by 2022 and beyond to cross the US$7.25 billion mark.

The Indian biscuit market is propelled by some of the biggest domestic companies and topmost brands.

Top 10 Bestselling Biscuits Brands in India

There are countless brands and varieties of biscuits in India made by organized and unorganized sectors. But the industry is driven by some top brands.

Parle G

parle G Biscuit

The humble and ubiquitous Parle G ranks as the world’s topmost selling biscuits brand, according to the global market research company, Nielsen.

This brand was initially launched as Parle Glucose biscuits in the early 1930s and became available across India since 1939.

In fact, Parle G has the distinction as a biscuit that went to World War-II: it formed part of rations supplied to Indian soldiers combating Japanese troops in South Asia.

Parle G traces its name to Mumbai suburb, Vile Parle, where the bakery where it was born is located.

The alphabet G implies the biscuit is fortified with GLUCOSE to give instant energy. Parle G is a brand that is available across India.

It is known for its sweetish taste and caramel like flavour. Parle Products rightly calls this brand, ‘Bharat ka Apna Biscuit’ or India’s own brand of biscuits.

You can buy a mini-pack of Parle G for Rs.2 only while regular ones cost Rs.5.

Parle G is also available as Parle G Gold and Parle G Chotta Bhim, named after the famous Indian cartoon hero.

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Britannia Marie

Britannia Marie biscuit

Marie is a type of low fat and low sugar biscuits made by many companies across India. Yet, nobody can beat Britannia Marie.

It comes from India’s oldest biscuit manufacturer, Britannia Industries Ltd. The company was established in 1892 in Kolkata.

In 1924, it opened a bakery in Mumbai, where British biscuit manufacturer Peek Freans bought a share.

Marie was a type of biscuit introduced in the UK by Peek Freans to commemorate the wedding of Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna, daughter of Russia’s Czar who married Prince Alfred, the second son of British Queen Victoria in 1874.

Peek Freans had created this biscuit as dry and less sugary that could go down well with tea enjoyed in England.

It is the only biscuit in the world that soaks up large volumes of liquid such as milk or tea and yet can retain its shape. Britannia Marie is a top favourite biscuits brand in India.

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Monaco biscuit

Monaco is a saltine cracker type biscuit launched by Parle Products in 1942. It is the first salted biscuits Brand to be launched in India.

Monaco biscuits also have a very interesting history. It now ranks as a topmost brand of salty biscuits in India and is usually served with tea, coffee or topped with cheese, slices of vegetable, a piece of chicken or shrimp and many others.

According to legend, Monaco biscuit was inspired by hors d’oeuvres-or a titbit served while drinking liquor at parties in France.

These titbits consist of a small biscuit-like base and are topped with caviar, slices of egg, cheese, cherry and other attractive looking foodstuffs.

While many have tried to copy Monaco salty biscuits, none have succeeded in replicating the unique recipe used by Parle Products.

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Britannia Bourbon

Britannia Bourbon biscuit

Britannia Bourbon also owes its existence to the now extinct Peek Freans of UK.

The British company made this dark, chocolate flavoured sandwich like biscuit filled with chocolate buttercream.

It was originally named Creola when launched in 1910. The name was changed to honour the former royal family of France- House of Bourbons.

Britannia Bourbon is also a legendary and topmost selling biscuit Name in India. It is a chocolate cream biscuit that is sprinkled with sugar.

The unique taste makes it a hit among children. A pack of Britannia Bourbon is available from Rs.10 onwards.

Many other companies have tried to replicate Britannia Bourbon but failed miserably. The original taste of Peek Freans, that created the Bourbon biscuits, can be found only with Britannia.

Good Day

Good Day biscuit

Good Day is a cookie from Britannia Industries Ltd. It is available in eight different flavours and is a popular biscuit brand in India.

Britannia Good Day rides on the demand from Indians to get more from their biscuits. Hence, it contains real cashew nuts, almond and other nutritious ingredients.

Good Day biscuits have a distinct rich buttery taste. They can be enjoyed as a snack when busy or served with coffee and tea.

BIL launched Good Day in the Indian market in the mid-1980s. The brand became an instant hit.

It was the first brand of cookies to be launched in India but was marketed as a biscuit.

For Rs.10, you can enjoy a pack of Good Day cookies. They are favourite among people of all ages. The best way to enjoy Good Day is with a glass of cold milk, similar to all cookies.


Krackjack biscuit

Krackjack was launched by Parle Products in 1972 and was India’s first brand of sweet-and-salty biscuits.

It was also the first biscuit in India to be launched in a square shape, with others during the era being round or rectangular.

Krackjack became an instant hit in the Indian market due to its unique taste and shape. A packet is available at Rs.10 each.

This biscuit is available across India and is exported to select markets too. It is popular for its mild taste and smooth, rich feel left on your tongue after consuming some.

Krackjack is enjoyed best with coffee and tea. It is relatively a lighter biscuit and ideal if you are looking for a quick snack during travel.

It does not leave your tongue overly sweet. Nor does it make you pine for water due to very salty taste.

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NutriChoice Cream Cracker

NutriChoice Cream Cracker biscuit

NutriChoice is a special of products made by Britannia Industries Ltd.

They are named NutriChoice since BIL uses grains and other ingredients vital for our daily nutrition.

BIL launched Cream Crackers in its original form- a square, a white coloured biscuit made of whole flour, buttermilk and other ingredients in the 1910s.

The biscuit was a typical Cream Cracker manufactured in the UK by Peek Freans and other bakers such as now-defunct Huntley-Palmers.

In recent years, BIL has added its Cream Crackers to the NutriChoice line to signify they are made of purest grain flour.

These are neutral tasting biscuits that are best enjoyed with a small slice of cheese. NutriChoice Cream Cracker is also served topped with cheese or other toppings at parties alongside alcoholic beverages.

If you want a great and nutritious biscuit while on the move, go for NutriChoice Cream Cracker. A packet costs just Rs.15 each.

McVitie’s Digestive

McVitie’s Digestive biscuit

Digestive biscuits in India were a rarity till 2010 after a sole brand from BIL went extinct. However, McVitie’s a British firm revived Digestive in India by introducing its world famous brand.

McVitie’s Digestive biscuit are made with a whole wheat meal and are rich in natural fibre. This fibre is essential for your body to keep the digestive system in good shape. Hence, the name Digestive.

Since launch in 2010, McVitie’s Digestive has claimed the topmost rank in this class of biscuits. Known for its rich taste and crumbly texture, McVitie’s Digestive is enjoyed by young and old alike.

There is no other Digestive class biscuit available in India that can match McVitie’s taste and quality.

A small pack of McVitie’s Digestive biscuits is affordably priced at Rs.25 only. May sound expensive, but these biscuits are very filling and provide much needed fibre to your diet.

Cadbury Oreo

Cadbury Oreo

Oreo sandwich cookie was launched first in the US by global biscuits giant, Nabisco in 1912.

It is the bestselling brand of chocolate cookie in the US and several other markets of the world. In India, Oreo comes from Cadbury, better known for its health drinks and an amazing range of chocolates.

A small pack of Cadbury Oreo costs Rs.20. The original Oreo consists of a dark, chocolate flavoured biscuits crafted into a sandwich with white vanilla flavoured cream.

In line with Nabisco’s extension of the Oreo range, Cadbury India Ltd now also offers this biscuit in various amazing flavours. ‘Oreos and Milk’ is a favourite worldwide. You too can enjoy this amazing combination.

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Snacky biscuit

Snacky is a salted biscuit that comes from the Sunfeast brand owned by India’s FMCG major, IRC Group.

This is a very popular biscuit among consumers who do not like very salty taste like a saltine cracker and are also averse to sweet or mixed taste biscuits.

Snacky also offers great value for money since its pack sold for Rs.5 each weighs and contains more than its nearest rivals.

Generally, Snacky is well enjoyed with coffee or tea and is commonly served to visitors.

Snacky has lovely taste and aroma. It leaves you to feel satisfied after consuming a few biscuits with tea or coffee.

The best way to enjoy Snacky is with a glass of cold milk: it highlights the exquisite taste and brings out the sweetness of milk too.

Special Mention

Dukes Biscuit Co

Dukes Biscuit Co

You may never have heard of Dukes Biscuit Company. Its biscuits are available only in select markets of the country.

However, Dukes Biscuit Company ranks among the top 10 biscuit manufacturers of the world. The other two are Parle Products and Britannia Industries Ltd.

Dukes’ biscuits are popular in southern India and are exported to various markets. Its most famous brand is Crème 4 Fun range available in six fruity flavours.

They are sandwich biscuits meaning they consist of two plain biscuits held in sandwich shape by fruit flavoured cream.


Other than these traditionally favourite and bestselling biscuits of India, there are several others that are favourite too.

These include energy biscuits like Bournvita and Horlicks- made with real powder used in the malted beverage.

Other Popular Biscuit names include Hide n Seek, 20-20 and Mom’s Magic cookies. Biscuits and cookies in India are priced reasonably.

You would surely have tried one or more or even all of these topmost selling biscuits of India. If not, go ahead and try them. They are excellent value for money and good for your health.

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