Top 10 Best Apps to Watch Hindi Bollywood Movies Online For Free

Do you want to watch Bollywood Hindi Movies Online for FREE?

Off course you do!

Everyone loves to watch movies. Some of us are impeded by timings.

Others do not have enough money to watch movies at a cinema hall with tickets costing anywhere between Rs.50 and Rs.300 per show.

Yet others are lazy to go outside the comfort of their homes to watch movies while some prefer viewing one at their own leisure, with ample breaks or intervals.

The Internet now renders possible for genuine movie buffs that love watching Bollywood releases- both LATEST and VINTAGE for FREE.

You can watch movies any time of the day, free or by paying a fraction of the price of a cinema ticket from the comfort of your home and with as many breaks you want.

Should these possibilities interest you read our complete list of websites and smartphone apps that enable watching free and paid movies from Bollywood.

watch bollywood movies online	10 Best Apps to Watch Bollywood Movies Online For Free

To watch Hindi Bollywood movies through websites and apps, you will require reliable, high-speed Internet connection.

Nowadays, a basic package from any mobile services provider that includes 4G data and unlimited calls costs around Rs.149 per month.

You can use this data package for viewing movies on laptop or PC and smartphone.

Here are top 10 websites and apps that provide free and paid Hindi movies from Bollywood.

1. YouTube

youtube logo

Youtube is hands down the best Mobile app to watch Bollywood movies online for free.

Thousands of Hindi movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood and Other language movies are available on YouTube. You can watch them for free.

Understandably, LATEST releases will not be available since it is not profitable for producers and directors to offer them FREE on YouTube.

But you can definitely watch slightly older or even vintage Hindi movies for free on YouTube. The Best part is you can even download latest Bollywood movies and watch it later according to your timings.

Some top YouTube channels to watch free Hindi Bollywood movies include

Modern technology now makes possible for connecting your smartphone with a compatible TV and watch movies on the BIG screen too.

Scout YouTube for more Hindi movie channels to watch free Bollywood Movies Online. Some free movies are uploaded by individuals too.

Download Youtube App

2. Hotstar

Hotstar logo

Hotstar is an online video streaming platform that enables you to watch free and paid Hindi movies from Bollywood.

Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. You can get nearly 50,000 hours of TV content including Hindi movies in Bollywood.

It contains movies screened by some 15 channels of the Star Network. It is one of the few streaming websites where you can watch and Download the latest Hindi movies in HD quality.

This feature, however, depends on the quality of the original video since old Hindi movies lack HD.

Hotstar currently offers over 50,000 hours of TV content including movies.

Hotstar has a unique advantage: You can access Hotstar using Over The Top (OTT) Android boxes available in India with prices starting from Rs.2,500 each.

If you love the latest movies, annual subscriptions for Hotstar are available for prices starting at Rs.199 per month.

You can access some of the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood with Hotstar. You can access Hotstar on mobile or computer.

The app is famous for providing live coverage of cricket matches.

Thus the overall features offered by Hotstar helps it to be ranked as the topmost android app to watch free Bollywood Movies online.

Download Hotstar App

3. SonyLIV

SonyLIV app logo

SonyLIV is an on-demand video channel from Sony Entertainment India.

You can watch excellent Hindi movies from Bollywood for free or for a small subscription on SonyLIV.

You can download the SonyLIV app on your smartphones or watch online on a PC or laptop. SonyLIV is a very popular channel in India and hence, you will love the selection of Hindi movies on offer.

The SonyLIV website states, it has nearly 20 years of Hindi movies and other content available on the website and through the eponymous app.

SonyLIV offers movies under five genres:

  • Romance
  • Crime and Suspense,
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Drama

You can view Hindi movies that were released a few months ago, whose rights have been bought by Sony Entertainment India.

The website offers a movie in two categories: Premium, for which you pay a small charge to view and Free, where you do not pay anything.

Download Sonylive App

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4. JioCinema

JioCinema logo

JioCinema is an on-demand video library launched by Jio, the 4G mobile services network by Reliance Industries Ltd. JioCinema is available as app and website.

This means, you can watch NEW Hindi movies from Bollywood from the comfort of your home while commuting and during a long journey too.

JioCinema works best when you have a Jio 4G Volte mobile connection.

Also, Jio Phone, which is a low-cost mobile handset priced around Rs.1,500 each with loads of freebies, also enables you to access Jio Cinema.

Official website of JioCinema says, it contains over 100,000 hours of content including Hindi movies from Bollywood.

JioCinema offers Bollywood movies from 2016 to some of the classics from the 1960s and 1970s.

Hindi movies from genres including romance, animation, action, comedy, thriller, drama, crime, horror and mystery are available on JioCinema.

The advantage with JioCinema played using Jio 4G Volte Internet connection is that you get excellent audio and video quality that offers world class experience.

JioCinema can also be viewed on your PC and laptop.

Download Jiocinema App

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5. Airtel TV

Airtel TV

Airtel TV mentioned here is not to be confused with the eponymous Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite TV system provided by the company.

Airtel TV is also an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. This app works best when you have a mobile Internet connection from Airtel.

In fact, Airtel TV is the most preferred app in rural India for watching Hindi movies. You can use this app to view some recent releases and Bollywood classics.

Since Airtel TV app runs on mobile Internet, the company has included a feature that allows you to select streaming speeds.

This means, you can watch movies without any interruption or disruption caused by slow Internet speed.

This app works equally well on 2G and 3G networks too. Airtel has provided this facility to cater to people in rural India where 4G connectivity is yet to make its mark for economic and other reasons.

Download Airtel Tv App

6. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video logo

Amazon Prime Video is a video-on-demand service operated worldwide by global online retail giant, Amazon.

Since 2017, Amazon India is offering a subscription to Prime Video only at Rs.129 per month.

Or you can avail the full Amazon Prime package for Rs.999 per year and avail faster delivery and exclusive offers for online shopping.

Prime Video offers an unlimited choice of free Hindi movies for viewers in India. You can also enjoy these movies using Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire Cube, available from the online store.

It is also possible to connect movies from Prime Video to an enabled High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV screen.

For the price, Prime Video offers an excellent package to watch streaming Bollywood movies. Additionally, Prime Video also offers foreign movies.

Start One Month Free Trial for Amazon Prime Video

7. Zee5

Zee5 logo

Zee5 is a top Hindi Bollywood movies streaming app and website that offers content dubbed in five languages: Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. You Can watch latest Telegu Movies at Zee5.

This app gives you access to over 100,000 hours of video content that consists of movies, television serials, comedy shows, sports and lots more. You can also view international shows on Zee5.

For movie lovers, the app provides some of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters and classic movies.

These are movies and serials that feature on Zee TV, the popular family of Indian channels.

Additionally, the app also has children’s movies and programs, entertaining educational series and some of the most highly watched soap operas of India.

You can customize the app to suit your language and viewing preferences. Zee5 also has live streaming music.

Download zee5 App

8. YuppTV

YuppTV logo

YuppTV is a global Over-The-Top (OTT) video streaming provider that is very popular in India. Thousands of free and paid Bollywood movies are available on YuppTV.

The company is based in Atlanta in the US and has offices in Hyderabad in India.

You can buy an OTT Android Box that costs from Rs.2,500 onwards and connects to YuppTV.

Other than Bollywood movies, you can also view some blockbuster regional movies that have been dubbed in Hindi audio.

YuppTV also offers an app for Android-based and IOS smartphones.

YuppTV offers HDR streaming, provided the original video was shot in that format. Hence, you can be assured of the finest quality audio and video while watching free and paid movies through YuppTV.

It features all popular genres of Hindi movies including crime, horror, comedy, thriller, drama, romance and children’s cinema. YuppTV sources its content from multiple providers to offer latest and classic Hindi movies from Bollywood.

Download Yupp TV App

9. Voot

Voot logo

Voot is an on-demand video platform from Viacom 18 Digital Ventures.

Despite being launched in 2016, Voot has gained immense popularity in India and among audiences in foreign countries that love watching Hindi movies from Bollywood.

This website provides you access to hundreds of blockbuster Bollywood productions.

Voot combines content from various popular TV channels owned by Viacom 18 Digital Ventures. These include Colors (Hindi).

You can use Chromecast support to stream Hindi movies from your smartphone or computer to TV and watch on big screen.

There is a facility that allows you to switch between data plans provided by your mobile Internet provider to get highest quality audio-video and streaming.

It is also possible to watch Hindi movies by circumventing buffering problems caused by slower speed Internet connections: you can toggle between 2G and 3G speeds too and yet get uninterrupted viewing.

Download Voot App

10. Netflix

Netflix Logo

Netflix is global video-on-demand streaming service that operates a special service for India.

You can download the Netflix app or access it on a computer with high speed Internet connection.

For Indian audiences, Netflix also offers Hindi movies and Bollywood blockbusters. To watch Hindi and other movies on Netflix, you have to buy a subscription.

Netflix charges Rs.500 for basic, Rs.650 for standard and Rs.800 per month for premium subscriptions.

You can access Netflix on your TV too using Amazon Fire TV and other similar gadgets, including Android boxes.

In fact, Netflix is accessed by millions of persons of Indian origin living and working abroad for watching Hindi and Bollywood movies as well as episodes of popular TV channels, Hollywood movies and sports events.

If you are a movie addict, try Netflix since it offers excellent value for money. You also get HD quality audio and video if the original content has that format.

Other Popular Mobile Apps to Watch Hindi Movies Online for Free.

Download Netflix App

Watch Streams on Big Screens

Latest technology now renders possible for you to watch streaming videos including movies on your TV screen.

There are several ways to connect your smartphone with a TV and stream the content directly to the big screen for added viewing pleasure.

If the TV and smartphone are Chromecast enabled, it is very easy to watch streaming video on the big screen. You will require some basic equipment to watch streaming Hindi Bollywood movies on your HD TV.

Nowadays, the latest smartphones and HD TV sets are Chromecast enabled. If you have any doubts, refer to the operating manual provided by the manufacturer of your smartphone, computer and TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire Box, OTT Android set-top boxes and other devices also render it possible to hook up your TV with streaming Hindi Bollywood movies available from various websites and apps.

Investing in such equipment and taking subscriptions to some top websites can provide entertainment to an entire family that wants to watch Hindi Bollywood movies.


In earlier days, you could watch Hindi Bollywood movies only at cinema halls, at home with CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray players, cable TV or DTH systems.

While these avenues to watch Hindi movies continue to flourish, modern technology has made it possible to get video streams anywhere, even while on the move or at remote and far-flung locations.

Watching Hindi Bollywood movies through streaming websites has become very popular nowadays, thanks to the widespread proliferation of smartphones in India.

According to various sources, India will have some 700 million people using smartphones connected to the Internet by 2022.

This provides great incentives to companies providing apps and streaming websites for Hindi movies. You may see more websites and apps offering Hindi Bollywood movie streams coming up in near future.

This is good news for every movie buff: it gives wider options and will help lower subscription rates for movie streaming due to rampant competition.

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