Top 10 Longest Bridges in India That Are Worth Visiting

Which is the longest bridge in India? If you are trying to find an answer to this question then… This article lists-“The Top 10 Longest Bridges in India” which are marvels of engineering.

In today’s globalised economy, infrastructure works as a foundation base where all the economic activities of the country depend.

India at present is at its threshold of becoming a developed country.

For this very reason, there is an immense increase in the demand for goods and services.

To meet this ever-increasing demand, we need to build a robust infrastructure.

As we Know…

There are many human-made wonders in the form of biggest dams & Bridges, famous historical monuments, tallest commercial and residential buildings that definitely add value to the infrastructure of this country.

Bridges built in India provide connectivity and are the hallmark of a developing country.

longest bridges in India

List of Top 10 Longest Bridges in India 2019

1. Bhupen Hazarika Bridge in Assam.

Bhupen Hazarika bridge

Inaugurated by P.M. Narendra Modi and Nitin Gadkari on 26th May 2017, Bhupen Hazarika Bridge is the longest bridge in India.

It is stretched across the length of 9.15 kilometres.

The name of the bridge – “Bhupen Hazarika” comes from the renowned artist and filmmaker from Assam, Bhupen Hazarika.

The bridge connects two districts- Tinsukia district and Sadiya district

It is an essential tactical asset in the ongoing dispute between India and China along the Line of Actual Control.

Interesting Facts-

  • The bridge is also known as Dhola-Sadiya Bridge and spans the Lohit River, a major tributary of Brahmaputra River.
  • This beam bridge is the first permanent road connection between the northern Assam and eastern Arunachal Pradesh.
  • It has been designed to handle the weight of 60-tonnes tanks such as Indian Army’s tanks Arjun and T72 Main Battle Tanks.

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2. Mahatma Gandhi Setu (Bihar):

Mahatma Gandhi Setu longest bridge in India

Mahatma Gandhi Setu bridge spans over River Ganga and connects Patna in the south to Hajipur in the north of Bihar.

Once considered a beauty and engineering marvel, this bridge is in poor condition now and indicates a poor quality construction and reduced maintenance.

Interesting Facts-

  • With a Length of 5,750 metres, Mahatma Gandhi Setu is the second longest bridge in India.
  • It took 10 years for the completion of this Bridge.
  • It is also called as Ganga Setu.
  • Former Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi laid the stone of this massive infrastructure in May 1982 and was the longest bridge in India until the construction of Dhola-Sadiya Bridge.

3. Bandra- Worli Sea Link (Mumbai):

Bandra- Worli Sea Link, longest sea bridge in India.

It connects Bandra with Worli across Mahim Bay, a part of Arabian Sea. Seshadri Srinivasan designed the magnificent beauty.

The first four lanes of Bandra- Worli Sea Link were open to the public on 30 June 2009, and all eight lanes were opened on 24 March 2010.

The bridge does not allow two wheelers, three wheelers and pedestrians.

Interesting Facts-

  • Officially known as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, this 5 Kilometers long bridge is a part of the proposed Western Freeway that will link Western Suburbs to Nariman Point in Mumbai’s central business district.
  • Bandra- Worli Sea Link is the longest sea bridge in India.
  • This bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that carries eight lanes of traffic.

4. Vikramshila Setu ( Bihar)

Vikramshila Setu

Vikramshila Setu is 4.7 kilometres long and is considered the third longest bridge in India over water.

This two-lane bridge built across holy river Ganga near Bhagalpur in Bihar.

It also connects Bhagalpur to Purina and Kathiar.

Interesting Facts-

  • This bridge opened in 2001 and had been named after ancient Mahavihara of Vikramashilla which was established by King Dharmapala ( 783 to 820 A.D)
  • It runs from Barari Ghat on the Bhagalpur side on the Ganges bank to Naugachia on the north bank.

5. Vembanad Rail Bridge (Kerala):

Vembanad Rail Bridge

Vembanad Rail Bridge is the longest railway bridge in India which spans for 4.62 km

It connects Edappally and Vallarpadam in Kochi.

The railway line is solely for freight trains. This rail bridge was inaugurated on February 2011.

Interesting Facts-

  • It is a beam bridge that passes through 3 small islands, including the Idyakkara and Mulavukad islands in Vembanad lake to reach
  • The bridge was completed in March 2010, and it took 3 YEARS to be completed.

6.  JP Setu( Digha- Sonepur-Rail-Road-Bridge):

Digha- Sonepur-Rail-Road-Bridge

J P Setu or Digha-Sonepur-Rail Road Bridge in Bihar is built across river Ganges.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially inaugurated it on 12th March 2016.

This 4.5 Kilometer long bridge connects Digha Ghat in Patna and Pahleja Ghat in Sonpur, Saran district in Bihar.

Interesting Facts-

  • This is the second longest rail cum Road Bridges in India after Bogibeel Bridge in Assam which is supposed to be functional from 2018.
  • This rail cum Road Bridge provides a link between northern and southern parts of Bihar.

7. Godavari Fourth Bridge, Kovvur:

Godavari Fourth Bridge, Kovvur

This Bridge was opened to traffic in 2015.

This bridge connects Kovvur in West Godavari district to Diwancheruvu in East Godavari district via Rajahmundry bypass express road.

Interesting Facts-

  • The Godavari Fourth Bridge in India is also known as Kovvur-Rajahmundry 4th bridge
  • This 13 Kilometers long bridge is built across one of the longest rivers in India, River Godavari in Kovvur, Andhra Pradesh.

8.  Arrah- Chhapra Bridge:

Arrah- Chhapra Bridge

This 4.3 kilometres long bridge has four lanes and is one of the longest bridges in India.

The bridge is built across river Ganges and connects Arrah and Chhapra in Bhojpur and Saran districts in Bihar.

The bridge makes it easy for people to go from north to south Bihar without going through Patna district.

Interesting Facts-

  • The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar laid the foundation of this bridge in July 2010, and it was inaugurated on 11th June 2017.
  • It is also called as Veer Kunwar Singh Setu.

9.  Munger Ganga Bridge:

Munger Ganga Bridge

This 3.69 Kilometers long K-truss designed bridge is a rail cum road bridge built across river Ganga.

The official name of the bridge is Sri Krishna Setu, named after the first chief minister of Bihar Dr Srikrishna Sinha.

The bridge connects Munger District Munger- Jamalpur twin cities to various districts of North Bihar.

Interesting Facts-

  • Construction work on the bridge was inaugurated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister through a video conference in 2002.
  • It was formally opened for freight trains on 12th March 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Later it was opened for passenger train in April 2016.

10.  Chahlari Ghat Bridge:

Chahlari Ghat Bridge

Chahlari Ghat Bridge is the 10th longest bridge in India.

Chahlari Ghat Bridge or Chahlari Ghat Setu is built across river Ghaghra connecting Sitapur in the west of Uttar Pradesh to Bahraich in the east of Uttar Pradesh.

The construction started in 2006, and the bridge was open in 2017.

Interesting Facts-

  • This 26-kilometre bridge is known to be the longest river bridge in India located in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Shivpal Singh Yadav, the PWD minister of UP, inaugurated this bridge in the year 2006.

The Final Thought

So These are – “The Top 10 Longest Bridges in India” that you should check out once in your life.

These bridges in India are big-time engineering marvels.

In a country which is developing at a faster rate in its infrastructure & economy; many more such marvels are under construction and will come up shortly.

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