Top 10 Internet Service Providers in India

Internet has become the life blood of each and every individual in the society. Whether it is concerned about job or that of personal activities, internet will be always a demanding service. There was a time when internet service was restricted to handful of people. But, today the time has changed and is also taken by the mass.

Service provider of internet competes with each other to present affordable and good plans for people around the world. Today, the internet broadband service providers are increasing everyday in India as more and more people are getting internet service at home and office.

Even the people running cyber cafes are choosing the internet broadband service which is affordable as well as great in service. Even the online games are having a great demand in the market today.Internet Service Providers

The game parlours are flooded with the students as well as other people practicing online games. You can also play the games at home if you have proper broadband connection with great speed.

Top 10 internet service providers in India


  • Year of Establishment: 15th September 2000
  • Products: landline broadband, fiber broadband, dial up internet, Wi-Max broadband, mobile broadband 3g
  • Location: Janpath, New Delhi, India
  • No of customers: 8.09 million broadband
  • Turnover: 29,700 Crores
  • Website:


  • Year of Establishment: 1st April 1986
  • Products: fixed telephone service, GSM (including 3G services) & CDMA based Mobile service, Internet, Broadband, ISDN and Leased Line services,
  • Location: Delhi, Mumbai (India)
  • Website:

Airtel Broadband

  • Products: prepaid plans, postpaid plans, mobile internet service, digital TV, wireless internet that include 2G, 3G and 4G lite, airtel money,
  • Location:  New Delhi NCR
  • No of customers: 269 million
  • Website:

Hathway Cable Broadband

  • Products: home broadband, business broadband,
  • Location: headquarter in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) and has offices in New York, London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and New Delhi.
  • Network: 140 cities and towns and high-speed cable broadband services across 21 cities.
  • Website:

Tata Broadband

  • Founder: Ratan Tata
  • Products: broadband services, managed hosting, online backup, wired internet, dial up, wi-fi, secure connect, CDN, INTERNET LESSENED LINE
  • Location: West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab etc
  • Website:

Reliance Broadband

  • Founder: Dhirbhai Ambani
  • Products: reliance communication, 3G services, reliance entertainment, wireless internet, dial up, business broadband internet connection, Ethernet lease lines, work from home VPN, VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK
  • No of customers: over 150 million subscribers
  • Website:

You Broadband

  • Year of Establishment: 2001
  • Products: Broadband, VOIP, wireless wifi, internet telephony, Domain Name Registration, Email Hosting, Website Hosting, Website Design & Builder Tools,
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Website:

Sify Broadband

  • Products: sify broadband services,
  • Benefits: wide range of plans, value added services, customer support, multiple renewable option, reliable speed,
  • Location: 200 cities in India
  • Website:

Asianet Dataline Broadband

  • Year of Establishment: 1993
  • Products: VPN, VoIP, Dialup Internet, Web Hosting, speed cable broadband & Website Development
  • Location: Kerala, India
  • No of subscribers: more than 1,15,000
  • Website:

HFCL Infotel Connect

  • Chairman: M.P Sukla
  • Products: optical fiber cables, wireless connection, FTTH, energy management system,
  • Location: New Delhi, India
  • Website:

With the broadband internet connection, people can easily have an access to variety of services and resources. The company providing broadband internet service is always present to provide number of services to their customers.

Financial as well as education barrier can be overcome with the help of the broadband services. Students can easily get number of facts and figures for their project which has been asked at school or in college.

Broadband also provide recreational and cultural facilities. Even in the field of medical and healthcare sectors, broadband plays an important role. Consultation with the doctor through video conference who stays away from your country is only possible if you have broadband internet connection. Monitoring of health issues, remote diagnosis, treatment etc can be done through the internet broadband service.

Promotion of Ecommerce solution can also be done with the help of broadband services. You can attract new customers navigating through the world wide web with the help of the broadband internet solution.

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