Top 10 Motor Bike Companies In India

I Know you are planning to buy a bike and are searching for the best bike brands in India.

yes, I agree with you that it’s very difficult to buy your first bike when you have no idea which bike or bike brand is best.

If you too have similar queries then read this article which lists down top two wheeler manufacturers in India.

But before that…

Here’s are some fun trivia about THE MOTORBIKES IN INDIA….


  • India has the world’s largest two-wheeler market.
  • The country produced over 23 million (more than 2 Crores) Motor Bikes catering to all segments in 2017
  • If you break it down, then Motorbike production was around 1.26 crores constituting 62% of total sales, and the remaining 67 lakhs came from scooters.
  • In India, the majority of bike sales comes from the geared section, as customers prefer mileage over stylish gear-less scooter counterparts.

Amazing isn’t it! Well, these interesting facts about bikes in India and its vast range in India, also make it really difficult for the consumer to select the right kind of bike.

Currently, India has over 11 well-established bike companies in India who are both automobile companies as well as MNCs in India.

In this article, we will look at the 10 Most Prominent Bike Companies in India which make the selection of bike easier for the consumer.

bikes in India

List of Top 10 Best Bike Companies in India 2019:

1. Hero MotoCorp

hero bikes

The no 1 Bike Company in India is Hero MotoCorp.

Hero is not only India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing bike company but also the World’s Largest Two Wheeler Company.

Hero was founded in the year 1984 and soon merged with Japan’s Honda and was known as “Hero Honda”.

But later in 2010, they dispersed, and the company is now called as Hero MotoCorp.

Among customers, Hero is known for its very fuel efficient bikes. Its Hero Splendor iSmart gives a mileage of over 102 kilometres per litre thus making it one of the best mileage bikes in India.

Top Bikes in India sold by the brand Hero are

  1.  Splendor – Around 2,38,000 units sold in Feb 2018.
  2.  HF Deluxe – 1,66,000 Units sold.
  3. Passion – 69,793 Units sold.

Some other motorbikes offered by Hero are CBZ, Achiever, Krizama, Hunk etc.

Hero is also number one when it comes to scooter business. Overall last year Hero produced 7.4 million units of two-wheelers.

It dominates the two-wheeler companies in India; controlling over 36.56% of market share making it the best bike company in India.

2. Honda

honda bike companies in India

Following Hero, the second in the list of top bike companies in India is a well known Japanese Automobile company Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI). Honda entered the Indian market in 1999 as a sole subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd.

Recently Honda overtook Bajaj Auto to become No 2 Largest Two Wheeler Bike Companies in India. Last year Honda saw a growth of over 33%.

Honda Motorcycles are known for offering quality bikes with significant value for each dime you pay.

In the motorcycle, Honda Passion was number one with around a whopping 97,000+ units sold in June 2018. The second was the Honda CB Shine which sold about 96,500+ units sold.

Honda overtakes Hero when it comes to scooter sales. Honda Activa tops the chart with over 2,92,294 units sold in June 2018.

Some other best bikes in India offered by Honda are CB Unicorn, CBR 150R, 250R etc.

Last year in total Honda produced over 5.8 million two-wheelers. It has got a market share of over 28.6%.

3. Bajaj

bajaj two wheeler in India

Bajaj Auto was established in 1930 in Rajasthan. We grew up seeing Bajaj Chetak scooter parked in our garage. Thus making one of the oldest two-wheeler bike companies in India.

In early 1990, Bajaj dominated the scooter market, but later on, it started manufacturing bikes.

The top motorcycle brand in India, Bajaj is known for it’s most famous- Pulsar with sales of over 54,000 units in Feb 2018.

Second is Bajaj Platina with over 40,000 units. Bajaj also manufactures three and four wheelers in India.

Bajaj sold over 2 million units last year and currently has a market share of around 10%.

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4. TVS Motors

tvs motors in India

Although TVS motors produce more two-wheelers than Bajaj Auto, we’ve ranked it Number 4 because of its brand value. It is known to sell one of the cheapest bikes in India.

TVS’s most popular bikes in India that are sold Apache series. The most expensive bike of TVS in India in the series is Apache RR 310, and the cheapest bike is Apache RTR 160.

In RTR, series it offers RTR 160 4V, RTR 200 4V, RTR 180.

Apache RR 310 is a superbike costing over Rs 2 lacs which is much cheaper compared with Suzuki and Yamaha superbikes that can go up to 10 lacs.

The best budget bikes in India which they offer are TVS Victor and TVS Sport.

TVS is a $2 Billion company that sold over 3.5 million two-wheelers last year. It controls the market with 15% of its share.

5. Eicher Motors

eicher bike logo

In 1990 Royal Enfield joined hand with Eicher Group and later merged with it in 1994. Although Eicher Motors manufactures tractors and cars gear its most renowned offering is motorbikes under the brand name Royal Enfield (RE).

RE a Chennai based company that only makes premium motorcycles in India which are 350 ccs and above.

Royal Enfield sells in more than 50 countries worldwide, and in 2017 they sold over 5,26,481 motorbikes.

Last year they grew by 23% under the leadership of Siddarth Lal.

Chennai based motorcycle sold 74,477 units in 2018 which is a growth of 18% from 63,160 units from last year.

Some of the top Royal Enfield Bikes in India are Classic 350, Thunderbird 350X, Bullet 350, Classic 500.

Classic 350 is the best bike in India with domestic sales of 40,768 units.

Today, Royal Enfield sales are more than Harley Davidson worldwide.

It produces over eight lakhs unit per year with a Market share of 4%.

6. Yamaha

Yamaha motorbike in India

Yamaha started operations in the year 1985. Mitsui and Co and Yamaha Motor joined hand in 2008 to form Yamaha Motor Private Limited in India.

They got 3 State of art facilities in the country which manufactures bikes for both premium and budget segments.

Yamaha’s famous bike in India, in the budget segment, are Fazer and Saluto and in scooters Cygnus and Fascino.

Some other bikes in India are R 15, SZ-X, FZ 16, Fazer, SS 125, Crux etc. and in sports, the model is YZF-R3 (321cc), R15 (149 cc).

Yamaha Motor is also renowned for selling the best sport racing bikes in India like R1 and YZF R1M. R1 can costs Rs 22 lacs and YZF – R1M is priced at Rs 29 Lacs.

Last year they sold over 800000 units.  It has over 4% of the country’s total motorcycle market share.

7. Suzuki India

Suzuki Motor

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd (SMIPL), a bike company in India, is a subsidiary company of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan.

SMIPL manufactures motorbikes for Indian needs covering all segments. Their manufacturing plant in Gurgaon produces over 5 lakh units every year.

SMIPL offers not only motorcycles and Scooters but also superbikes. Some of the most popular bikes in the budget segment are Hayate, Gixxer and Slingshot.

Gixxer is the most popular and considered to be one of the best motorbikes in India. In scooter, they got Access 125 and LETS, Shooter, Sniper etc.

In Superbike segment, Hayabusa is the most leading bikes in India costing over 12 lacs. Suzuki superbikes are relatively cheaper than Kawasaki bikes.

This year they sold 500,000 units, and market Share stands at 2.5%

8. Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd

Mahindra two wheeler in India

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd or MTWL is a subsidiary of M&M Limited which produces motorbikes and scooters.

MTWL was established in 2008 when M&M Limited acquired Kinetic Motor Company. In a joint venture with Taiwan’s SYM, MTWL develops its motorcycle portfolio.

MTWL has an R&D development unit in Pune to which it contributed Rs 100 crores.

The most prominent bike in India of MTWL is Mahindra Centuro and in Scooter segment Gusto 125 and Duro.

MTWL has also acquired a 51% stake in Peugeot Motorcycles.

Last year they sold over 71090 units with a market Share of just 34%

9. KTM

ktm motorbike in India

KTM Sports bike in India, AG Company, is an Austrian bike and sports auto manufacturer operating in India as a joint venture between CROSS industries AG and Bajaj Auto Limited.

Established in 1981, KTM is known for its 4 strokes and 2 strokes rough terrain motorbike. However, it has also ventured into the road bike and sports four-wheeler.

KTM sports vehicle known as X Bow has a top speed of 217 km/hr. KTM’s official colours are orange, black and silver for the strong brand image.

KTM has a very little presence in India with only 36,000 Units sold last year. Market Share is just 17%.

10. Harley Davidson

Harley davidson bike in India

HD started operations in 2009 in Gurgaon, Haryana. In 2014 they began production of 500 and 750 models motorcycle.

Currently, it offers 11 models in India available through authorised dealerships located in 16 facilities across India.

Harley Davidson bike companies in India fall under the premium segment of bikes in India and are super expensive.

Here is the list of some of its Top Harkey Davidson motorbikes in India-

  • HD Street 750 – Rs 5.23 Lacs
  • Harley Iron 883 – Rs 9.23 Lacs
  • HD Forty Eight – Rs 10,5 lacs, HD Roadster – 11 lacs
  • Harley Fat Boy – Rs 18 Lacs
  • HD Road King – Rs 25 Lacs
  • HD  CVO Limited – Rs 50 Lacs


So, these were 10 Most Popular Bike Companies in India. The top 5 companies on the list dominate the two-wheeler market share. Do share your Personal favourite Bike Brand Below.

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