10 Best Shaving Creams For Men in India That You Can Buy

It's easy to get that tidy CLEAN SHAVEN Look.

You can either visit a neighbourhood barber or have a good shave at home.

If you prefer to shave at home then it is recommended that you only use the best shaving cream.

Shaving constitutes a major part of the grooming regimen for men around the world.

In India too, millions of men prefer to shave at home because of convenience and economy.

Additionally, shaving at home can also prove beneficial to health: often barbers do not sterilize razors before using on other customers.

Use of Cheap blades can cause cuts while shaving brushes can cause a plethora of facial skin infections.

If you are considering shaving at home, buy an excellent shaving cream that suits your needs and offers complete value for money.

For your convenience, we list the best shaving creams available in India.

Best Shaving Cream in India

List of 10 Best Shaving Creams for Men in India

1. Gillette Shaving Gel

Gillette shaving cream

Gillette is an American brand of shaving products that has been around for over 100 years and is ranked as the best shaving cream in India.

The company offers a complete range of shaving products for men in India, including top-of-the-range Gillette Shaving Gel.

It is available in two variants: Moisturizing and Sensitive.

Gillette is the only brand that sells shaving gels in India.

The Moisturizing variant is fortified with Vitamin-E, an essential nutrient for the skin while Sensitive contains Aloe Vera extracts that enable a smooth shave.

Price: Rs.85/ 60gm

Buy Gillette Shaving Gel

2. Old Spice Shaving Cream

Best shaving cream in India for men - old spice shaving cream

Old Spice Shaving cream is a global brand that is being made and sold in India for over half a century.

In India, you can buy Old Spice Shaving cream in three fragrances: Original, Lime Fresh and Musk.

Old Spice Shaving cream delivers what it promises: “Smell like a man.”

Its unique fragrances are very masculine. They come with a matching array of aftershave lotions too.

Price: Rs.60/ 70gm

Buy Old Spice Shaving Cream

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3. Godrej Shaving Cream


godrej shaving cream

Godrej Shaving Cream ranks among the oldest brands of its kind and is one of the best shaving cream in India.

Godrej Shaving cream is available in three variants: Lime Fresh, Menthol Cool and Sensitive.

These are very fragrant, emulsion-like shaving cream that offers fast application and excellent foaming.

Affordably priced, Godrej Shaving Cream is ideal if you prefer a product that can be applied rapidly. It is one of the best men's grooming products in the market.

Price: Rs.70/ 60gm

Buy Godrej Shaving Cream

4. Park Avenue Shaving Cream

park avenue shaving cream


The Park Avenue brand consists of two lines: Park Avenue Re-Gen Shaving cream and Gel and Park Avenue Shaving cream (regular).

Park Avenue Re-Gen range is made with Far Eastern formulation: It contains extracts of Ginseng and Lemon Grass to provide a luxurious shaving experience.

Park Avenue regular range of shaving cream is sold in three variants:

  • Cool Blue – that contains Menthol to impart a soothing effect to skin
  • Classic –  the most popular one
  • Good Morning – that comes with ingredients to keep skin fresh.

All Park Avenue shaving cream contains Allantoin, an ingredient known to promote smooth shave and moisturize the skin.

Price: Rs.65/ 84gm

Buy Park Avenue Shaving Cream

5. Dettol Shaving Cream

dettol shaving cream


If you are concerned about infections or fungal infestation affecting the stubble/ beard area, choose Dettol Shaving cream.

They contain a potent dose of Dettol antiseptic that helps eradicate potentially harmful bacteria and fungus that can attack the sensitive facial skin.

Dettol Shaving Cream comes in two variants: Dettol Cool Shaving Cream and Dettol Fresh Shaving Cream.

While the former contains Menthol to offer a cooling sensation to the stubble area while shaving, the latter contains extracts of lemon to heal skin that gets inflamed while shaving.

Price: Rs.70/ 60gm

Buy Dettol Shaving Cream

6. VI John Shaving cream

vi john Shaving cream

Once a little-known brand, VI John Shaving cream is now a formidable player in the market.

The company has a range of three regular shaving cream and one premium variant.

VI John also offers a shaving gel. All VI John Shaving cream and gel are made with extracts of Tea Tree Oil imported from Australia.

This natural ingredient is very useful in destroying bacteria that can dwell on your shaving brush and razor.

Hence, VI John Shaving cream and gel prevents the undesirable razor rash that is common among Indian men.

VI John Shaving cream is available as three variants: Classic, Tropical Lime and Icy Mint.

The VI John Premium Shaving cream gives a luxurious shave.

Price: Rs.70/125gm

Buy VI John Shaving Cream

7. Patanjali Herbal Shaving cream

patanjali herbal shaving cream

Patanjali Herbal Shaving Cream offers the best value for money.

Though it is a fairly new entrant in the shaving cream market of India, the brand now commands a sizeable portion of the market.

It is the only herbal shaving cream in India. Patanjali Herbal Shaving cream is made contains extracts of Aloe Vera and Fresh Mint.

It combines the medicinal properties of Neem, Turmeric and Basil (Tulsi) to provide moisturizing and disinfectant effects.

Patanjali Herbal Shaving Cream offers a smooth and soothing shave. It definitely ranks as the best shaving Cream in India.

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Price: Rs.55/ 100gm

Buy Patanjali Herbal Shaving Cream

8. Vicco Turmeric in Shaving Cream Base

vico turmeric shaving cream


Vicco Turmeric is a herbal product and is a very good shaving cream brand in India

This cosmetic product is now blended with a shaving Cream base to provide the goodness of Turmeric and other essential herbal extracts.

Vicco Turmeric in Shaving Cream base is very unique. While herbal ingredients add luster and shine to the beard area, Turmeric extracts help disinfection.

Price: Rs,80/70gm

Buy Vico Turmeric Shaving Cream

9. Axe Signature Denim Shaving cream

axe shaving cream

Axe is a brand of French fragrances that are marketed in India by Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

The Axe range in India also includes excellent shaving cream. You can get two variants of Axe Signature Denim Shaving cream in this country.

In line with its reputation, Axe shaving cream has exquisite fragrances.

They are ideal for the younger generation. Axe also offers a matching line of after-shave lotions to augment this line.

Price: Rs.70/60gm

Buy Axe Shaving Cream

10. Biotique Bio Palmyra Shaving cream

biotique shaving cream

If you are looking for a herbal extracts base shaving cream, try Biotique Bio Palmyra. It is made with 100 percent natural ingredients.

The company claims, this brand of shaving cream does not contain any preservatives or chemicals that can potentially harm your facial skin.

Biotique Bio Palmyra Shaving cream is available at upmarket stores and online in India.

Price: Rs.75/50gm

Buy Biotique Shaving Cream

History of Shaving cream

Shaving cream may be a modern-day invention. But its roots can be traced to various ancient civilizations.

In ancient times, men used a blend of fruits, roots and leaves as well as animal fat to smoothen their facial skin before shaving.

The first shaving cream appeared in Europe during the early 1800s but use was limited since shaving was not a daily practice.

Men and barbers of the era generally used soap and oil to smoothen stubble or beard area before shaving.

Wrap Up

Actually, there are countless brands of shaving cream available in India.

But it's important that you only use the best shaving creams if want to achieve that perfect clean shave look.

A lot of small industries located across the country manufacture inexpensive variants of shaving creams.

You can find these with street-side barbers and cheaper salons that flourish near relatively poorer areas and slums.

There is nothing wrong with cheaper shaving creams: since they do not have added effects like moisturizing or disinfecting, their price is justified.

Using a good shaving cream is important since it softens the beard area.

They facilitate the razor to glide on the skin to give you that neat, well-groomed look.

The range of shaving cream available in India is very diverse since people have different needs and budgets. You can select any good shaving cream from our list.


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