Best Websites & Apps to Book Movie Tickets in India

Do you LOVE to Watch Movies?

Well, who doesn’t?

But I can bet that no one Love to stand in long queues to buy tickets for a blockbuster movie or something you wanted to watch either alone or with family and friends.

Imagine what it would be like when a movie of your FAVOURITE Movie star is Running at a theatre near you.

And you get the last minute disappointment when the booking clerk informs that all tickets are sold out for the next few days.

I know the Feeling…

GOOD NEWS: is that Those days have now faded into history.

Now you can book movie tickets online via Websites and apps, from the comfort of your home, on the move and even at the LAST MINUTE.

You can even gift movie tickets to relatives in distant parts of the country or buy one while travelling abroad to view in a foreign country.

If you are a movie buff and want to watch movies regularly, here are 11 EXCELLENT online Movie Tickets Booking websites and apps that will help you. They save money, effort and also TIME.


List of 10 Best Online Movie Tickets Booking Apps and Websites

These cinema ticket booking apps and websites offer best deals, discounts, reviews and trailers. Using them, you can plan an entertainment schedule for family and self or even colleagues.

These apps and websites offer corporate discounts too for the staff of companies that wish to watch a movie.

1. Bookmyshow

Bookmyshow - Best online movie ticket booking website in india

Bookmyshow is the Best online ticket booking app and website among movie lovers in India.

One of the best Feature of BOOKMYSHOW is that You can find out how many people that have watched and liked a particular movie.

It Helps you to select only the best movies and save money you would otherwise spend on watching some boring stuff.

Additionally, Bookmyshow has a feature that enables buying movie tickets for shows abroad.

This facility is particularly useful if you are travelling to a foreign country and would love to watch a movie alone or with some company at the destination.

You can read the synopsis of the story on which a movie revolves at Bookmyshow. This helps select the type and genre of movies you love.

Emotional viewers can shun tearjerkers while those who fear ghosts and spirits can stay off scary movies. As a movie viewer, you can post an honest review online for benefit of others.

A great facility available on Bookmyshow is corporate booking of movie tickets. You can get additional discounts as a corporate user.

BookMyShow APP

2. Paytm

Book online tickets from paytm Movies

India’s favourite payments system Paytm ranks as the 2nd best movie ticket booking Website and App in India.

With Paytm website and app it is possible to book movie tickets anywhere in India.

You can pay with your Paytm app of use credit and debit cards issued by your bank.

Booking movie tickets on Paytm has one distinct advantage: you are entitled to as much as 50 per cent discount for various shows, depending upon your location and cinema hall where you wish to watch the movie.

Discounts are available on both, Paytm website and app.

If you are booking movie tickets through Paytm website, look for online coupons that provide discounts for movie tickets.

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3. PVR Cinemas

pvr Cinemas

PVR Cinemas is a hot favourite among Indians that patronize their Cineplex at various malls and standalone cinema halls.

PVR Cinemas is ideal if you are looking to buy tickets for movies screened at PVR, IMAX, 4DX, Playhouse, Gold, P(XL), Onyx and Director’s Cut Cineplex operated by the company.

The flipside with this app being, it DOES NOT ALLOW booking movie tickets for screenings at other cinema halls.

Additionally, PVR website has monthly online magazines that contain loads of information of what is on in the movie industry, latest and upcoming releases.

These can be downloaded or read online for free. PVR also has an app that can be used while you are on the move to book a cinema ticket.

Often, PVR Cinemas comes up with special offers and deals on movie tickets at select locations.

Look for these offers if you wish to watch the latest movie. PVR Cinema app and website are very user friendly and offer swift online movie tickets bookings.

4. Ticketnew

Popular online movie Ticket App - Ticketnew

Tickenew is an amazing website and app that actually helps you save up to Rs.200 on movie tickets.

The website and app feature coupons from top payment portals such as Amazon Pay and Paytm, mobile wallets provided by banks as well as credit and debit cards.

Click on their ‘Offers’ section to find latest deals that can help save money.

This website and their app display movies that are running at various cinemas, INOX, Carnival, WAVE and Innovative Multiplex across India.

This means you can also watch a movie if you are travelling to some other city or want to send cinema tickets as gifts for family and friends.

Similar to other movie ticket booking websites and apps, it is possible to buy tickets for Bollywood, Hollywood and regional Indian movies.

It is possible to buy movie tickets even if you are located in distant cities of India: Ticketnew covers all major cities and towns in the country for its movie ticket service.

They also have a blog on movies and entertainment to keep you entertained while away from the screen.

Ticket New APP

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Inox movie Tickets Booking App

Inox is a popular Movie Ticket Booking app that can be downloaded on any smartphone to book movie tickets.

It is commonly used by movie lovers who prefer the excellent ambience and Audio-Video quality typical to INOX.

INOX app is ideal only if you are dead serious about watching movies only at their Cineplex complexes across India.

Also, this app allows you to post reviews about their services and various facilities. If you are not happy with a visit to INOX or some service, bring it to notice by posting a comment on their app.

An INOX official responds to your complaint within a short time and takes tangible action- which is a unique feature in India.

Inox App

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6. Justickets


Justickets is a no-frills website where you can book cinema tickets online.

It offers the fastest booking for movie tickets since the website does not feature complex videos and other fancy stuff.

As the brand suggests, you can use it for just tickets. It is a very user-friendly service in the sense, you can book tickets directly, without having to forcibly visit other elements displayed on the website.

While booking a ticket on Justicket, all you need to do is click on the poster of the desired movie.

The website will display where it is being screened in your area and show timings with ticket prices.

Select the one you like and proceed to check out. You can also search movies in different parts of the country, Hollywood and regional cinemas.

There are some special offers available occasionally on Justickets from MobiKwik, Amazon Pay and other wallets.

This feature helps you save money on entertainment. The website is available in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu languages. Justickets is also available as an app which offers the same services.

JustTicket APP

7. Cinépolis India

Cinepolis India

If you prefer international brands even to book cinema tickets, go for Cinépolis India. It is part of an eponymous group based in Mexico.

Cinépolis website describes it as the world’s second-largest movie theatre circuit, operating over 5300 screens across 14 countries and serving more than 330 million patrons annually.

It is the first international exhibitor to launch India operations. They also offer a free app downloadable on your smartphone.

Currently, Cinépolis India runs some 340 screens in the country under its brand name. It operates India’s biggest Cineplex called ‘Megaplex’ in Pune that has 15 screens.

Club Cinépolis is their loyalty program that you can join for free. As Club Cinépolis member, you will be entitled to loyalty points on every purchase.

These can be redeemed for free tickets. Also, you get invited to pre-screening of movies and visits to their cinemas by Bollywood and other cine stars.

Since arrival in this country, Cinépolis India has won several accolades for its cinema ticket booking services.

These include “Most Admired Retail Launch” in 2010,

  • “Most Admired Retailer – Innovation” in 2011,
  • “Fastest Growing Multiplex Chain” in 2015,
  • “IMAGES Most Admired Retailer – Entertainment” in 2015,
  • “DLP CineAsia Marketing Achievement Award” in 2015,
  • ‘Best Marketing Campaign of the Year’ award at the Making of Developed India awards 2017
  •  ‘Fastest Growing National Chain’, ‘Best Multiplex – West’ and ‘Best Programming’ at the Indywood Film Carnival in 2017.

In 2018 Cinépolis has been awarded ‘Best Multiplex – West’, ‘Best Multiplex – South’ and ‘Fastest Growing Chain’ at the Global Awards for Retail Excellence.

Cinepolic India App

8. MoviEcard


MoviEcard is a movie ticketing website and app with a DIFFERENCE.

You can book REGULAR tickets across India on MoviEcard website or through the app. Before booking, you need to register on this website.

What makes MoviEcard different is its special card that allows you to watch popular movies at select locations from Monday to Thursday for only Rs.399 a week.

Under terms of MoviEcard, you are entitled to watch any particular movie only once, regardless whether it is a blockbuster or regular release.

You can watch only one movie per day. Also, you can watch these movies only when the special quota reserved at Cineplex and cinema halls for MoviEcard are available.

The deal may sound GOOD but it is better to verify whether you can get seats for your favourite movies at desired cinema halls for your timings and date.

Considering that a movie ticket in India costs anything between Rs.50 and Rs.350 per show, MoviEcard can help movie buffs, provided they are assured of viewing the cinema.

MovieEcard App

9. Ticket Bazaar

ticket Baazar

The name Ticket Bazaar is not to be confused with an online travel agency that operates a website under the same name.

Ticket Bazaar is an app for booking movie tickets. It does not operate through a website. Its providers call Ticket Bazaar as one stop shop for all movie ticketing requirements.

It has a simple design and a simple seat layout which makes it easy for the users to select their seats. The app also enables you to view trailers of movies currently being screened across the country.

Ticket Bazaar is simple are very user friendly. It can be called as a no-frills app for booking movie tickets since there are not many complex formalities to be completed once it is downloaded on your mobile.

It offers a simple, fast and very convenient way to buy movie tickets in most parts of India.

Ticket Bazzar App

10. Pockets by ICICI

Pockets by ICICI is not exactly an exclusive app for booking cinema tickets: it is a mobile wallet provided by ICICI Bank.

Pockets have a feature that allows you to book tickets anywhere in India. The best feature of Pockets is, you get in-app discounts and cash back from ICICI Bank itself. You can link Pockets to any bank account for a refill.

Pockets also come with a new feature called NFC Touch & Pay.

Pockets is the first app in India to enable in-store contactless payments by just waving your smartphone near Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled merchant terminals.

It leverages the Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology for this solution, which is introduced for the first time by any payments wallet in India.

You can also avail a Pockets card that works like a debit card but still offers discounts on movie tickets. Their cards are available with customizable designs to suit your tastes and needs.

Pockets by ICICI


Buying movie tickets through websites and apps holds several inherent benefits. You know where a movie is playing or would be screened upon release.

This gives you ample time to book shows for your family, friends or self and avoid disappointment.

Movie ticketing apps and websites eliminate the need to visit cinema halls physically well in advance before a show to buy tickets, without guarantee of getting one.

Apps and websites have eliminated touts that once bought bulk movie tickets and sold for premium outside cinema halls screening blockbusters.

The next time you wish to watch a movie alone or with family and friends, try booking tickets through any of these websites and apps. They can also help save money.

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