10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Getting married soon? Surely you would be looking forward to honeymoon, the holiday or vacation that newly wedded couples take together at a place far away from home.

While planning for marriage, it is equally important to make plans for a great honeymoon.

Here we provide a list of 10 best honeymoon places in India that will make your honeymoon enjoyable and of course, memorable.

Introduction of Honeymoon:


First, we need to understand what is a honeymoon and how the concept began.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the honeymoon is a holiday taken by newly wedded couple in the earliest days of their life and before a child is born. The first recorded mention of honeymoon can be found in 1592.

The practice flourished in the 16th and 17th century England, spread to Europe and later the western hemisphere to become what is today a popular practice worldwide.

Psychologists, bill honeymoon as an important period of a married couple since the long holiday works as potent stress reliever even though the woman and man may have known one-another since long.

This is true because most modern couples are employed or engaged in business, which leaves them little time to understand one-another more intimately, regardless of any pre-marital carnal relations.

Considering these facts, let us take a look at top 10 honeymoon destinations in India where you can enjoy a honeymoon. The list we provide is suited for people of all budgets.

10 Best Honeymoon Places in India

Since honeymoons tend to be expensive, we have included destinations all over India. You can choose any depending on the time you have as well as the money you wish to spend on this once-in-lifetime getaway.

1) Shimla

Featured in various Bollywood movies, Shimla is one of the best honeymoon places in India for making sleepless nights planning out. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh state. It is located in the formidable Himalaya range.

Once the summer capital of British colonials, Shimla retains an old-world charm and blends equally well with the modern.

Consequently, you have great monuments and buildings erected in British era architecture as well as those indigenous to Shimla. The city hosts exotic markets that offer excellent shopping for souvenirs.

Thanks to its popularity among foreign and Indian tourists, Shimla has excellent tourism infrastructure and is well connected to India.

It is also home to the Toy Train that ferries passengers to and from Kalka. Shimla is the best honeymoons destination blend serenity and action.

2) Agra & New Delhi

Celebrate your honeymoon at the world-renowned monument of love- Taj Mahal in Agra.

Though this Wonder of the World is crowded all round the year, a sight of Taj Mahal and its magnificence speaks volumes about love.

It is another top honeymoon places in India for making romantic memory forever.Agra is also home to various other historic places. Additionally, take an onward trip to India’s capital, New Delhi.

Here you have myriad attractions from visits to places of historic interests to jewellery markets, excellent dining and accommodation facilities to suit every budget.

Spend time exploring the wonders of New Delhi and its surrounding areas with your spouse.

3) Gangtok

A paradise on Earth, the city of Gangtok makes a superb honeymoon destination in India. Take your spouse to dizzying heights by travelling in one of those rare cable-cars that ferry from Gangtok city centre.

Gangtok also offers action and serenity.

It is a highly affordable destination for any newly married couple for honeymoon tour since the city has a wide range of accommodation and dining facilities.

Again a blend of the ancient and modern, exquisite Buddhist stupas or temples provide a serene ambience to this amazing capital of India’s northeast state, Sikkim while nightlife enables you to enjoy the modern world.

4) Darjeeling

Located in foothills of the Himalayas in West Bengal, the city Darjeeling is very popular among holidaymakers and honeymooners. Darjeeling is world famous for its tea plantations.

As a newly wedded couple, you can immerse in the tranquillity of Darjeeling while enjoying visits to tea plantations where you will be greeted and treated by very hospitable locals.

Thanks to heavy tourism influx, Darjeeling’s bazaars are full of exotic stuff ranging from exquisite handicrafts to unique jewellery peculiar to the region which stands at crossroads of India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Nightlife in Darjeeling is fairly sedated yet very enjoyable for any couple.

5) Khajuraho

Understandably, marriage and honeymoon also include carnal relations between couples.

Khajuraho, with its Hindu and Jain shrines that depict ancient erotic carvings, is an excellent way to embark on your wedded life.

Located in the central Indian state, Madhya Pradesh, the city of Khajuraho is a year-round tourist destination.

It has excellent tourist infrastructure that caters not only to thousands of foreign visitors but also Indians of all budgets.

Other than erotic carvings, you can also visit the amazing national parks of Madhya Pradesh which lie in close proximity to add thrill to a honeymoon.

Khajuraho is easily accessible from all parts of India by air, rail, and road.

6) Udaipur

Called the City of Lakes and ‘Little Kashmir of Rajasthan’, celebrate your honeymoon like royals of yesteryears. Udaipur is a very romantic city that blends ancient and modern.

Udaipur is amongst the most trending honeymoon places in India for newlywed couples.

The amazing natural bounty of this city in the desert state, Rajasthan, forts, and palaces with the folklore of undying love and bravery of Rajputs, excellent shopping for jewellery and handicrafts combined with accommodation and dining facilities for every budget make Udaipur a perfect honeymoon destination.

Stroll around the city’s lakes in the evening to see an amazing display of natural lights and colours. Or indulge in nightlife at countless pubs in this world-famous city.

7) Mumbai

Dozens of songs about the financial hub of India- the city of Mumbai- have featured in Bollywood movies since early days of Indian cinema.

Contrary to popular belief, Mumbai is not a city with hectic lifestyles that is best avoided for honeymoons. Au contraire, Mumbai is an excellent honeymoon destination in India.

The city packs everything- from themed amusement parks to shrines of almost every faith, history, and culture, shopping, and dining, tranquil gardens to raucous pubs and discotheques.

Explore why this amazing city attracts tens of thousands of people from all over India every day.

Also, visit the Dadasaheb Phalke Chitra Nagari or Film City. Maybe you will strike it lucky to see your favourite movie star in person.

8) Goa

India’s smallest state Goa lies on the western seaboard of the country.

It is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination and best honeymoon places in India, renowned for white-sand beaches and blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

For honeymooners, Goa has a lot to offer- from tranquil cottages for a stay to classy nightclubs and pubs where you can rub shoulders with tourists from around the world.

Those so inclined can take their spouse to any offshore casinos that operate on large, customized ships anchored in the River Mandovi between Panjim and Betim.

The Doodhsagar Waterfalls provide an amazing view of nature’s bounty while lush green hills of the Sahyadri range add to the romance.

You also get an opportunity to visit world famous beaches that have featured in scores of Bollywood movies.

9) Kumarakom

Located in India’s southern state, Kerala, the town of Kumarakom will make your honeymoon rather memorable.

All main attractions of Kumarakom are located around Lake Vembanad and backwaters of the Arabian Sea.

Accommodations ranging from pricey resorts to affordably priced hotels are based on banks of Lake Vembanad.

Stay on a boathouse on the lake for that added privacy during your honeymoon or go on a fishing trip with your spouse.

Spice plantations and other natural wonders lend Kumarakom every feature that contributes to a great start to your married life.

10) Puducherry

Located in southern India, Puducherry is a Union Territory that continues to boast of its French traditions, inherited from decades of colonial rule.

The official website of Puducherry Tourism describes it as “place with special vibes, not felt elsewhere in India.”

It goes on to describe Puducherry as a “blend of spiritual aura, colonial heritage, Tamil culture and cosmopolitan flair of many nationalities.”

Puducherry also offers excellent beaches, unspoiled by pollution and serene ambience. French architecture is prominent everywhere in this city, which takes you back in history.

Time moves at a leisurely pace in Puducherry, which adds to the attraction as a honeymoon destination in India.

More Honeymoon Destinations in India

The list of top 10 honeymoon destinations in India is based on experiences narrated by people across this country. There are several other tourist places in India that also make ideal honeymoon destinations.

These include Amritsar-home of the Golden Temple and a few miles away from the India-Pakistan border, Shillong, capital of the abode of clouds or Meghalaya state, Varanasi which is also called Kashi and is ideal for spiritually inclined couples, Puri in eastern state Odisha where the world famous Jagannath Rath Yatra- the largest gathering of humans from around the world- is celebrated and Bangalore, the Garden City of India that is now famous for its IT industry.

You too might be planning your next trip. But planning a trip can sometimes be a very difficult task. So in such situations, travel Website can be used to ease your task.

Wrap Up

The list we present is aimed at providing you with a relaxed and action-packed honeymoon. All honeymoon destinations featured are based on affordability of every Indian citizen.

You can take a honeymoon to any of these locations without burning a hole in your pocket or indulge in spending like a billionaire. The honeymoon is a once-in-lifetime journey for most Indians.

This list will help select the right honeymoon destination for embarking on married life.

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