Top 10 Best Trimmers For Men In India

Do you sport a beard or have short-cropped hair? Surely, you would possess a good quality trimmer and have to frequent a saloon to maintain these good looks.

But what about times when you are in a hurry? When you need to zip to an exciting date or attend an important interview, clinch a deal at some meeting or merely impress invitees at a party.

If you wish to stay well groomed at all times and prepared to appear your best anytime, invest in the best trimmer.

Because trimmers are capable of multiple tasks: they can give you that clean-shaven look or style a beard or moustache.

Trimmers get rid of that stubborn crop of hair that sticks like a sore thumb. They can be packed and carried easily, work on rechargeable battery and come with various blades just suited for your specific grooming needs.

Sounds good? Then, here is a list of top 10 best trimmers for men that are helping Indian men stay well groomed, 24 x 7 x 365.

Best Trimmers for Men in India

List of Best Trimmers for Men in India

1. Philips

Philips trimmer

The brand which tops the list of best trimmers for men in India is Philips.

For decades, Philips range of trimmers continues to rule the Indian market. Rightly so: Philips remains a household name in India since decades.

Further, this Dutch electronics and home appliances manufacturer knows the Indian market by pulse. Hence Philips trimmers are available to suit every need and budget.

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2. Braun

Braun beard trimmer

Looking for superior quality, sturdy product and cutting-edge technology in your beard trimmer? Consider Braun trimmers.

Since 1921, Braun ranks among frontrunners of superior German technology.

Braun trimmers are extremely popular in India and have carved a niche market. Braun trimmers are for discerning users.

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3. Panasonic

panasonic clean shave trimmer

Once upon a time, Panasonic trimmers were the privilege of chosen few.

Those with relatives or friends abroad would be lucky enough to get a Panasonic’s best beard trimmer as a gift or order them specially.

Japanese electronics major Panasonic now sells its wide range of popular trimmers in India both online and through brick-and-mortar stores. And they are reasonably priced too.

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4. Gillette

gillete shaving trimmer for men

Gillette is the best trimmer brand owned by multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods giant, Procter & Gamble of USA.

Known for its high-quality hair care and grooming products, Gillette now also sells one of the best electric trimmers in India.

With Gillette trimmers, you can be assured of owning one of the best trimmers in the market.

5. Syska

syska best trimmer for men

Looking for a home-grown brand of trimmers? Try Syska. It is known to be the best beard styler and men beard trimmer in India.

After having made an indelible mark in the LED lighting and electronics segments, Syska has also ventured into grooming products and turned out to be one of the best trimmers for men.

Syska trimmers are a testimony of high technology and excellent trimmers and shavers that indigenous companies can manufacture at a fraction of costs charged by foreign brands.

6. Havells

havells facial trimmer for men

Another entirely Indian owned brand, Havells is fast emerging as a trimmer of choice among Indian men.

Havells trimmers incorporate every feature their counterparts made by foreign firms offer.

Plus, they come with the Havells mark of reliability and durability, similar to other electrical appliances and accessories made by the firm.

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7. Nova

nova beard styler for men

Not many may have heard of Nova trimmers. But a visit to your hairdresser or saloon will clearly indicate, Nova provides the best trimmers for men in India and also preferred by professionals.

Now you too can buy these professional quality trimmers from Nova for use at home.

In case you are unaware, Nova is a Japanese firm that manufactures high-quality electronics and home appliances for those on budget.

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8. Kemei

kemei trimmer for beard

China’s Yivu Kemei Electric Appliance Co sells a wide range of trimmers for women as well as men in the Indian market.

They are among the most inexpensive trimmers for men. The low price, however, is not an indicator of poor quality: Instead, Kemei trimmers offer all features of those from larger brands.

Ingenious Chinese technology ensures they are low priced and affordable.

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9. Vitek

vitek best electric trimmer

If you intend to use trimmers and want to gain some experience, this is the best trimmer brand.

Vitek trimmers for men are also affordably priced.

This shaving trimmer for men is with limited features and hence, is excellent for beginners.

Once you learn how to handle a beard trimmer, opt for the higher priced range from Vitek that offer more features.

10.  Remington

remington men beard trimmer

Remington is a good quality facial hair trimmer to choose for if you are looking for high quality but are not brand conscious.

In a market ruled by common brands, Remington trimmers are relatively unknown. Regardless, Remington trimmers rank as the best that you can buy in India.

They are not cheap or economical. Instead, they command a high price due to the superior quality material and state-of-the-art technology they include.

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Wrap Up

This summarises the best trimmers for men in India for a perfect clean shaved look or a well-styled beard.

We strongly suggest you study the features of every trimmer before rushing to buy one. Unlike manual razors and similar devices, electronic trimmers can be very tricky to handle.

They come with a selection of blades and other attachments; each included to help you stay well groomed. Hence, knowing their features and uses is extremely important.

But for the price and features as well as the comfort of grooming yourself at home, investing in the best trimmer in India is worth your money.

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