Top 10 Laptop Brands in India

It is quite easy to demand a laptop, but choosing the suitable variety is a daunting task. You must consider various factors before purchasing laptops from the market. Laptop is a wonderful instrument through which you can easily spend a lot of time at home or in office. This is also a wonderful medium to earn money through online trades.

You must research on various brands of laptops in the market and then decide about purchasing a suitable variety. It is advisable to choose reliable brand from the market. There are some top brands which grabs first rank by peoples not the companies.

Laptop Brands


The Apple is famous for its high recital and they have about 7 to 8 models of laptop computers but they have significantly high rates. The hardware as well as software that is utilized in the company’s laptops is of superior quality. In addition, these laptop computers are also known for outstanding client support.

If you are having any difficulty with your device you can directly contact to your customer support which is available for the customers to assist them round the clock. Many people give importance to performance while selecting laptops. Appleā€™s Mac book is the top most laptop brand that performs extraordinarily well.

It is a little expensive brand, but the quality of Apple computer cannot be substituted by any other brands in the market. Once you go for market research, you will get some shortcomings of laptops with variety of other brands, but apple lacks nothing.



Sony is one of the oldest and famous brands of electronics items. Sony is Japan based multinational corporate group focused their business in four sections. Sony offers a variety of newest and smart laptop computers for biz plus home usage. They offer you great multimedia experience than never before. For decades, it was the most popular brand for camera, cell phones, television etc.

And now, it has brought Laptops with recital as well as appearances. The two groups, which are based on requirement of the users include mobile/biz and lifestyle group. The initial set comprises s, VAIO 11, t, and y as well as z series. The second group refers C and E series. This brand is little costly than other products, but they offer:

  • Performance
  • Good battery life
  • Great keyboard
  • Reliable hardware


Another type of laptop brand that comes within the top list is none other than HP. Today, HP has become more powerful after merging with Compaq. You can now get net books from HP brands for official purpose. The brand HP also has focus on graphics as well as sound. Whether you want to play game or carry on with video calling activity,

HP laptops are one of the top categories to be chosen. The categories of this brand are business, every day computing, high performance, touch screen, ultra and sleek book. Laptops are powered from AMD or INTEL processors. Screen size range starts from 12 to 17 inches. Weight may vary and they boast full HD, touch screen, energy star capable and blu- ray. Usually preferred OS are windows 7 and 8.


Samsung is known for affordable laptops with many features. Those who are looking for a laptop with many features but at affordable price, Samsung laptops are best for them. The company launches variety of laptop brands according to performance, price, portability and quality. You can easily use such laptops for business purpose, personal usage, computing etc. Today, people are really keen to get touch screen models of cell phones. Samsung has equipped this technology in their laptops.



Toshiba can be one of the affordable choices for an individual when it comes to laptops. Toshiba offers a wide range of laptop models for an individual however; there customers support might not be good like others however there are fewer chances of issues with the Toshiba Laptops. There were some negative feedbacks about the keypad of Toshiba however with its new models all those problems have been resolved.


Today, people are really focused about the approach in addition to excellence of laptop computers. The company is amongst the top 10 best selling laptop products, which maintain superiority and is equipped with a grand appearance. Lenovo has further categorized its laptop computers in 3 sections. These comprise –

  • Essentials
  • Idea Pad
  • ThinkPad

You can now get great range of models amongst these 3 sections of laptop computer products. Top quality products from the firm come within the group of ThinkPad with regard to biz needs. Other variants are also excellent.


Dell is an American multinational computer firm, which makes markets and mends laptop computers international in a successful manner. It is the 3rd biggest pc seller after Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard. Types obtainable from this company include vostro, latitude, precision mobile workstations and inspiron XPS ultra book.

They are really modish and catered up to third generation INTEL core I7 CPUs. Second class is touch with broad and resourceful screen capable of multi touch and tasking. They are trouble-free to hold during travels without keyboard. Another unique trait is for gaming and astounding bleeding edge graphics are also obtainable from the company.

It is also an American laptop manufacturing firm, which looks after marketing and repairing of computers all over the globe. Some of the well knwon laptop types from the firm comprise –

  • Dell precision mobile work station
  • Vostro Laptops
  • Dell Inspiron
  • Lattitude laptops


Acer is a well known laptop making firm having their base in Taiwan. The multinational firm aims the laptop purchasers with medium s well as low income group. However, the firm do not compromise with the superiority. They have classified their laptops in three kinds –

  • Ultra thin
  • Net books
  • Notebooks

You can now obtain light and modish types of laptop computers from the company. At the moment, Acer inspire notebook series are really trendy in the bazaar. The function of these laptop computers is quite simple and comprehensible.


All the models of ASUS laptop computers offer a lot of features and these are the quality computers. They are ideal for biz sections and can be taken easily from one place to the other because of their lightweight.


HCL is a well known laptop maker, which has become a favourite brand in India. The graphics, UI as well as OS provided by HCL laptop computers are sufficient to offer wonderful technological experience to the people. You can now obtain light and trendy laptop from HCL.

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