12 Most Popular Chinese Mobile Companies in India

Not everyone can afford high-end phones like Apple and Samsung. Hence, they depend on Chinese mobile phones, which cater to lower and mid segment markets. 

In India, people love to use Chinese Mobile phones because they are cheap and fairly reliable. 

For Rs 10,000, you can buy a good smartphone from a Chinese company. So let us look at 12 such Chinese mobile brands in India. 

Top 12 Chinese Mobile Companies in India

If you are planning to buy a smartphone with all the useful features at an affordable rates, then you can go for a Chinese mobile brand. Here are the list of top 12 companies that have good ratings on Amazon, Flipkart and other shopping sites.

1. Xiaomi Mi

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The number one in the list is Xiaomi Mi. Their mobile phones are suitable for all kinds of customers. They offer premium as well as low budget mobile phones. 

Xiaomi entered the Indian market in the year 2014 partnering with Flipkart. Xiaomi Mi is the most sold smartphone brand in India. 

Apart from mobile phones, they also offer laptops, home appliances and consumer electronics. 

Some of the most popular brands are Redmi Note 10S for Rs 14,000, Xiaomi 11 Lite NE for Rs 29,000, Mi 10i for Rs 22,000, etc. 

2. OnePlus

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OnePlus or 1+ is a premium Chinese mobile phone company for high end users in India. 

The company is very new and was launched in 2014 with no cheaper rate phones. 

The price of the phone starts from Rs 30,000/- and goes up to 66,000/- 

The mobile phones are designed to compete with Samsung Galaxy series. It is a very high performance mobile with a very powerful camera and other fancy features. 

Some of the popular designs are OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 9Pro, OnePlus 9R etc. 

3. Oppo

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Oppo smartphones targets younger people who love to use camera. Their entire marketing strategy revolves around the camera centric mobile phones. 

Oppo signed Deepika Padukone as their brand ambassador. They also partnered with PUBG gaming to get younger customers who love to play games in higher graphics. This shows their main target customer is young Indians. 

They offer phones from entry level to high end users. 

Popular brands are Oppo A15 for Rs 11,000, A74 for Rs 16,000 and F 19s for Rs 20,000.  

4. Vivo

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The USP of Vivo is camera focused budget smartphones. Vivo mobile phones are designed for photography purposes because they have high quality cameras in them. You can say the phone is specifically designed for selfie taking generation. 

Currently their brand ambassador is cricket icon Virat Kholi. 

Some of the major Vivo models are V21, X70 Pro, X70 Pro+, Y53s, V21e etc.   

The phone Y20A costs Rs 12,000, Vivo Y21 for Rs 14,000, Rs Vivo V20 for Rs 20,000.  

Vivo phones are really affordable compared to other brands. 

5. RealMe

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RealMe mobile phones have captured the Indian markets very quickly. One prime reason for this their phone ranges from Rs 7000/- to Rs 20,000/- 

You can buy RealMe smartphones for as low as Rs 6500/-. No other Chinese mobile phone brands offer price this low. 

The high end phones costs between Rs 15,000 and Rs 25,000. Affordability among Indian customers has made RealMe really successful in Indian markets. 

Some of the cheapest phones are Realme C11 for Rs 6400, Realme C20 for Rs 7500, C12 for Rs 9000. 

High end phones are Realme X3 Super Zoom and Realme GT for Rs 28,000, Realme X50 Pro for Rs 42,000 

6. Huawei

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Other than smartphones Huawei sells laptops, tablets, watches and other accessories. 

They have been manufacturing mobile phones since 1997. 

Despite criticism Huawei has shown that it can manufacture phones as good as Apple and Samsung. 

Huawei smartphones are of great build quality and design.

Some of the most popular models are Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei P9, Huawei Nova 3i, Huawei PB Lite etc. 

Best phone priced under Rs 10,000 are Huawei Holly 4 Plus, Mate 10, P8 Lite

Phone under Rs 15,000 are Huawei Y9, Nova 3i, P20 Lite

Phone under Rs 20,000 are Huawei Y9s, Y9 Prime, G6 10 

7. Lenevo 

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Although Lenevo sells Laptop in India but they started selling Android Smartphones in 2012. In 2014, they acquired Motorola Mobility from Google. 

 Some of the best Lenevo smartphones are K8, K8 Note, Z2 Plus, Lenevo Vibe X3, Lenevo A7000, Lenevo Legion series, Lenevo Z5 series etc. 

Some of the best phones under Rs 10,000 are Lenevo A5 for Rs 5000, Lenevo K8 for Rs 7000, A6 Note

Under Rs 15,000 for Lenevo K3 for Rs 10,000, K10 Plus for Rs 14,000, Lenevo Vibe for Rs Rs 12,000

Under Rs 20,000 for P2 for Rs 17,000, S560 for Rs 20,000, Lenevo for Rs S920 

8. Motorola

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Motorola is a Chinese brand because it was acquired by Lenevo in 2014. They made their first Android smartphone in 2009. 

Apart from smartphones, they also manufacture tablets, Smart TV, appliances and other accessories. 

Some of the best smartphone models are Motorola Motto Z2 Force, X Force, Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, Edge S pro

Motorola offers some of the cheapest and best mobile phones. 

Phone under Rs 10,000 are MotoG5S Plus for Rs 5600, Moto C Plus Rs 3500, Moto X4 for Rs Rs 5,300, Moto G5S for Rs 7350, E6S for Rs 8000. 

9. Honor

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Honor is a brand name owned by Huawei. It was started in the year 2013. Besides mobile phones they also manufacture tablets. 

Most of the mobile phones they sell are online. 

Honor has some of the best quality cheapest smartphones. For example, Honor 6X for Rs 5000, Honor Holly for Rs 6000, Honor 9S for Rs 6500, Honor 8 Pro for Rs 10,000

Phones that are under Rs 20,000 Honor 20i, Honor 7 and Honor 3C for Rs 16,000 

10. Gionee

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Gionee was launched in 2002 with presence in different south-east Asian countries. 

Gionee has more offline presence than online. Their android smartphones are really popular for low and mid segment markets. 

Their cheapest phones below Rs 5000 are Pioneer P5L, Marathon M3, Pioneer P6, phones below Rs 15,000 Gionee S6s, Marathon M5, Dream D1, phone below Rs 20,000 are Elife S7, Gpad G2. 

However users have complained about Gionee phones that they are of poor build and design quality.    

11. Coolpad

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Coolpad is a lesser known Chinese mobile brand in India. Coolpad phones are meant for only lower segment markets with lower budget. 

Their most of the phones are well below Rs 10,000. 

Some of them are Coolpad Cool 3 Plus for Rs 5000, Coolpad Cool 5 for Rs 7200, Note 6 for Rs 7650, Cool Play 6 for Rs 10,000. 

Coolpad are not that bad as compared to other low budget mobile brand. 

12. Tecno 

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Tecno mobile is a Chinese phone brand owned by Hong Kong based Transsion Holdings. The company was founded in 2006, but it started launching their phones in 2017. 

They offer the phone for both lower and mid segment customer base. 

Tecno phones below Rs 10,000 are Spark 7 for Rs 7649, Spark 7T for Rs 8500, Spark 8 for Rs 9500

Below Rs 15,000 phones are Tecno i5 Pro for Rs 12,500, Camon 17 for Rs 14,000

Below Rs 20,000 are Camon 12 Air for Rs 20,000 and Phantom 9 for Rs 17,000

So these were top 12 most popular Chinese mobile companies in India. If you want to buy a smartphone from any of the above brand then you can buy it online through e-commerce shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. 

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