Top 10 Strong and Effective Deodorants for Men in India

Men generally spend longer time outdoors or engage in jobs that require some level of physical activity. Most parts of India also experience hot and humid weather almost round the year. Performing such jobs is fine while nothing much can be done about sultry weather. However, if your work or weather is causing your body … Read more

10 Best Long-Lasting Deodorants for Women in India

A woman, having a strong body odour can be very embarrassing. People will twitch noses when you approach or simply shun contact of any sort. Worse, it can severely affect your employment and mar your career. Moreover, if you are a student, a strong body odour will affect socialising. Even if you look beautiful, boys … Read more

Top 10 Mild Bathing Soap Brands in India for Daily Use

Surely, you would be bathing daily. But… Are you Sure that you are using the Best Soap for Bathing? The market is flooded with many soap brands in India that are priced affordably for people. Choosing just any Soap brand can do more BAD than GOOD for Your Skin. Do you Know Which soap is … Read more