How To Look Beautiful And Attractive Naturally

“Looking beautiful Today” It sounds so simple and yet sharing this compliment might just brighten someone’s day or even may change the way we look at the things in our life.

Thus people strive hard to get that gorgeous look.

However, due to our busy lives, our natural beauty is lost as we fail to invest adequate time in self-grooming and neglect vital aspects of our external beauty.

Thus, they readily splurge a fortune on different cosmetics brands or plastic surgery, just to look pretty.

Therefore, it is vital to start now and take steps in the RIGHT direction, aimed at making yourself look beautiful.

A few simple good looking tips, tricks and tweaks will suffice.

What is needed is the consistency of efforts and your commitment to be beautiful.

How To Look Beautiful And Attractive Naturally

10 Simple Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally

1. Water Does It All

Water Does It All

A human body is composed of over 60% water. Unfortunately, we women are at a disadvantage.

Our female bodies consist of about 55% water as compared to men, and the balance 5% is taken up by fat. Understandably, we cannot overcome this natural vagary.

Water is essential for our beauty. Indeed, our skin needs large volumes of water to stay fresh, glowing and healthy.

Undeniably, beauty begins with skin and hence, pampering this most significant organ of the body is exceptionally vital.

Drink at least 3.5 litres to 4 litres of water daily. This is much higher than the recommended daily intake of 2.7 litres for an average, healthy female.

It is essential to consume more water or fluids such as fruit juice to maintain very healthy skin.

I recommend a higher intake of water since we live in a tropical country.

Hence, we lose lots of water through sweat. Traditional Indian garments including sari, churidar and others also increase perspiration levels.

Skin is the last organ that receives water you drink.  Water levels in the blood are highly depleted by various factors such as perspiration and urination.

Hence, it is imperative to ensure ample quantities of water are available for the skin.

Further, water also helps flush impurities from your body and helps maintain proper health.

Eyes, for example, need sufficient water to appear bright and beautiful. Drinking ample water helps keep good kidney health and also helps to lose weight.

Unfortunately, any kidney problems can reflect on your skin as spots or dark eye-bags.

Therefore, the first step towards looking beautiful in simple ways is by upping water intake.

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2. Great Hairstyle

Great Hairstyle

Since ages, long, thick hair has been associated with beauty among Indian women.

Hair, as we know, grows naturally. Type of hair is generally decided by several factors beyond our control such as genetics.

Having lush and long dark hair is lovely But such hair comes with a plethora of annoying problems. These includes split ends, dandruff, knots and tangles.

These problems are common to all women. Yet, they severely mar your beauty.

Looking beautiful in simple ways is possible by giving the necessary attention to your hair.

Trimming is the best and simplest way to rid split ends.

However, I suggest you visit a hairdresser for this purpose, though it may cost a bit. Attempting to trim your hair can cost your looks.

That lush, long hair is beautiful is also a myth. Often, long and dense hair conceals your facial features including the forehead and ears. It can shadow your face and cause you to lose beauty.

Visit a good hairdresser and find various styles that will suit your face cut and features.

Try and find one that amply highlights your facial features and simultaneously, is easy to manage.

Going for expensive hairdos can be disastrous since it would require a lot of maintenance and possibly costly crème, lotion and other paraphernalia.

Grooming your hair need not be expensive. Excellent brands of shampoo, conditioner and non-greasy hair oils are readily available in the market at very affordable prices.

Further, you also get herbal variants that do not contain harmful chemicals and hence have no side effects.

One thing to avoid to look beautiful in a simple way is avoiding hair colour or hair dye.

A lot of women nowadays believe that highlighting certain parts of the hair with different shades is trendy and adds to the beauty.

Possibly YES…

Unfortunately, all the hair dye comes with strong bleaches. Once the colour has worn off, your hair will appear grey, giving you that ageing look.

3. Proper Attire

Proper Attire

Another way to make yourself beautiful in simple ways is by choosing the right attire.

Most Indian women tend to overdress. This means they don more garments than needed that gives their bodies unduly bulky appearance.

The second largest culprit is choosing clothes with shades least suited for their complexion.

The third is the overt inclination towards western attire, apparently because it might make you feel modern or in-style. Here we discuss the cons of these ways of attire.

Particular Indian dresses are heavy on cloth. This means, they cover a more substantial part of the body and are made with the thick material.

Wearing such dresses is fine if you are oversensitive to people ogling your figure or come from a conservative family.

On the flip side, garments made of thicker fabric lend you that bulky look.

Added to these are accessories like shawls and dupattas which add to the bulk.

If you have to indeed wear these, opt for varieties made of lighter fabric like cotton. Try using short sleeved blouses and slimmer pants.

While choosing garments, take someone along to help you select a shade that best suits your complexion rather than opting for a colour you like.

Also, look for patterns that would make you appear slimmer and tidy.

Western attire is now the choice of most Indian women. There is nothing wrong with using jeans, T-shirts, shorts or blouses made according to American or European styles.

However, it is vital to remember, the bone or skeletal structure of Indian women vastly differs from their foreign counterparts.

Hence, any western styled or imported garments you wear may not exactly make you appear like that chic model in an advertisement.

Also, certain types of fabrics used in making such clothes are unsuitable for Indian climate.

These factors highlight that it is very crucial to choose the right kind of clothes to look beautiful. Taking the steps above may help you look more attractive in simple ways.

4. Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

Ever heard of beauty sleep? It merely means getting adequate sleep to refresh and replenish your body overnight.

It is no myth that healthy individuals require at least eight hours of Non-Rapid Eye Movement and Rapid Eye Movement sleep per day.

Unfortunately, most women of all ages tend to ignore this vital element.

Sound sleep is essential for the skin. It helps prevent eye-bags and skin wrinkles.

It also helps the body to get rid of waste even as organs get repaired. Without good restful sleep, any endeavour, however expensive at looking beautiful, is destined to doom.

There are several known ways to promote healthy sleep. Meditation before sleep is beneficial. It helps calm your mind of clutter and negative thoughts.

Having a glass of milk before bedtime is also helpful.

Another simple way to look beautiful is by avoiding late nights frequently. Have dinner at least three hours before bedtime.

Never engage in watching TV late nights.

Emotions depicted in a movie or TV serial tend to have a cascade effect: they stress your brain and deprive you of sleep.

Ensure that you have a very comfortable bed with proper pillows and blankets for a good, restful sleep.

5. Look Beautiful Without Makeup

no makeup look

Restful sleep promotes healthy skin and body. Hence, you can dispense with make-up and other cosmetics.

It is effortless to look pretty without using a drop of makeup, provided you know how. Firstly, wash your face with water every morning but without using soap.

Most soaps contain caustic soda that harms your skin after prolonged use.

Instead of using makeup, groom your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes in a manner that will highlight your natural beauty.

If you suffer from dry skin or have dry lips, try using a home remedy like milk cream. Rub a tiny quantity on your facial skin and lips for that moisturising effect.

Nails also form an essential element of your beauty. Using nail polish is excellent.

But you can get that attractive look in simple ways by merely having a proper manicure and pedicure.

Trim and shapely nails without artificial colouring hold much more allure.

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6. Essential Accessories

Essential Accessories

Trinkets are must-have accessories for women’s beauty.

Thanks to online websites, it is now possible to buy accessories including earrings, pendants, bangles and necklaces without burdening your purse.

While buying accessories, ensure they are lightweight.

Remember, that necklace or earring you will wear should bring out your features and contrast well.

If you are on the heavier side, avoid bulky necklaces or earrings.

But if you are slim, longer earrings and a larger pendant will add to your beauty. It would make features such as neck and ears stand out beautifully.

7. Daily Grooming Schedule

Grooming Schedule

Looking beautiful is not a one-off exercise for any woman. You need to develop a proper daily grooming regimen that covers all elements of your beauty.

This includes styling your hair, maintaining proper eyebrows and eyelashes, manicured and pedicured nails as well as appropriate dressing habits.

Once you settle for a particular style, work on it ardently.

Maintaining skin and lips is a continuing process. It cannot be ignored for a single day. Inculcate a daily grooming routine in your schedule. This is essential to look beautiful.

8. Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

As the old axiom runs, we are what we eat. A diet rich in fats has a negative impact on your health.

Above all, it has adverse effects on your beauty. Acne and pimples are a common problem among women. Stick to a low-fat diet to eliminate these skin eruptions.

A low-fat diet not only enables you to maintain that slim figure but also helps to get rid of acne.

Fresh fruits, greens and other vegetables work wonders for your beauty. They contain natural nutrients that are essential for great skin and healthy body.

However, you also need sufficient protein to stay beautiful. You can select the protein source. Generally, eggs, milk, meat consumed in moderate quantities are essential to get that perfect look.

Proteins provide building blocks for your body. Fish or seafood is something you can consider if you are not averse to the strong aroma or have allergies.

Certain fish and shellfish are rich in Omega-3 oils, essential for glowing skin, bright eyes and a healthy heart.

Avoid fat-laden or sugary foods wherever possible. This is a simple way to look stunning. Fatty and sugary foods are harmful to your overall health.

Consuming them in high quantities can result in skin eruptions. Some women develop droopy eyes after consuming fat-laden or sugary foods.

Often, you may find it difficult to get the proper nutrition required to get that healthy skin.

Try taking multivitamin multi-mineral supplements if needed. Some such nutritional supplements deliver an adequate dose of vitamins and minerals needed by women.

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9. Elegant Postures and Gestures

Elegant Postures and Gestures

Now beauty is not merely about skin, complexion, attire and grooming. It also involves developing proper, graceful postures and gestures that enhance your personality.

The world is full of wealthy women that splurge on beauty treatment but singularly lack the finesse of dealing with people.

They do not have elegant postures and gestures to accompany beauty.

Unfortunately, finishing schools were women can learn proper postures and mannerisms typical of femininity are scarce.

Unless you are fortunate to come from a family whose women are aware of the importance of elegant postures and gestures, acquiring them can prove reasonably tedious.

Thanks to the Internet, developing elegant postures and gestures is now possible.

There are some online tutorials, especially on YouTube. You can watch these free videos and practice graceful postures and gestures privately. It adds to your beauty in simple ways.

10. Defence against Pollution

Defense against Pollution

Women in India face a significant threat to their beauty in the form of rampant air and water pollution.

This problem is more pronounced in urban centres. If you are a woman that rides a bike or drives around town, you need to defend your beauty against the evil effects of pollution.

There are no foolproof or natural ways to protect your skin against toxins in the air and water.

But you can buy a good quality face-wash and night repair crème to limit the damage inflicted on your skin, eyes, lips, hair and nails by pollutants. Face-wash and crème will help the skin.

For protecting hair against the evil effects of pollution, use a good herbal shampoo and conditioner regularly.

Protect your eyes with superior quality sunglasses. Eyes are rightly called as a mirror of your beauty. Rinse your eyes every evening with some plain water.

Add a pinch of salt if necessary. To protect nails, wash hands every time you step indoors.

Some women also use a scarf or surgical mask while outdoors to avoid inhaling dust-laden toxic air and helps to reduce tanning. This is something you can try as well.

More Tips to Look Beautiful Everyday

There are a few more tips that can help you look more beautiful in simple ways. I will discuss them briefly here.

Keep Smiling:

A smile speaks millions of words about your personality. Design your own smile.

Take care to ensure your smile does not appear artificial. Nor should it expose any defective teeth or ugly gums.


Laughter is not only good medicine but also helps to improve that feel-good factor. It improves blood circulation which keeps your face glowing.


If you have hairy hands and legs, I would recommend waxing or using a good hair removal crème at home.

Hairy legs and arms tend to diminish your beauty. Waxing or removing hair with crème is a standard practice followed by women worldwide.


Your voice also speaks of your beauty. You can appear chic, but an unpleasant voice will pit off people.

Try and modulate the sound to go with your beautiful appearance. Also, develop a good, neutral accent if possible. This adds appeal to your beauty.

Stay Happy:

Stress-free and happy life is a natural and straightforward way to look pretty.

It retards the development of stress lines and wrinkles on the skin while keeping it glowing.

Stress also affects eyes and can cause undue weight loss or gain. Guard yourself against stress and stay happy.

Regular Exercises:

This may not be possible for most women. But engaging in some light physical activity daily such as jogging, brisk walking or even bicycling works wonders for your beauty.

If so inclined, join a Yoga or Aerobics class or enrol at your neighbourhood gym.

Wrap Up

Remember, you are only as beautiful as you feel. Thoughts and inner feelings invariably reflect on your face and body.

Hence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first need to look beautiful in a simple way. Also, looking beautiful is not an overnight process.

You need to love yourself enough to spend some time on personal grooming and to care for your health.

Modern women worldwide are also threatened by the impact on their beauty caused by medication, alcohol use, smoking and consumption of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

I do not recommend you stop any medication. But ask your physician on how to reduce or eliminate its side effects such as stains on teeth and skin colouration.

Shunning alcohol, tobacco and narcotics is the best way to get that beautiful face.

Kick that smoking habit at the earliest since nicotine is harmful to your overall health and beauty.

Consume minimal quantities of alcohol on infrequent occasions, if needed.

Debates are claiming that small amounts of liquor are beneficial for beauty. These claims are unsubstantiated at best.

Looking beautiful in simple ways is possible. You can do it by staying committed to yourself.

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