Top 10 Online Mobile Recharge Apps & Websites in India

Imagine a situation where you wish to make a call desperately for any reason and your mobile credit balance is low.

In this situation, Online Mobile Recharge Apps can help.

A low mobile credit balance is a common problem that most of us encounter sometimes.

Sometimes, your relative or friend may require an urgent recharge of their prepaid mobile to make calls.  In this scenario, you can easily add money to any Indian mobile number by using online recharge sites and apps.

online mobile recharge apps

There are innumerable websites and apps that allow you to recharge your mobile online.

With over 300 million Indians using smartphones, online recharge is indeed a big business.

According to industry experts, mobile phone users in India spend a combined Rs.1 trillion on recharges.

Of this, between five to seven percent of recharges are done online or through payment apps.

Current Scenario

To entice more people to recharge their prepaid accounts online, almost all mobile providers offers attractive discounts, cash-back offers and special deals such as full talk time.

You can recharge your mobile through the website of a mobile company or private firms and apps. Here we look at the top 10 online recharge websites and apps in India.

Top 10 Best Online Mobile Recharge Apps & Websites:

From April 1, 2018, every online payment app has to be compliant with the Know Your Customer (KYC) laws of the Indian government and Reserve Bank of India.

Additionally, these apps have also to provide connectivity to your bank account through the Unified Payment Interface of the Indian government.

1. Paytm

Paytm claims to hold about 30 percent of the market slice for online mobile recharges. Indubitably, Paytm is the most preferred mobile recharge app in India, after websites and apps of mobile providers.


2. MyAirtel App

MyAirtel App is a safe, secure, and easy way to recharge your phone quickly.

Through this app, you can check your balance status at any time.

Prepared users of the MyAirtel App can earn accessible 5 GB night data while postpaid users of this app can track their voice, data, and SMS users via graphical views. 


3. Amazon India

Yes, global online shopping major and India’s favourite e-retailer, Amazon also offers mobile recharges online.

You can recharge a prepaid mobile number through Amazon India website or the app downloadable on your smartphone.

This can be done by adding money to your Amazon account or by transferring cash to Amazon Pay Balance.

Further, you also get excellent offers by recharging mobiles through Amazon India.


4. MobiKwik

With MobiKwik, you can recharge your mobile account using two methods: online through MobiKwik website or through the eponymous app installed on your smartphone.

MobiKwik features special offers, cash-backs, and discounts daily.


5. FreeCharge

FreeCharge is also compliant with UPI. This allows you to transfer money from your credit card, debit card, and bank account to FreeCharge and use it as an online wallet for recharging prepaid mobile.

FreeCharge also comes up with daily offers that allow you savings on mobile recharges.


6. My Jio

My Jio is a very popular online recharge app offered by the mobile service provider, Reliance Jio.

The reason being, Jio’s mobile service has about 180 million users across India.

Jio Money is downloaded automatically as a standard package when you install a SIM card of the company.

Other than your Jio account, you can recharge accounts of other Indian mobile companies too.

7. PhonePay

PhonePay is the most accessible app for UPI  (Unified Payment Interface) payments. 

PhonePay is almost the same as Gpay. You can recharge your mobile sim from anywhere at any time with just a single tap. 

PhonePay provides referrals on payments. Through that referral, you can get discounts and cashbacks on recharging. 


8. Pockets

Pockets, is an excellent online payments wallet and app for recharging prepaid mobile accounts.

Pockets, is offered by India’s premier private sector lender, ICICI Bank. You can load money in your Pockets app using credit card, debit card or account with any bank in India or abroad.


Bharat Interface for Money, also called BHIM is an online app launched by the Indian government.

Though it is not an online wallet, you can use BHIM to recharge your mobile phone by transferring cash from any credit card/debit card and bank account easily.

10. Google Tez

Global Internet major Google is cashing in on the booming online payments market of India through its Tez app.

This online app allows you to recharge your prepaid mobile account rather quickly.

As the name ‘Tez’ (meaning ‘fast’ in Hindustani language) signifies, this app is simple to use and very fast for online mobile recharge.

More Online Recharge Options

Every mobile network in India offers recharge of its prepaid mobile numbers using their websites and apps. Plus, they offer discounts for online recharge.

  • Airtel Payments Bank by Bharti Airtel.
  • m-Pesa by Vodafone.
  • My Idea from Idea Cellular.
  • My Tata Docomo of Tata Teleservices
  • Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) website.
  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) portal.

There are dozens of more online payment apps and websites, other than the ones we have listed. You can select those best suitable for your personal requirements by searching on Google Play.

What This Means

As we have seen, online Mobile recharges provide a fast and efficient way of topping up your calling credit for a prepaid mobile number.

However, it is very important to bear in mind you need to have Internet connectivity for using these services.

Nowadays, most major mobile networks are providing packages that consist of unlimited 1GB or more free Internet data access and unlimited phone calls for a fixed amount.

This means, your data and free calls expire on the same day. If you are accessing the Internet only through a smart-phone, it is advisable to recharge your account before the expiry date.

Otherwise, you can do it from a cybercafé or computer connected to the Internet at home or office.

As Fourth Generation (4G) mobile services become popular across India and the country gears to welcome Fifth Generation (5G) in coming years, online recharge for mobile is set to become a huge industry.

This translates as benefits such as special offers and cash-back schemes for prepaid mobile users, offered by websites and apps to attract you and other customers.

In Conclusion

Using a good online recharge website and app for recharging prepaid mobile numbers saves you money.

Additionally, it also saves you the hassle of finding a retailer or showroom of a mobile network and waiting in queues to recharge your prepaid mobile number.

Further, they dispense with the need for paper vouchers that continue to be used for mobile recharge. For anyone with basic knowledge of the Internet and mobile apps, online recharge of prepaid accounts is the best.

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