These Tips Will Definitely Help to Improve Your Communication Skills Fast

As you may know, GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS is really important in every Profession.

In fact, communication is the Key to SUCCESS!

And to be honest not everyone possesses the art of effective communication.

You need to learn and master the skills to effectively communicate with people.

Here in this article we try to list down the causes of poor communication skills and help you to overcome it with proven ways or techniques which can help you improve your communication skills.

But before I share that with you, I’d like to tell you

“Improving Communication skill is an ongoing process and Everyone can improve it but you have to identify your problem areas and start interacting with people and practicing with them”.

Tips to improve communication skills

Importance of Communication Skills

And like I said:

Communication skills are very important in our daily life. Indeed, communication skills are innate- meaning, we are born with them.

This is proven by the fact that we cried as babies when hungry or nappies needed change.

We learned to communicate with just basic sounds, smiles and cries in the early months of our life.

As we grew, our communication skills became more effective by learning the language used by our parents and others around us.

Communication is the process of exchanging the information from sender to receptor and it greatly involves the interaction of one to one communication where one person speaks to another person.

Effective communication skills can always help you to get a good job in Top Multinational companies in India.

In Big MNC’s due to the cultural diversity, you have to meet different people so to communicate with them and understand their language, you need good communication skills.

Forms of Communication

Speaking is communication but not its only form.  There are several ways to communicate.

These include writing, drawing, painting, carving, gestures or even facial expressions and body language.

Importance of communication skills can only be achieved by the right way to deliver your message to the responder and in return get the feedback.

This shows that the other person is more focused on your speech and listening to it carefully which has become the process of effective communication skills.

Animals and birds communicate amongst one-another by their sounds.

They also communicate through odours- by demarcating their area with urine to warn other animals against venturing in. Advanced science has proven that marine life including fishes, also communicate.

However, the most advanced communicator on Planet Earth remains the ubiquitous human being.

Humans are also capable of communicating through music and arts.

Renowned Indian scientist, Jagdish Chandra Bose proved plants can also communicate. They are prone to sounds around them which impact their growth.

Types of Communication Skills

1. Sign Language

You can also learn how to communicate using gestures or sign-language from special classes. In fact, people who are qualified in communicating in sign languages are in great demand worldwide.

They are required to communicate with people who suffer from impaired speech and hearing.

Communicating with sign language is a science in itself.

Those qualified are hired by TV channels, medical clinics, law enforcement agencies and other service providers to cater to the needs of people deficient in speech and hearing.

2. Visual Communication

Subconsciously, we all communicate visually too. We dress well and behave appropriately since our clothes and demeanour are meant to convey our personality to others.

Personal grooming is part of visual communications. The colour of our dress, the manner in which it is worn, the style of footwear and a lot of other material considerations help us communicate visually.

You can improve visual communication by grooming well. This means maintaining neat hair, skincare, dressing well and appearing dapper to others.

3. Olfactory Communication

Again, olfactory communication or communicating through odours is something that occurs rather subtly.

Body secretions such as sweat and hormones betray a lot of our feelings and habits.

Hence, people mask them with fragrances and deodorants. Understandably, nobody can stand a person with foul body odour.

Nor will anybody stand near a person wearing a strong, sweet and heavy perfume. These elements form part of our olfactory communication.

You can develop olfactory communication skills by learning a bit about fragrances.

Generally, expensive fragrances have four notes: Top, Middle, Bottom, and Base.

Use a good perfume that suits your personality and simultaneously, blends well with your body odour and heat.

Expensive fragrances are heat sensitive. Their notes are highlighted by your body heat.

Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Nowadays, employers look at non-verbal communication skills of jobseekers to gauge various parameters during an interview.

Body language is, therefore, gaining immense importance in the Human Resources sector.

There are no classes or courses where you can learn how to alter your body language or feign it to impress someone. Nor can you learn how to read another person’s body language.

The problem in learning body language stems from one main reason: People from various backgrounds will react in unique ways when confronted with a situation.

Body language or non-verbal communication skills also differ according to ethnicity, religious beliefs, nationality and a host of other elements.

Reasons For Loss of Communication Skills:

Though we are all born with communication skills, they get diminished over years, especially as we grow.

As infants and toddlers, we were excellent communicators who could get what we wanted.

But… Then, what caused us to lose these precious skills or dimmed them as we grow?

Here we look at the main reasons why everyone loses excellent communication skills.

  • Shyness: A lot of people cannot communicate properly because they are shy for no reason. They falsely believe that saying or asking something can cause embarrassment.
  • Scant Vocabulary: Billions of people worldwide believe they cannot communicate properly since they lack adequate skills in speaking a particular language. Especially, if it is a foreign language or non-native tongue.
  • Fright: Unfortunately, millions of people worldwide are frightened of communications. For no reason, they believe that speaking or writing something can cause them mental or physical harm.
  • Diffidence: This is particularly true of people who have failed in ventures such as school exams. They lack confidence because of something called an inferiority
  • Abuse: An abused child will grow up with trauma and will usually be scared of communicating with others since the fear of retribution by tormentors is always lurking subconsciously, though the violence may be a thing of past.
  • Poverty: This is one of the biggest threats to communications. For some reason, poverty-stricken people believe their voice will never be heard by those economically stronger and hence prefer not to communicate outside their own small circle.
  • Violence: Victims of extreme violence and direct witnesses are too terrified and hence cannot communicate effectively.
  • Extreme Modesty: Large numbers of people deliberately avoid communicating with others because they believe it is immodest to talk of something the other would not be interested in. Others withhold information due to fear of hurting the person opposite.

Since communication holds key to everything- from survival to success in life- let us look at ways and means to improve our communication skills in this vital sector.

8 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Communication Skills Fast:

1. Overcoming Shyness

The most common inhibitor of communications is shyness.

If you are shy about communicating with others, we suggest you try this simple remedy: try and offer help to a senior citizen, physically challenged or visually impaired person every day.

Assistance you offer these strangers helps you overcome shyness easily. Helping imparts a sense of wellbeing and helps boost your confidence.

Done over a few months, it works wonders to boost your confidence levels and helps loosen the shackles of shyness.

2. Improving Vocabulary

If you cannot communicate in a particular language, there is nothing to fear.

The first step towards overcoming this handicap is by trying to speak in that language whenever and wherever possible.

Never fear the prospect of being laughed. Instead, people are happy you can communicate in their language and will correct or suggest how to speak.

Further, you can improve spoken skills by downloading good apps on your mobile phone, that teach a language.

They contain conversations between two persons or a group. They also contain tests to gauge your speaking, writing and reading skills.

Most apps teach you how to pronounce a word and how to form correct sentences.

Try translating small news articles from your language into the one you wish to master and vice versa.

This will help you learn new words and structure of the sentence as well as grammar.

Vocabulary can also the major factor of good communication skill. It can enhance you to establish and maintain interpersonal relationship being a good communicator.

3. Combating Fright

There is nothing to fear by communicating. It is just a self-created mental block.

The best way to overcome the fear of communicating is by doing it more. Speak wherever you can and write whenever you need to.

Try speaking to at least one stranger daily and write a message to yourself or a trusted person.

Another excellent way of overcoming fright in communications is by joining clubs like Toastmasters where people learn to speak in public.

Essay and story writing clubs and forums help develop written communication skills.

4. Gaining Confidence

Here you may require some help from a relative, friend or teacher. First, identify reasons that make you diffident or why you lack confidence in communicating.

Failure at an exam or even in life is no reason to lose your confidence. You can always succeed provided you know how to communicate effectively.

Doing something new every day helps restore and boost confidence.

When you start speaking just focus on the audience, connect with them and be expressive with your emotions which will help you to build up your confidence this is the major tips of public speaking which an individual must follow.

5. Conquering Abuse

As a victim of abuse, you may require some professional help from a psychiatrist.

Abuse victims generally require sustained therapies to overcome their trauma and begin communicating.

However, there are some known do-it-yourself techniques as people worldwide have proven.

Instead of numbing the trauma, vent it by speaking and writing about your experiences. Talk to people who have survived similar situations or worse.

You can get help from group therapy sessions held for abuse victims. Discussing your abuse and its trauma helps you get rid of the blockade in communicating effectively.

6. Rising Above Poverty

People who are born poor and do not communicate well are destined to remain that way. It is wrong to believe that the poor have no voice.

Should you feel restricted in communicating due to poverty, it is high time you got rid of the self-deception.

You can help yourself by joining social or volunteer groups that offer assistance to poverty-stricken people in your area.

This could be anything from charities that provide education or feed the poor.

Working with such groups boosts your confidence levels. And helps overcome the notion that poor people need not communicate.

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7. Handling Violence

Understandably, victims of violence and direct witnesses of unfortunate events will require some psychiatric counselling to overcome their inhibitions of communicating.

For such cases too, there are support organizations that provide group therapy sessions. This means you describe your experiences to others similarly affected.

Talking with peers helps to overcome your own hurdles.

In these cases too, we advise you work for a voluntary or charity organization that assists survivors and direct witnesses of violence.

Thanks to the Internet, there are several such groups that operate on an international level. You can enroll with one as a volunteer for your area.

8. Redefining Modesty

It is good to be modest. Indeed, modesty is an excellent personal trait to have. Yet, excessive or extreme modesty tends is counterproductive.

Instead of helping you and your loved ones, it can send wrong singles and get you into isolation. Understandably, we all withhold unpleasant experiences from our loved ones.

This is to prevent them from unnecessary worries or stress.

However, every human needs to vent their emotions. If you cannot speak openly with your dearest and closest ones, find a confidant.

You need not divulge your secrets to this person but a daily chat on routine occurrences and experiences does help.

Additionally, maintain a daily diary to chronicle the day and your emotions at various points.

Tips For Improving Communications Skills for Ordinary People

Considering you do not come within any of these categories and are a fairly good communicator, there is always scope to enhance your communication skills further.

For people like you, travel is the best teacher. By travel, we do not imply you pack bags and dash to a distant destination or foreign country.

India ranks amongst the topmost tourist destinations in the world.

You can travel to some other, hitherto unexplored part of your city. Ask directions from strangers and chat with locals about life in their area.

Read more: To know about the travel companies in India.

You can also improve writing skills by putting on paper your daily experiences in routine life.

Whenever you are stuck for a word, check online dictionary or thesaurus and improve your vocabulary and build effective communication skills.

Solving crosswords and playing Scrabble is an excellent way to learn new words. Learn about the usage of these words and include them in your sentences where appropriate.

Since the internet is expanding at high speed nowadays so you can also prefer online tutoring companies in India where you could find the various communication tutorials on the internet.

Wrap Up

As we can see, improving communications is not merely about developing your speaking skills. It covers the overall personality of a human being.

You may have the best speaking skills and vocabulary yet lag in visual and olfactory communications.

Alternatively, you may be the best-groomed person with excellent speaking skills and yet have horrible body odour that puts off people around.

Hence, you have to improve communication skills in every sphere. You can also learn to control your body language to some extent.

You can learn these tricks and tweaks by reading online articles on non-verbal communications, its importance and ways and means to control them.

Improving communication skills in every sphere helps you to become successful in life.

Drop your comments below and Share your own experience with people and help them to improve their communication skills.

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