19 Most Amazing Tourist Spots To Be Explored In Mumbai

Mumbai…A city with a blend of different communities and religions.

It is not only a city of dreams for millions but also bestowed with various scenic spots, temples, beaches, historical places and many more which are also known to be some of the best tourist places in India.

If you are living in Mumbai or plan to visit this magnificent metropolis, there are several places you would love to see.

Of course, lots of these famous places feature on tour guides and maps. You also have tourist buses that will take you to these attractions during the day.

But, if you really want to explore Mumbai a little more than a regular visitor, we recommend these 20 amazing places.

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top 20 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai

List Of 19 Best Places To Visit In Mumbai

1. Marine Drive

Marine Drive

The spot which rank 1st on our list of best places to visit in Mumbai is none other than Marine Drive.

It is a 3.6km long curved boulevard that runs between Nariman Point business district and Malabar Hill. This beautiful Cornish is also called Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Marg.

Marine Drive is a highly prestigious office and residential location of Mumbai. You have several important offices and hotels located along its 3.6km stretch.

Additionally, very expensive residential dwellings including apartments and bungalows dot both sides of the road leading to Malabar Hill.

Evenings are the best time to visit Marine Drive: the entire road is illuminated.

Did You Know??

Marine Drive is also called The Queen’s Necklace as the ordinary street lamps lend the curved Marine Drive, an appearance of a necklace studded with precious stones and adorning a woman’s neck.

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2. The Gateway of India

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is a monumental arch built in the 20th century to mark the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary of England at the Apollo Bunder in Mumbai.

It is considered as the foremost tourist attraction in Mumbai.

A visit to The Gateway of India is a must for every tourist. You can also see India’s famous Taj Mahal Palace hotel which was attacked on 26/11 by Pakistani terrorists.

Also near The Gateway of India, you will see warships of Indian Navy’s Western Naval Command berthed in the nearby naval harbour.

There are excellent restaurants around The Gateway of India where you can feast on local food.

Did You Know??

The prestigious hotel Taj Mahal Palace hotel, which was the first five-star Hotel in India property to be owned by an Indian and where entry to British colonials was banned.

3. Bandra West (Mt. Mary Church & Bandstand)

Bandra West

Another most popular place to visit in Mumbai is Bandra West.

Generally, every tour operator in Mumbai will take you on a drive of this suburb.

Bandra West has several attractions: Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount (also called Mt. Mary Church), Bandstand- the picturesque seafront, residences of Bollywood stars and eminent sportsmen.

Just outside Bandra West railway station are myriad restaurants that offer excellent non-vegetarian food, various ice creams and Indian desserts.

Bandra is also an excellent place to shop for stuff to take home.

The Linking Road area has street side shops that sell readymade garments at very economical rates. You can find several shops that sell sweets and savouries typical to Mumbai.

Other places to visit in Bandra are Bandstand, Bandra fort as well as India’s longest bridge, Bandra-Worli Sea link

Did You Know??

Bandra West is called the Queen of Suburbs of Mumbai which includes a historical Bandra fort. This fort was built by Portuguese and later destroyed by the British in order to prevent Marathas rulers to capture it.

4. Juhu


Another major tourist spot in Mumbai is Juhu beach. It is also one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai for family and friends amongst locals.

Juhu is a residential area of Mumbai, located between Andheri West and Vile Parle West suburbs.

Here you will find several residences of top movie stars including Amitabh Bachchan and others. There are also several selfie points in Juhu where you can take pictures.

One of the significant landmarks of Juhu is the eponymous beach, which is very popular among teenagers and young couples.

The other is Juhu is also very popular for its beachside eateries. You can taste typical Mumbai Bhel Puri and Gola at beachside stalls.

A little away, you can relish Mumbai samosa and hot tea. In the evening, street-side vendors prepare and sell hot Jalebi- a favourite sweet.

Did You Know??

International Society runs the grand Lord Krishna temple for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)- which is an international monument now is visited by hordes of Indian during Janmasthami the renowned festival of India. It is one of the 400 Iskcon temples across the world.

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5. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

This is the best place to visit in Mumbai especially meant for adventure lovers.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a wildlife sanctuary right in the midst of this megacity. It is home to lots of rare endangered species of wildlife- the most prominent being leopards and panthers.

You may get lucky and spot the fast moving Indian Viper, Brown Spotted Cobra and various other species of highly venomous snakes that abound in the national park.

This national park of India is also home to scores of trees that are rare to find elsewhere in the world. Some of these are trees whose barks, roots, leaves and sap have medicinal properties.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park also spans outside Mumbai, into the Sahyadri range of mountains and tropical rainforest.

Another critical feature of Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the Kanheri Caves. These caves were said to be carved by ancient Hindu travellers and Buddhist monks. You can find ancient carvings at these caves. Rare species of bats also dwell in these caves.

Did You Know??

The park also has its toy train called Van Rani meaning jungle queen similar to the one which exists in Matheran, the famous Hill station of India. Over 25 years old, it got discontinued in the year 2001 due to its lack of maintenance.

6. Hanging Garden of Mumbai

Hanging Garden of Mumbai

Hanging garden is a famous place to visit in South Mumbai with friends.

Located in Malabar Hill district of South Mumbai, the Hanging Gardens overlook the Arabian Sea. The garden is also called Perozeshah Mehta Gardens and can be easily accessed by bus from Churchgate, Marine Lines and Charni Road.

Most guided tours of Mumbai which are operated by various Indian travel services include Hanging Gardens as an attraction.

Nearby, you can also view Raj Bhavan, an official residence of the Governor of Maharashtra. Several official residential quarters are also located nearby.

Close to Hanging garden, there is two other popular tourist attraction in Mumbai, i.e. Boot House/Old Woman’s shoe and Kamla Nehru Park.

Did You Know??

Hanging Gardens of Mumbai were laid in 1881 to protect a reservoir- the main water supply of South Mumbai.

This reservoir was threatened by vultures predating on mortal remains of members of the Zoroastrian community left at a nearby Tower of Silence. In fact, the garden sits atop the reservoir.

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7. Dargah of Haji Ali

Dargah of Haji Ali

The Dargah of Haji Ali is one of the most famous Islamic shrines in Mumbai.

It is located on an islet located off the Mahalakshmi and Mumbai Central railway stations and Tardeo area. People of all faiths visit this Dargah.

A small road connects Haji Ali Dargah with mainland Mumbai. This is the only access route to the shrine.

Till about a year ago, entry to the sanctum sanctorum was restricted to males only. However, women are now allowed following a landmark decision by a top Indian court.

Did You Know??

According to legend, all desires expressed at sanctum sanctorum of this shrine are fulfilled through divine intervention.

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8. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (Prince of Wales Museum)

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Located in Colaba area of South Mumbai and little away from The Gateway of India is this oldest museum.

Formerly called the Prince of Wales Museum, the building houses over 50,000 exhibits from various parts of India and foreign countries.

CSMV Museum is an excellent tourist place in Mumbai especially if you are into history, art and literature. Generally, a brief visit to this museum is included in itineraries of tour operators.

However, most of them do not allow visitors to tour the interiors and view exhibits due to time constraints.

Visit the museum if you want to get glimpses of some unusual and mysterious objects of the world. The museum is very exhaustive and also features a library.

Did You Know??

The building of this Museum is classified as a Grade I Heritage Building of Mumbai & was awarded 1st prize by the Bombay Chapter of Indian Heritage Society for heritage building maintenance in the year 1990.

9. Veermata Jijabai Udyan (Byculla Zoo)

Veermata Jijabai Udyan

Located near the JJ Hospital in Mumbai’s zoo, the Veermata Jijabai Udyan.

It houses wild animals from India as well as some foreign species. Veermata Jijabai Udyan is not very spectacular like those in certain other Indian cities, due to the lack of adequate land.

Other than wild animals, Mumbai zoo is also home to dozens of rare plants and trees both indigenous and foreign. A Veermata Jijabai Udyan strives to bring a microcosm of India’s vast tropical rainforests to visitors.

Generally, all tour operators will halt at Veermata Jijabai Udyan as part of their itinerary. Though the zoo is relatively simple, it is worth a visit if you wish to round off your trip to Mumbai.

This remarkable Zoo is getting rapidly developed as the day passes and recently added 8 Penguins from Seoul in the year 2016 to its family.

These Penguins are the 1st once to survive in India, which definitely adds more value to this tourist attraction in Mumbai.

If you are planning to visit this zoo, the entry fees are just 50/- for adults and 25/- for kids.

Did You know?

India’s 1st Humboldt Penguin was born on the night of Independence Day in the year 2018 at Byculla Zoo.

10. Global Vipassana Pagoda

global pagoda temple gorai

The Global Vipassana Pagoda is an Indian historical monument that attracts foreign and domestic tourists.

It is located near the Esselworld amusement park on Gorai beach. This pagoda is well known for its dome and golden shape.

You cannot enter the Global Vipassana Pagoda without prior permission because of meditation programs that are held there daily.

However, a small area of the pagoda is open to the public where you can meditate and pray for mental peace.

If you are visiting the Global Vipassana Pagoda- also called Golden Pagoda – pay a visit to Esselworld and Water Kingdom theme parks nearby.

Did You Know?

The shape of the pagoda is a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. Also, its centre contains the world’s most massive stone dome built without any supporting pillars.

11. Mumba Devi Temple

Mumba Devi Temple

Located a little away from Zaveri Bazaar or gold market of Mumbai and the Pydonie area, Mumba Devi temple is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai for every visitor to this city.

In fact, the city Mumbai derives its name from this Goddess- Mumba.  Indigenous people of ancient Mumbai called this deity as Mumba Aai (Mother Mumba).

The name was anglicised to Bombay by British colonials and later reverted to Mumbai in the late 1990s.

A short bus ride from Marine Lines railway station or Chhatrapati Shivaji (Rail) Terminus will bring you to Mumba Devi temple.

According to legend, migrants to Mumbai offer special prayers at Mumba Devi temple and invoke the blessings of the goddess before seeking jobs or entering the business.

Mumba Devi temple is the most important religious shrine of the city. You will find scores of armed police officers defend the temple since Pakistan sponsored terrorists had planned to attack it.

Just outside the temple, you can relish an excellent snack called ‘Khichiya’- a crispy bread made with gram flour and garnished with onion, tomato, various chutneys and savouries.

Did You Know?

The deity’s image is said to be at least 800 years old while the temple was built sometime in the 1600s. It survived the Portuguese and British conquests of the city.

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12. Bhau Cha Dhakka

Bhau Cha Dhakka

The 12th place to rank on our list of best places to visit in Mumbai is Bhau cha Dhakka.

Bhau Cha Dhakka or Ferry Wharf is located on the eastern seaboard of Mumbai.

You can reach Bhau Cha Dhakka by bus or taxi from Dockyard Road railway station on Mumbai’s suburban Central Railway (Harbor Line).

Bhau Cha Dhakka is famous for its fish market: local fishers bring fresh catch every morning and evening for sale to the public.

Additionally, you can also get ferry boats to Rewas, Mandwa and Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) from Bhau Cha Dhakka. Residents of Alibaug and Uran widely utilise the ferry services to Rewas and Mora.

Did You Know?

This tourist place in Mumbai is the oldest pier located in Mumbai, built by an indigenous resident of Mumbai, Lakhsman Hari Chandrajee, who was also famous as ‘Bhau’ or brother in mid-1700s.

13. Mandapeshwar Caves

mandapeshwar caves

Mandpeshwar Caves are located in Borivali in suburban Mumbai. In fact, their location, called Mount Poisar, is suspected to be an Anglicized version of Mandapeshwar.

These caves are located in hills and mean “Abode of Gods.” You can easily access Mandapeshwar caves from Borivali railway station by bus or taxi.

Mandapeshwar Caves are an excellent tourist attraction in Mumbai if you are looking for a bit of ancient history.

The caves house an ancient shrine dedicated to Hindu deity, Lord Shiva in the mid-1840s.

Portuguese inquisitions built an ancient church, Our, Lady of Immaculate Conception at the venue. It is also in a state of shambles now.

Did You Know?

There are no exact records, but carbon dating and other studies prove, Mandapeshwar Caves were carved sometime between 1BC and 500AD.

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14. Kamathipura


Another best place to visit in Mumbai is Kamathipura.

This place is best seen from the comfort of a bus or taxi unless you are the proverbial daredevil. It has featured in several Bollywood movies.

Kamathipura can be quite an exciting place to visit in Mumbai provided you have the guts. There are several excellent restaurants in the locality.

The Architecture of brothels in the area dates back to British colonial era. It is easily accessible from Grant Road railway station (East).

Prostitution in Kamathipura has trickled down due to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) outbreaks as well as a crackdown by police and NGOs.

But the area remains a bit risky due to the presence of petty criminals that target visitors.

Did You Know?

Kamathipura is the oldest red-light district of Mumbai and also Asia’s second largest red-light district after Patpong Market in Bangkok, Thailand.

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15. Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple

Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple

One of the most popular visiting places in Mumbai amongst the tourist all around the globe is Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple.

Located on the busy Dr Annie Besant Road in Worli, the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple is a relatively unknown monument of global importance.

Buddhists of the Nipponzan Myohoji order believe this temple will play a key role in world peace because Buddha attained enlightenment in India.

Nipponzan Myohoji Daisanga is an order of Buddhist monks from Japan. These monks aim at spreading peace and harmony across the world, in accordance with teachings of Lord Gautama Buddha.

Hence, Nipponzan Myohoji Daisanga has a small pagoda in Shizuoka, Japan and another in the US.

Visitors to Nipponzan Myohoji temple in Worli, Mumbai are welcomed by Japanese monks. You can engage in short meditation at this shrine.

Inside the shrine, you will experience deep serenity. You can also get some insights into Buddha’s teachings of peace from monks at this temple, which was built in the mid-1950s.

Did You Know?

There are only two Nipponzan Myohoji temples worldwide- of which one is located in Mumbai, opposite the Poddar Hospital. The other is in the UK.

16. Church of St. John the Evangelist (Afghan Church)

Church of St. John the Evangelist (Afghan Church)

Afghan Church is neither the oldest in Mumbai but is very picturesque.

It was built in memory of British soldiers and civilians that died during their unsuccessful campaign of Afghanistan.

This church is located in Navy Nagar, a military area in Colaba, which is also a well-known place to visit in South Mumbai.

Afghan Church began as a thatched structure where Anglican Christians from England would offer prayers.

However, in the mid-1840s, officials of the British East India Company averred that a spire or cross on top of this structure could help ships from England find bearings to Bombay Harbor. Over the years, this church was developed into a proper structure.

The church, as it stands today, was designed by various British architects and designers. The structure has beautiful glass paintings and architecture. On November 10, 2013, British royals attended a service at the church.

Did You Know?

It commemorates one of the bloodiest events in the history of the Indian subcontinent- the First Anglo-Afghan War that raged from 1839 to 1842.

17. Dadasaheb Phalke Chitra Nagari (Film City)

Dadasaheb Phalke Chitra Nagari (Film City)

Dadasaheb Phalke Chitra Nagari or Film City is a state-of-the-art facility that was opened in Goregaon (East) suburb of Mumbai in 1977.

Bollywood is the largest maker of movies in the world. And the Film City plays a crucial role in the making of Bollywood movies.

As one can imagine, Dadasaheb Phalke Chitra Nagari is a bustling place. Movies are shot here daily.

You can book day-long sightseeing in Mumbai to the Film City. You might get fortunate to spot or even chat with your favourite hero or heroine.

The visit also provides you with insights into how Bollywood movies and made and efforts exerted by everyone- from directors to actors and other crew.

Did You Know?

Film City has around 44 exclusive outdoor locations, indoor studios for various scenes, make-up rooms, recording studios and every other facility required for making movies which are spread over an area of 100,000 sq. Meters.

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18. Chandanwadi Crematorium Complex

Now, who would love to visit a cremation ground for sightseeing in Mumbai? But Chandanwadi Crematorium Complex located just outside Marine Lines railway station is much more than a final destination for the dead.

Foreign tourists to India visit the crematorium to get insights into last rites performed by Hindus.

The crematorium goes by the official name, Jagganath Shankarseth Smashan Bhoomi.

You may be surprised, but the staff at Chandanwadi Cremation Complex guide tourists and acquaint them with various facilities.

They also talk about the benefits of electric cremation and provide insights into favourite last rites of the Hindu religion.

Did You Know?

The crematory at this complex was the 1st electric crematorium in India where several notable residents of Mumbai including political leaders and movie stars were cremated at the Chandanwadi Crematorium Complex thus making it one coolest Mumbai points of Interest.

19. Dhobi Talao

Dhobi Talao

The last one to showcase on our list of best tourist places to visit in Mumbai is Dhobi Talao.

Dhobi Talao is not a very spectacular area. It is one of the oldest residential and commercial areas of south Mumbai.

Other than the Metro cinema, there is nothing that would attract an ordinary visitor.

However, for food lovers, Dhobi Talao has something extraordinary. Two of the oldest restaurants of Mumbai- Kayani & Co and Café Sassanian Boulangerie are located in Dhobi Talao.

While Kayani & Co opened as an Indian bakery and restaurant in 1904, Sassanian was established in 1913. Both are owned and operated by Zoroastrian families.

The two restaurants are also famous as the oldest ‘Irani’ cafes of Mumbai.

The two places are not economical at any rate. But the prices are more than justified since Kayani & Co and Café Sassanian use only the finest and purest ingredients in their preparations.

Did You Know?

Kayani & Co and Café Sassanian Boulangerie which are located in Dhobi Talao have interior décor and furniture dating back to over 100 years.

These famous restaurants in Mumbai are known for its most exclusive Parsi (Irani) dishes and sweets.


Apart from these 20 best places to visit in Mumbai, if time permits try to visit the Bank of India Museum.

Located in the main branch of Bank of India at Flora Fountain in South Mumbai, the museum gives you excellent information about the history of banking in India.

Initially located at the now-defunct Founding Branch situated in Oriental Building at Hutatma Chowk, the Bank of India museum is a place worth visit.

Another place worth visit is the Mira Datar Dargah in Reay Road on Harbor Line of suburban Central Railway. A lot of people visit this Islamic shrine for exorcism.

It is believed that certain religious men at the dargah possess powers to break curses, stop hauntings and remove other evil influences on people.

In Conclusion

As a resident of Mumbai or visitor, you will find these places very attractive.

Unfortunately, tour operators skip some of the significant tourist attractions in Mumbai in pursuit of more obvious ones like the Gateway of India and Jijamata Gardens (Mumbai Zoo).

While we encourage you to visit the topmost attractions of Mumbai, you can get a great experience of this city by visiting these off-beat tourist spots in Mumbai that we have listed.

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