Online Tutoring Companies in India

Over the past 10 years with the expansion of internet now you do not have to go college if you want to study something. It is because everything is online and you could find college courses and tutorials on the internet.

You could find various courses and lectures and other course material online. You have to become members and start taking guidance. Some of these websites offer free courses and some of them charges money. Courses are available for wide ranges of topics.

In this article we wrote top 5 online tutoring companies India. These tutoring companies could be Indian and foreign as well.

Ranking System: We rank companies on the basis of their Alexa rank and popularity on the internet.

Hence these are top 5 tutoring companies:Online Tutoring Companies

1. Tutor India

Tutor India could help both ways you could become a tutor and if you are a student then you  could start to get tuition. Tutor India company offer solutions for both students as well as tutors who are looking for a job.


  • Online Tutors
  • Web Designing Help
  • Assignment Help
  • Teacher Jobs
  • Request a Tutor
  • PHP Tutor

For Students:

  • Assignment Help
  • Online Tutors
  • Post Online Study Requirement

For Tutors:

  • Various Jobs
  • Get Students
  • Paid Training for Online Teaching

Online Sessions: 25,000, 00+
Hours: 24 X 7, On Demand

2. Bharat Tutors

Second online tutoring company in India would be Bharat Tutors. Vivek Singh founder Bharat Tutors in year 2010. Company has over 16,000 to 17,000 members.


  • Grade I to XII
  • Computer and Internet
  • Bachelor Level
  • Master Level
  • Engineering Entrance
  • English

Services for Student:

  • Find Tutors
  • Tests
  • Assignments

Services for Tutors:

  • Finding Students
  • Invite Other Tutors

Students and Tutor can chat and IM with each other to share more information.

Online Sessions: 2,000, 000+
Hours: 24 X 7, On Demand

3. Tutor Vista

Third Indian company is Tutor Vista. It was founded in year 2005 with over 2000 teachers spanning over different countries. Company delivers over 5 million online sessions to students worldwide.

  • Subjects: English, Math, Physics, Science, Biology, Chemistry
  • Online Sessions: 5,000, 000+
  • Hours: 24 X 7, On Demand
  • Website:

4. is a US website but very popular in India also. It was established in year 1998.

  • Subjects: Math, Science, English,  Social Studies, SAT/Test Prep
  • Services For: Families, Military, Schools, Higher Education etc
  • Pricing:
    • 1 Hour/Month = $39.99
    • 2 Hours/Month = $79.99
    • 3 Hours/Month = $114.99
  • Online Sessions: 10,000, 000+
  • Hours: Live, 24 X 7, On Demand, One to One
  • Website:

5. TcyOnline

TCY is an Indian company founded in year 1998.

  • Subjects: Maths, IIT-JEE, GRE, MCA, Bank PO
  • Services: Class XI – XII, Competitive Exams
  • Pricing: $15 to $20 per Hour
  • Online Sessions: Not Known
  • Hours:  24 X 7, By Appointment
  • Website:

So these were 5 online tutoring companies in India.

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