Top 10 Most Popular Cycle Brands in India

If you are Looking for the Best Cycle Brands in India then Go no further here is a complete list of Best Bicycle Brands of India.

Did you Know?

The cycle was invented as a mode of transport in the 19th century in Europe. Bi-cycle has two wheels so It is named as Bi-Cycle. Bi means two and Cycle means a circle.

India is the second largest bicycle manufacturer in the world after China. Most of the bicycles are exported to African countries and other developed nations.

At some point of time in life, we have all rode on a Cycle. In childhood, we used tricycles. As we grew older, we would dream of owning a nice bicycle to ride to school or help mom with her daily shopping.

In fact, bicycles are popular in India since they first made an appearance on the Indian subcontinent over a hundred years ago.

In those days, bicycles were very tall frames fitted with large boxes at the rear and a high mount for the riders. Today’s bicycles are sleek and stylish. They offer a high level of comfort and speed.

Nowadays, bicycling has become a mainstay of fitness lovers in cities. In villages, they help drive the rural economy.

If you are interested in buying a superior quality bicycle for any reason, continue to read. We are describing the top 10 bicycle brands in India.

Top 10 Best Cycle Brands in India

There are countless bicycle manufacturers in India. In the earliest days of bicycle manufacture, most companies began as small enterprises.

The popularity of their bikes saw their evolution as major brands. Those who made it to the top, continue to rule the market.

1. Hero

Hero Cycle logo

Hero Motor Co (HMC) is the most popular Cycle Brand in India. Hero bicycles have been in use for over 60 years in this country.

The company also exports them to several markets abroad. Hero Cycles Ltd, its division has provided bicycles to about a billion people in India.

HMC consists of several other organizations that manufacture bicycles. A Hero bicycle is the pride of its owners.

This topmost brand of bicycles is used by amateur cyclists to practice for major competitions.

Hero makes about 5.2 million bicycles every year for the domestic and foreign markets. It ranks as the top and highest selling bicycle brand in India.

2. Atlas

Atlas cycles Top 10 Most Popular Cycle Brands in India

Atlas Cycle Co was established in Ludhiana, Punjab in 1951. It is among the pioneers of India’s bicycle industry.

Atlas also ranks among topmost manufacturers of bicycles in the world. It takes around four million bicycles every year for the domestic Indian market and export to foreign countries.

Atlas holds the distinction of manufacturing India’s first racer bicycle. It was the official bicycle for the 1982 Asian Games held in New Delhi and has won several awards.

Till date, Atlas ranks as the top bicycle brand in India. Atlas bicycles are helping millions of Indians in rural India for business such as delivering milk and bread.

3. BSA

BSA Logo cycles

BSA is a top brand of bicycles made in India by TI Cycle. The company was established in 1949 as Joint Venture between, Murugappa Group and Tube Investments of the UK.

Since launch, BSA bicycles have been a rage among Indians. They are best known for superior craftsmanship and styling.

BSA has a wide range of bicycles- from classic to sports and mountain bikes. The first Mountainous Terrain Bike (MTB) and All Terrain Bike (ATB) in India came from BSA brand.

If you are looking for reliable and sturdy bicycles, go for the BSA brand.

4. Hercules

Hercules cycle Logo

Hercules is a range of very sturdy and endurance bicycles made in India by TI Cycle. The brand made its entry into the Indian market in 1951.

It has since been going strong. You can buy different types of bicycles from the Hercules brand. These include regular or classic bikes, MTBs, ATBs and racer bicycles.

TI Cycles chose the brand name as Hercules to signify the strength and durability of this range of bicycles.

Hercules is among the top bicycle brands in India because of their durability and riding comfort.

5. Avon

avon Cycle logo

Avon Cycles Ltd began as a small workshop in Ludhiana, Punjab that made bicycle saddles and brakes.

It was only in 1951 that the two enterprising brothers decided to enter the bicycle market of India.

They launched an eponymous brand of bicycles- Avon. Initially, the company made only 250 hands assembled bikes of the finest quality.

However, as word of these superior bicycles spread, Avon’s market grew rapidly. Avon is a top brand of bicycles in India. They are exported around the world.

6. HamiltonHamilton Cycle logo

Hamilton bicycles are made for Metro Exporters, a Mumbai-based company that began operations in 1964.

Till date, they have a showroom located near Mumbai’s famous landmark, Opera House, also known as Pandit Paluskar Chowk.

You can find some excellent Hamilton bicycles there.  Hamilton cycles get their name from an eponymous company – a subsidiary of Metro Exporters. Their manufacturer, Hamilton Industries is an ISO-9002 certified company.

7. Track & Trail

TracknTrail Cycle logo

Track & Trail bicycles are made by TI Cycles of India, the pioneer of indigenous bicycle manufacturing.

Track and Trail brand is made with technology that meets and exceeds international standards.

They are crafted with world-class accessories. Track & Trail cycles are available in mountain, road and hybrid range. Their lines include Cannondale, Bianchi and Schwinn.

8. Montra

Montra logo


Montra is the first range of carbon-frame bikes to enter the Indian market. It ranks among the top brand of bikes in India for several reasons.

Montra bicycles are faster, lighter and stronger than any cycle ever created in India, says their manufacturer, TI Cycles of India. The brand ‘Montra’ signifies independence since it formed of two words that mean ‘My Way.’

Montra bicycles are very popular among cycle racing champs and enthusiasts. They pack in every feature you can expect from any major international brand that is found on cycling circuits.

9. Mach City

Mach city cyclesMach City bikes are designed for the city, say its manufacturers. Mach City bicycles offer the perfect ride for short distances.

It ranks among the top brands of bicycles in India because it is a favourite of cycling aficionados and fitness freaks who wish to ride a bicycle daily.

Bicycles from this brand are designed for riding around the city and evading traffic jams. They are lightweight that allows you to carry them on sidewalks.

Mach City bicycles are a rage among the younger generation because of their stylish appearance.

10. Firefox

firefox-bikes logo

Firefox is a top brand of bicycles in India that is a favourite among cycling and fitness aficionados.

It is made by Hero Cycles Ltd. You can buy adventure bikes such as Mountainous Terrain Bicycle and All Terrain Bicycle as well as racer cycles from the Firefox range.

All bicycles from the Firefox brand are crafted with superior quality material. Their saddles and pedals are also designed to give riders a very smooth ride.

Firefox bikes are reasonably priced and come with the quality guarantee from Hero Cycles Co.

Bicycles in India – Interesting Facts:

Before pooh-poohing a bicycle as a poor person’s vehicle, there are some facts you should know.

Bicycles run the rural economy of India. Goods like fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry and poultry products and many other items of daily use reach traders only on bicycles.

In India, bicycles are also converted into rickshaws in some cities such as Agra. Passengers sit under a canopy at the back while the driver rides the cycle. The cycle-rickshaw as they are called is a source of income for millions of Indian families.

Mahatma Gandhi, also called Father of the Nation would ride a bicycle when going to address political rallies or travelling between his ashram and other places.

Bicycles are the only vehicles allowed in several cities and towns of India such as Matheran in Maharashtra. Because bicycles do not use fuel and are non-polluting.

India Post is the single largest organization in the world whose employees use bicycles. Postmen serving rural parts of India travel on bicycles. They use bicycles because rural roads in some parts of the country are very narrow and motorized vehicles cannot pass.

India has won several medals in cycling. The recent one was at Asia Track 2018 held in Malaysia in September 2018.

Policemen in various parts of India continue to use bicycles because other forms of transport are not suitable for roads in those regions.

Mysore is the first city in India where ‘Project Trin-Trin’ that provides free bikes for a few hours to commuters is ongoing. The project aims at reducing petrol guzzling vehicles on roads of Mysore to bring down pollution levels. The project is funded by the World Bank.

The Indian government has an ambitious National Public Bicycle Scheme. The scheme will be implemented by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Once this project goes into effect, the ministry will provide bikes to the public on sharing basis.

India’s first ever rocket was carried on a bicycle to the launch pad. It was launched on November 21, 1959, from a village called Thumba (now Vikram Sarabhai Space Center).

Wrap up: 

Bicycles, as we have seen, are an integral part of Indian society. Nowadays, bicycles are playing an even greater role.

After the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, the world’s largest financial literacy drive, bank staff visit villages to collect deposits by riding bicycles.

In urban areas, owning a bicycle is prestigious because it shows you have time for fitness and exercise. If you need to buy a bicycle for any reason, consider one from the top brands we list above.

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