Friday, January 28, 2022
Best Books to Read

25 Best Books to Read Before You Die

Reading books is indeed an amazing hobby. That’s the reason some of the billionaires of the world read a book, or at least a...
Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan History and it’s Importance in India

India is commonly known abroad as the ‘Land of Festivals.” And rightly so. That’s because India is home to people of almost every faith...
Languages in India

Top 10 Official Languages in India 2021

Most Indians are unaware of the fact that over 1,500 total languages are in India and more than 3,200 dialects are spoken in India. That’s nothing strange because India is a subcontinent that consists of as many as 28 states and eight Union Territories.
national Symbols of India

10 Important National Symbols of India with Their Meaning

India is a magical, beautiful country which is filled with culture, heritage, a rich history and some great cuisine. It’s said that every 200...

Plagiarism checker: Make Your Website Duplication-free

The term plagiarism means the unlawful distribution of some parts of a work or the whole of it. Many websites share the same concept,...
Biggest and largest Dams In India

Top 10 Largest and Highest Dams in India

In India, Agriculture is known to be the backbone of our economy. It plays a significant role not only from the economical aspect but has...
Flowers for Special Occasions

Special Occasions to Send Flowers to your Loved Ones

Sending flowers to your loved one is not a lost art or reserved only for Valentine’s Day. Yes, we know it is much convenient...

Great Valentine Day Gift Ideas 2020

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated across the world on February 14, 2020. This day is considered as a festival of sorts: it cuts across...
High speed trains in India

10 Fastest Trains in India

Trains are one of the most convenient and cheapest modes of transport. Majority of Indians prefer using trains as a means of transport from one place...
Online Trademark Registration Process India

Complete Step-by-step Guide For Online Trademark Registration Process India

Intellectual properties are creations of the mind. Throughout history, one can observe that to claim ownership over one’s work is a common practice. With...