Top 5 Most Popular Organic Products Brands In India

Individuals are turning more and more health conscious, as they become more aware of the pros and cons of the products they are using.

Just as your skin and body are capable of soaking in good nutrients and mineral into your body, making your health and fresh, in the same way, the body also absorbs the chemicals and toxins present in some products.

Organic products offer a safer and healthier solution to these problems, giving you a healthy lifestyle.

List of 5 Most Popular Organic Product Brands in India

1. Khadi Naturals

Made with only natural ingredients, Khadi Naturals produces products made with the guidance of Ayurvedic doctors.

Khadi Natural - Organic Product Brands In India

The products are all handmade, 100% organic and very healthy for your skin and body. Khadi Naturals produces products like Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil, and many such products for skin care.

2. SkinYoga

SkinYoga is an Indian award-winning brand of organic products.

The brand strives to make women more aware of the worth of natural beauty and using natural ingredients.

Every product made by SkinYoga is purely natural, organic and one of the best, mildest products you can use for skin care.

SkinYoga - Organic Product Brands In India

The products have a long shelf life with beautiful packaging. Chemical free ingredients ensure that no consumer faces any types of allergies or rashes when using the products.

SkinYoga products are easily available on many online shopping sites in India.

3. Organic Harvest

Known for its mesmerizing beauty products at competitive prices, Organic Harvest produces all kinds of beauty and skin care products; ranging from shampoos, face scrubs, face masks, face wash, etc.

Organic Harvest - Organic Product Brands In India

Each product is made from skin friendly ingredients and is 100% chemical and paraben free. Organic Harvest is also known as Indians first home grown brand of organic products.

4. Tatha

Essential oils and natural products have been used for centuries, not just for skin care but also for healing purposes.

Tatha has brought out many organic products for its customers, such as under eye creams, scrubs for face and body, hair oil which stop premature greying, etc.

These products are not animal tested, chemical, paraben and sulphate free. The products contain essential oils which have amazing healing properties.

5. Nyassa

A brand whose name literally translates to “From heaven and earth”, Nyassa products are made by amalgamating pure ingredients found in nature, with exotic and rare fragrances.

Nyassa - Organic Product Brands In India

Each product is handmade with love and care, and the products are completely chemical and paraben free, making them safe for any type of skin.

Products from Nyassa include soaps, shampoos and conditions with exotic and natural fragrances.

The craze for organic products has increased rapidly as people are growing more aware of the ill effects of chemicals and toxins on their skin and body.

Organic products are usually handmade, and the beautiful fragrances in the products also come from pure, unadulterated essential oils which are naturally extracted from fruits, flowers and leaves.

Organic products are not only safer for you, but they also help you in protecting the environment, by saying no to chemicals and adulterated items.

Hope this list of Organic Product Brands in India will help you choose the best organic products for you!

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